5 Potential CBD Oil Benefits 2020
Five Potential but Promising Benefits of CBD Oil

Most US citizens know that the national marijuana attitude has changed since Reagan’s “War on Drugs” during the 1980s. It was always an illogical approach, but particularly concerning cannabis. Weed isn’t very harmful if you use it moderately and responsibly. Many states have legalized it recreationally, with more likely to do so this election cycle. In [...]

How to Choose the Right CBD for You
How to Choose the Right CBD for You

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market right now. There’s no shortage of product options, so how do you choose from one CBD oil or another CBD oil  that will be best for your needs? CBD products potentially have many therapeutic benefits. For example, they may help [...]

How LED Grow Lights Work
Cannabis Growers Can USE LED Grow Lights

 Unlike HID lights, LEDs use metal semiconductors instead of gas to transform electricity into photons (light). Different materials produce light of specific frequencies. Today’s full-spectrum LED grow lights use various semiconductor materials to produce all the necessary frequencies on the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum. The PAR spectrum, ranging from around 420-750 nanometers, is the [...]

Vaporesso Luxe II Mod Kit Review
Vaporesso Luxe II Mod Kit Review

Everything old is new again. Especially in vaping, when it’s not uncommon to see “updated” versions of mod kits appear just months after an initial release. But I didn’t expect to see a new version of the Vaporesso Luxe hit the market, since the awesome Vaporesso GEN seemed to become their flagship a year ago.   Well, [...]

Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod/AIO Kit Review

I’ll open with a blanket statement -- Lost Vape can do no wrong right now. Their high-end devices are mainstays in our rotation. Their entry-level devices redefined what “pod mods” should be. And now they’re about to dominate the gap-bridging hybrid AIO category with the all-new Thelema mod kit. Why mince words? The Lost Vape Thelema [...]