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Earths Bounty EJuice
How to Identify High Quality CBD Oil
How to Identify High Quality CBD Oil

  Quality CBD? There are so many products in the hemp marketplace that you may not know where to turn. You know that some companies aren’t [...]

Best CBD
The 5 Best CBD Options for Beginners

  Best CBD Options? Hmm.. The rise of CBD's growing popularity can be traced back to its many recently discovered health benefits, and more are added [...]

Introducing A New Line of Vape Juice – PHRUT by Savage
PHRUT by Savage – A New Line of Vape Juice

The following review is the personal opinion of the Spinfuel reviewer, and does not reflect the position of “Savage Enterprises or PHÜRT” A Synthetic Nicotine, fruit [...]

Kangvape Onee Max - Disposable Vapes
Weak Hits with a Disposable Vape? Here’s How to Fix It

Over the past year or so, the market for disposable vapes has absolutely exploded. The latest disposable e-cigarettes are cheaper than ever, and they’re more [...]

Reasons why athletes should use CBD
Reasons Why Athletes Should Use CBD

It’s not a new subject but the question of allowing CBD in professional sports has recently resurfaced and it seems attitudes are changing. Could the [...]

CBD Wax and everything you need to know
CBD Wax? – Everything You Need to Know for 2022 and Beyond

CBD Wax? Really? As the cannabidiol (CBD) market matures into a multi-billion dollar global industry in its own right, we’re seeing an impressive degree of [...]

What is Delta 8 and is it Safe?
What is Delta 8 and is it Safe?

No doubt you have heard about THC. And you have probably heard about “Delta 9” in reference to it. But what about Delta 8, its [...]