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VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod Vaporizer Review

By J. C. Martin, III

“With a Price Like This and No TC, it Must be Sleek…”

Rating: 4.9 of 5 Stars

Price: About $80


VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III The VaporFi VOX Mini is a wonderful little device. Sleek and high-tech, the regulated mod is light and powerful. Has anyone ever preferred a device without TC (temperature control) as opposed to one that does use temperature control? Surely. I vape with TC devices all the time, yet stick mostly with Kanthal coil builds and variable wattage control. The VOX Mini 40W does not have TC, however it does go up to 40W, which is enough for some of my more advanced coils, which I sometimes use at 29.5 watts and up to 40 watts or more. More on coils below. Just remember many coil builds have less resistance than 0.20 ohms, which is the minimum resistance for the VOX Mini 40 watt box mod. Also, VaporFi has a few great choices of suggested atomizers for the VOX Mini 40W.

There are two main reasons I like this device. One, it looks pretty state-of-the-art, with its mirror-like screen display. The other feature, even more important to me, is that while you can charge it with a USB cable, the USB charging port is not on the bottom but on the front of the device. It is an attribute that is appreciated, as the device can stand upright while charging. Most people who vape with it will prefer a sub-ohm tank, such as the VaporFi Hybrid Tank. More on the suggested atomizers below.

Another plus to mention is that the device uses a 35A battery, which is safe for a great deal of coil building. One possible drawback is the cost. Though the device is simple, powerful, and sleek, the mod lists for $80, and its suggested atomizers are pricey, too. Together, the mod and a suggested tank together make for a price high enough to cover overnight shipping and a starter kit from a varied assortment of other competing companies specializing in fully equipped TC starter kits.

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod Specifications

  • 510 Connection with Spring Loaded Pin
  • 7 to 40 Watts Adjustable Discharge Power
  • Pass Through Battery Charging System (USB)
  • Digital OLED “Mirror” Screen Display
  • Silver in Color
  • Air Holes on Bottom to Vent Battery Heat
  • 5-Click On/Off
  • +/- Buttons for Wattage Selection, .1W Increments (Two Buttons)
  • 3 Buttons, Total
  • 35A 2,500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Atomizer Resistance: .3 to 3 ohms
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Auto Ohms Resistance Meter, Finds Ideal Volts for Atomizer
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Device Lock Feature
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Turns Off Upon Discontinued Use
  • Dimensions: 81.5mm x 35mm x 22mm

Suggested Compatible VaporFi Atomizers

  • VaporFi Bolt RDA (rebuildable, 3 – post design, see VaporFi website to view atty and video)
  • VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank
  • VaporFi PLATINUM II Tank
  • VaporFi Rocket Tank
  • VaporFi Rebel Tank
  • VaporFi vSix Tank (0.5 ohm atty head only)

Within The Box

  • 40 Watt Vaporizer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod Thoughts and Photos

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III The VOX Mini 40 watt box mod is a great device. Its price is a little high, however it works great. As thoroughly covered in the other review here in Spinfuel on this same device, the price comes with a high quality product. Once you get over the cost and .3 ohm resistance minimum, you can really find the benefits for purchasing the item. It is a ‘light,’ simple device, so one can carry it easily in their pocket or purse, and it is powerful, easy to use. The VOX Mini 40W is fun to build coils for, especially if you like the looks of a 22mm RDA or authentic VaporFi Tank. The suggested tank for this device is the VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank.

I built more than one kind of coil for the device; the first one did not work out, because it was .18 ohms. A few pictures of it is below. The first picture is of the Doge V2 22mm RDA, by Baj Ltd., a great RDA for very low-resistance coils, due to its 3mm post holes. The next two pictures show two 7-wrap, 24 gauge Nichrome 80 coils installed in the Doge V2 Competition RDA. The build worked fine on some other mods.

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III

The next three pictures are of the gift box and the VaporFi VOX Mini 40W.

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III

Before I built coils specifically for the VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod, I tried out a previous build for another device with an RDA with a more acceptable ohms resistance, and it worked fine. The two pictures below show the Mutation XS Mini V4 22mm RDA with a dual Ni80 Ribbon-Twist 30 gauge Ni80 Clapton coil build wicked with 2mm Silica wick and saturated with Aelos Smoothie (tastes like Strawberry Blueberry Malt) flavored e-liquid, a great way to vape. The ohms reading was .3Ω. If you ever attempt this advanced coil, I recommend a diameter 1mm less than what is seen in the picture. I rebuilt this same RDA with two 3mm 26gauge Ni80 coils, which read .3 ohms and vaped well. The funky mouthpiece is one I found on FastTech.

