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Some Videos From The VCCTN

Nothing ever goes like you want it to, does it? I mean, you can plan and plan and plan, but as soon as you pull the trigger anything can happen. Well, that’s what happened in Chattanooga when Smokenjoey and I headed up to the VCCTN on the weekend of October 4-5 with high hopes of broadcasting live throughout the weekend. While we did manage to broadcast video we also “DVR’d” each video and uploaded them to YouTube.

I’ve chosen three of the dozen or so videos Joe and I made while there and I present them below for your viewing amusement. You’ll laugh, you’ll get annoyed, you’ll grumble, and maybe you’ll feel a little better about your own life when you see what we went through to try and produce some quality video.

The Joyetech eGrip

The first video on this page is our review of the Joyetech eGrip. I reviewed this in writing when I returned home. I have to admit, my feeling were generally positive about the eGrip while I was there (and the week or so previously) but now I’m really liking it a lot. Maybe it needed some break-in time. My wife, ex-Spinfuel writer Lisa, absolutely loves the eGrip and wants us to pick up a couple more in different colors. It’s not yet available widely (as of 10.11.14) but when it does go wide it is definitely a box mod you should consider. Joyetech did a marvelous job with the new CS coil head, which, let’s face it, is the heart of every electronic cigarette. eJuice flavor is spot-on, vapor production is shockingly heavy, and the battery life is phenomenal for an 1100mAh (or 1400mAh). MSRP price is supposed to be about $69.90, but we will probably see some vendors selling it for as low as $49.99. Black, Silver, Chrome, and Camo are the colors they will run with. We had the silver (color, not metal), with us at the VCCTN, but I’m looking forward to picking up a black and chrome eGrip.

Working Out The Kinks

The second video is something you might think is amusing, or just plain sad. Joey left for a bit, and my job was to do a test video to see if the new settings and the premium wireless network made a difference in broadcast quality. (It did).

80 Minute “Instruction” Video 

Building Your First Coil with Jeff Dean from Innevape eLiquids

The third, and last video is a whopping 80 minutes long. We invited Jeff Dean from Innovape to come over and demonstrate a coil build from the POV of a brand new vaper who has never been up close and personal with a rebuildable. Here we can see the limitations of working with a single camera in a live situation… and no possibility of reshoots.

Jeff Dean is a really friendly and knowledgeable guy. He’s also somewhat famous for events and careers in his past and current lives. Jeff was in the band BaddAxe as lead guitarist (videos are on YouTube) and he has written a few screenplays and has “ghost” written many novels and non-fiction books. Today he’s still writing, and he’s the owner of Innovape. If for no other reason, the video below is worth watching for Jeff Dean’s dialog. He has lots to say and he says it well.

And there you have it. Joe and I are putting together some pro-level video equipment for the next VCC Event as well as a joint Spinfuel/Smokenjoey Video Podcast, which will debut in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy the videos!


John Manzione

Publisher – Spinfuel eMagazine