Best Rebuildable Atomizers Awards of 2019
Best Vape Tanks Awards of 2019

Choosing the very best sub-ohm tank, one released in 2019, is NOT an easy job. What some lack in liquid capacity they make up for in flavor fidelity, what some lack in vapor production they make up for with coil longevity. While there’s still no “perfect” tank on the market, 2019 sees us coming closer [...]

Open Pod Systems of 2019
Best Vape ‘Open’ Pod Mod Awards of 2019

As we mentioned in our best of pod systems of 2019 year end review defining it as “the year of the pod.” For one reason, it was impossible to put a list of top 10 together and call it done. With so many great devices available we had to create another list to accommodate the [...]

Best Vape Pod Mods of 2019
Best Vape Pod Mods Awards of 2019

Best Vape Pod Mods of 2019 The jury is out on 2019 and it’s clearly been marked the “Year of the Pod Mod.” Representing one of the biggest evolutions that vaping has seen since its inception. These ultra portable, all-in-one pod mod type devices have made quite an evolution from the early cig-a-like styles.   Transformed into the [...]

Best Starter Kits Awards for 2019
The Best Starter Kits Awards for 2019

For most of the advanced vaping world, THIS is the list that’s in demand, the BEST Starter Kits!. These are the kits that turned beginners into advanced vapers. These are the products that put them in control of their experiences, rather than trusting a small piece of plastic to make that determination for them. This [...]

Best Rebuildable Atomizers Awards of 2019

You might notice that several of our recent “best of” lists are shorter than the standard top-ten format. And that’s a direct result of pod mods and compact AIO devices taking over the market. We saw a huge drop in the amount of rebuildable atomizers coming our way in 2019, and even less that were [...]

NYC Council Bans Flavored E-Cigs Over Convoluted Reasons
NYC Council Bans Flavored E-Cigs Over Convoluted Reasons

Unless you have you experience living in one of the five boroughs of New York City, you will not be able understand the convoluted, thus meaningless, reasons the NYC Council (@NYCcouncil) did what it did yesterday, Ban Flavored E-Cigs. Below is an example of New York City Convolution: (from CBS NEWS New York) The New York City Council [...]

Understanding How Canadians Vape
Understanding How Canadians Vape

In response to the backlash vapers are currently facing, 180 Smoke has created a helpful infographic that provides an accurate portrayal of the habits, preferences, and demographics of Canadian vapers.   This infographic was created using data collected from customer purchases and was conceptualized to showcase the habits of Canadian vapers. When creating the infographic, 180 Smoke [...]