Ohm’s Law: A Brief Guide for Vapers
Ohm’s Law: A Brief Guide for Vapers

In recent years, the whole vaping experience got a makeover. Vapers are upgrading and buying new mods for their device. With all “upgrading the vaping experience” has brought in brand new terminologies in the game. Now, vaping devices come with variable settings, where vapers can easily adjust the coil’s resistance, battery voltage, and current. One can [...]

SMOK Mag P3 Mini
SMOK Mag P3 Mini Starter Kit … Good, But….

 SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit - No matter how much we argue, people seem to love SMOK’s “gun trigger” aesthetic for the Mag series, so we’re going to put our personal feelings aside and review the all-new SMOK Mag P3 Mini kit with an open mind. Because, you know what? Not only is the streamlined [...]

Is CBD the Answer to Better Skin?
Is CBD the Answer to Better Skin Care? Let’s Take a Look

 Stroll down the skin care aisle of your local drugstore, and you are likely to see one ingredient on all manner of products from face washes to moisturizers: CBD. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of the active ingredients in cannabis, and lauded for its ability to alleviate pain and anxiety, as well as [...]