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III

The next build I tried was the best choice, in my opinion, so far. Though I usually use two 7-wrap, 26 gauge Kanthal coils for builds of this nature and vape at 29.5 watts, for this build I used Ni80. Two 7-wrap coils of Nichrome 80, 26-gauge wire gave a resistance reading of 0.3 ohms. This is a low resistance build with a minimal ramp-up time, and it works great at both 25 and 40 watts. I use it on 40 watts. The four pictures below are of the dual 26-gauge Ni80 build in a Baal V2 22mm RDA, by Madaotech. The Baal V2 RDA is one of the best RDAs I know of, due to its appropriate post holes, deck space, and, mainly, its protective ‘splash resistant’ mouthpiece which is great for macro coils. It also allows for a large amount of airflow and has a cool horned lamb skull engraved upon its barrel.

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Vaporizer Review, By J. C. Martin, III


One thing I really like about the VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod is the Battery, as it is a 35A, 2,500 mAh capacity Lithium IMR. These batteries can handle more amperage draw than 20A, 25A, and 30A batteries. These notions mean more for coil builders with mechanical mods that vape with coils with resistance under .3 ohms, however the battery is about the best one would prefer in the realm of 18650 batteries.

As far as the charging goes, when I charged the model I received, it only took about 30 minutes to charge fully. When the battery goes low, it should not take over 3 hours to charge fully, and the VOX Mini 40W shows an animated battery OLED icon showing that it is charging when it is plugged into the USB port of your computer or wall adapter. The battery light indication icon shows you when the battery is low long before the battery gets too low to use, which is a nice feature, because when you drain a lithium battery out all the way before recharging, it will not last as long.

The VOX Mini 40W is a simple, high-end device. It does not require any knowledge in the realm of TC, and is great for Kanthal coil vaping. Some vapers prefer Kanthal over Ni80 due to its having a higher resistance. Both choices allow for massive flavor and cloud production; I like the Nichrome due to its faster ramp-up time. With a 510 connection and the ability to produce 40 watts of regulated power, the VapoFi VOX Mini 40 watt box mod is a choice mod for many of us.

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VaporFi mods, excluding clearance items, come with a 90 day warranty. For items purchased at one of their stores or online, they include a 30-day money back guarantee. VaporFi really stands behind their quality products and is ready to answer customers’ questions; see their website for more information. The warranty does not include tanks and other items, just the mods. To return a manufacturer’s defect affected device, contact VaporFi and they will give you an RMA number. Once they determine the item to actually be defective, they will not only replace your item, they will also refund your USPS shipping fee. VaporFi’s return policy as well as their excellent care in answering customers’ questions in regards to their high-end devices, are reasons people are willing to pay for VaporFi mods, devices, and e-liquids.

About Vaporfi

VaporFi is a wonderful company who prides themselves with the highest quality vaping products and astounding customer satisfaction. Their 30-day money back guarantee sets them apart from many vendors. VaporFi is wholly owned by International Vapor Group, Inc., a company dedicated to changing people who smoke into people who vape. With years of experience in the vaping market, VaporFi promotes only high-end products, aimed to please those who grew tired of second-rate vaping devices. VaporFi offers e-liquids based with VG designed for vaping, without peanut oil. Their selection of flavorings is vast, so you can design what you want and they will mail it to you upon purchase, or you can visit one of their stores. All of their e-liquids are mixed in the USA. I can personally attest to the amazing flavor of their Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte flavor, it is truly amazing. Your satisfaction is VaporFi’s aim.


In conclusion, it was a difficult decision not to give the VOX Mini 40 watt box mod 5 of 5 stars. I just could not do it. It is a very high quality device, sure to last a long time, yet the price is a little high, even if you get what you pay for. It also does not have TC, which, as I know, some people just do not vape with, anyway. Other than those notions, I do love to vape with the VOX Mini 40W for many reasons. Again, it does not have TC, and I happen to like that. And, as I indicated above, the USB port is not on the bottom, which is my favorite feature of the device. I do wish that it could go below .2 ohms in its resistance minimum, however it is really no big deal, as most coils that are best for 7 to 40 watt vaping do not require ohms resistance levels below .3 ohms. Sleek and light, the VaporFi Mini 40W is a great choice for both experienced vapors and those new to vaping who are giving up smoking. If at all possible, I do suggest a VaporFi recommended atomizer for this device; they are available for order from the VaporFi Website, as is the VOX Mini 40W. All in all, the VaporFi VOX Mini 40W is an awesome device and I do recommend it for the reasons above. Thank you for reading and vape on.

J.C. Martin