How-to Vapes: How to Fix Your Vape if There Is No Flavor?
How to Fix Your Vape if There Is No Flavor?

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that your favourite vape pen, tank, or pod is producing poor – or no – flavour. But why is this happening? And how can you get more flavour out of your vape if it tastes like nothing? This short tutorial will assist you in determining which elements may be affecting [...]

Why Magic Mushrooms Should Be On Your Wellness Wishlist In 2022
Why Magic Mushrooms Should Be On Your Wellness Wishlist In 2022

As the world grapples with the pandemic, health is the top concern for everyone. More specifically, the focus is on holistic well-being, extending to physical, mental, and emotional health. Moreover, the perspective on achieving health goals has changed, with natural therapies emerging as winners. Healing aids like magic mushrooms have come to the forefront as [...]

How Vape Lovers Can Have Safe & Enjoyable Travel Experiences
How Vape Lovers Can Have Safe & Enjoyable Travel Experiences

As a vape lover, the idea of traveling with your stash and gear is enthralling. Imagine the holiday experience where you can relax and do your favourite thing. There couldn't be a better way to enjoy the trip. But a vaping trip requires some planning and preparation as you cannot just fly or hit the [...]

What is Delta-10? Is it safe for Kids?
Delta-10 – Is it Safe for Kids?

Is Delta-10 Safe? Let's talk.... The present coronavirus has affected many in different ways. For the adults, it meant working from home. There was a lockdown in many areas of the country. Many had to stay inside their own homes for a month. The situation was similar in many countries worldwide, with many countries still [...]

Your Indoor Cannabis Cultivation
Indoor Cannabis Cultivation – Easy Tips for Setting it Up 

If you are a cannabis lover, the idea of growing it at home is alluring. It makes you self-sustainable, enables you to save money, and helps you avoid unnecessary trips to a dispensary. More importantly, you know what you get as you have the option to cultivate organically. The good thing is that growing cannabis [...]

LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education: 8 Myths Busted
LGBT-Inclusive Sex-Ed: 8 Myths Busted

In 73 countries, LGBT+ people are prosecuted under the law. For example, in Saudi Arabia, they face the death penalty. In other countries, even the most liberal ones, the problem of homophobia is not completely solved either, even though there has been noticeable progress in the treatment of LGBT+ people. Attacks on homosexual and transgender [...]

Cannabis Etiquette In The New Normal- 5 Rules You Must Follow
Cannabis Etiquette In The New Normal

5 Rules You Must Follow Cannabis consumers have come a long way since its legalization in the country. They are far more confident and aware of the health value of these products. Moreover, the education around storage, dosage, and safety has increased. But the pandemic has changed the consumption etiquette significantly as the focus is beyond [...]

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey
Best Start with your Cannabis Concentrates

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey If you are a cannabis regular, you will probably want to try it in every form. The truth is that you can expect to be spoilt for choice as there are endless options to explore. Think beyond the flower, and you can see the whole [...]

Best CBD Product for You? Let’s See

Best CBD Product for You? Hmmm... It is very likely that you have heard of CBD by now. After all, this intriguing substance has been all the rage for the last few years. What used to be a rather eccentric market niche populated by a select few scientists and entrepreneurs insightful enough to see its [...]

The Best Disposable Vapes in 2022 Will Have These 5 Features
Best Disposable Vapes of 2022

The Best Disposable Vapes in 2022 Will Have These 5 Features If you thought that 2021 was the year of the disposable vape, look out because you haven’t seen anything yet. While disposable vapes were clearly the fastest-selling pieces of vape hardware last year, industry observers are predicting that disposable vapes could potentially even outsell bottled [...]

Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana
Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana Plants: The Ultimate Guide

The secret to growing big marijuana plants isn't really that big of a secret anymore. All you need is to provide the plant with enough light, the right climate, the right amount of water and nutrients. Under these conditions, marijuana bushes will be healthy, able to fight most pests and diseases. When plants are not fed [...]

5 Ways to Enjoy your Cannabis
5 Excellent Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

Where marijuana used to be something your parents and the media would warn you against, but to the benefit of many, the paradigm is now shifting. Once considered an illicit substance, the benefits of consuming cannabis have increasingly been demonstrated in many aspects of our lives, our very own Publisher of Spinfuel VAPE included. From easing [...]

Vape Coils for Vape Lovers
A Guide to Vape Coils for Vape Lovers

Do you like to vape? If you are a vaper, you know the terms like vape coil, tanks, e-liquids, atomizer, etc. All of them are crucial parts of a vape pen or an e-cig. Today we are going to talk about vape coils. Vape coils are like the heart of a vape pen. The vape [...]

How Much CBD Is Beneficial For Your Pet?
How Much Quality CBD Is Beneficial for Your Pet?

Giving your dog CBD can be confusing, even though it has numerous potential benefits for pets. There isn't much debate anymore that CBD is beneficial. It may feel like you hear more and more about CBD oils and other new CBD products having a good influence on health and wellness—for both humans and our pets. [...]

Reasons To Switch To Disposable Vaping
7 Reasons To Switch To Disposable Vaping

Many people are on the search for a convenient and easier way to satisfy their nicotine cravings, so businesses selling nicotine products are always finding unique solutions every day. Since many users are aware that nicotine could be addicting and harmful to the environment, they’ll likely want to go for a product that offers a [...]