Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA - It seems like every time I review an RDA, it’s either a special “celebrity-edition” device, or something completely generic. After all, there’s only so much you can do with an RDA, right? But this one – the Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA -- is right up there with some of my [...]


There are times when I hate reviewing standalone sub-ohm tanks. The reason is simple; the technology has gotten so advanced that the gap between good and bad is shrinking to the point that nearly every tank performs brilliantly.   Because the differences in performance has gotten so slim, we’re forced to be more critical of devices themselves. [...]

Uwell WHIRL II 2 Tank
Uwell Whirl II (Mostly) MTL Tank

The Uwell Whirl II 2 Sub-Ohm Tank - Uwell makes great tanks, but have largely lived in sub-ohm territory for most of the last five years. So when the all-new Whirl II tank arrived in our office, we were a little taken aback by the decidedly mouth-to-lung (MTL) focus on this new atomizer.   This might not [...]

Best Countries for Indoor Growers
Cannabis – Best Countries for Indoor Growers

Growing cannabis in the privacy of your own home should be a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, in most places, growing your own stash is still prohibited. Luckily, times are changing, and now there are a few countries around the world where cannabis home growers can thrive. Here are the best countries for indoor growers in [...]


Oh, it was sooooooo close. Lost Vape was poised for an “undefeated” 2020, with an array of pod mods and high-end kits to die for. But sadly, there was a slight misstep as we approach another flip of the calendar. The all-new Lost Vape Back to Basics (BTB) 100-watt starter kit isn’t a bad setup. In [...]

Check out the Steam Crave Aromamizer SUPREME V3 25mm RDTA, featuring a 7mL capacity, convertible RDA operation, and multiple reversible airflow settings. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the tank construction is impervious to falls and drops. Featuring a top fill system that hides a pair of large fill ports, the Supreme V3 RDTA can hold up to 7mL of eJuice when used with the extended chimney and bubble glass combination. With a single coil build deck, the coil leads are secured via flathead screws and offer an easy to build on surface. Equipped with a dual slotted airflow control system with a reversible airflow control ring, the SUPREME V3 RDTA offers plenty of airflow options to create plenty of vapor.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3

STEAM CRAVE AROMAMIZER SUPREME V3 25MM RDTA - Flexibility and versatility are elusive features for most modern vapers. Thanks to a resurgence in mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and the ongoing popularity of direct-to-lung (DTL) devices, it only makes sense that users would want single devices to do it all. But, while many others have tried to make [...]

Is vaping marijuana safe and legal in your country?
Is Vaping Marijuana Safe and Legal in Your Country?

Things are moving extremely fast as far as cannabis laws are concerned. It can be hard to keep up with all the new places that are decriminalizing marijuana and which countries are voting to follow suit.   Decriminalization has led to a surge in legal dispensaries and more people using cannabis for medical and recreational uses. Vaping [...]

Benefits of CBD Worth Considering
Benefits of CBD Worth Considering

Cannabidiol is becoming more popular as a remedy for some of the more common ailments. This chemical is better known by the initials CBD and is more than 100 compounds that are known to be found in the marijuana or cannabis plant.   CBD is not psychoactive like another chemical in the marijuana plant – THC. Because of [...]

SMOK Rigel 230W Mod Kit
230W Starter Kit – SMOK RIGEL & TFV9 Combo – Review

I feel like I’ve typed “SMOK” more in the last few weeks than I have in the last 18 months. And after seeing great kits like the SMOK SCAR-18 setup, I was thrilled to have ANOTHER good-looking kit come across my desk. I don’t know, call it nostalgia… but it kinda feels like the “old [...]

The Complete Guide To CBD Oil: What You Need To Know
The Complete Guide To CBD Oil: What You Need To Know

One of the latest ‘new age’ products on the market today is called CBD oil. It’s a derivative of marijuana and has been known to help with the effects of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases for decades. However, the effects of this product to the human body aren’t as well-known as many people believe it is. [...]

What Is The Best Way To Take CBD
What Is The Best, Most Effective Way To Take CBD?

Realistically speaking, CBD (cannabidiol) is a controversial product in the market. For those people who don’t know anything about this substance, the whole nature of CBD may be foreign to them. However, if you’re one of those individuals who understand the benefits that this natural supplement may bring to your health, you may think of [...]

SMOK TFV9 Tank Review
SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm Disappoints Just a Little Bit

Usually, when we hear about a tank with cross-compatible coils, we love the idea. But in the case of the all-new SMOK TFV9 sub-ohm tank, we’re completely nonplussed by how entirely unnecessary this package really is. Does the tank work and vape okay? Sure. But it’s all been done before (and years earlier, to boot). I [...]

Suicide Mods ETHER 24mm RTA Review
Suicide Mods ETHER 24mm RTA Review

The mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping resurgence isn’t exactly newsworthy. MTL vaping is here to stay, and is arguably more popular than ever, thanks to the boom of pod mods that populate the market. One of the most enjoyable examples yet is the all-new Suicide Mods Ether RTA.   Spoiler Alert: We loved this RTA. Though there are a few [...]

Feature - How to Properly Set Up a Dab Rig
How to Properly Set Up a Cannabis Dab Rig

The first dab rig was created somewhere in the mid-2000s and has been soaring in popularity since. While dab rigs have become much more advance the basic components have remained the same: a nail, a glass piece and a torch lighter. Dab rigs start at around $50 but can be above $300 for the more [...]


After this sudden resurgence in high-wattage mod and sub-ohm tank reviews, we were surprised by the relative lack of pod mods coming out. We’re not talking about those high-wattage AIO/pod hybrids (which have been awesome of late) but rather the low-wattage, true mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices that dominated the headlines before COVID hit the land. Well, leave [...]