Vaporesso Revenger GO Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaporesso Revenger GO Mod Kit Review

I was talking to a vape shop owner near me recently about Vaporesso. During the chat, after looking at some new mods, he said, “If you’ve seen one Revenger, you’ve seen them all.” I’m not sure I really agreed with that statement then. And after testing the Vaporesso Revenger GO Box Mod Kit, I definitely [...]

SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK Infinix Ultra-Portable Pod Mod Kit Review

How much further can vape companies go with the recent Pod Mod trend? These simplified devices are designed to help smokers transition away from cigarettes with devices that offer similar experiences. And the star of today’s show – the SMOK Infinix Pod Mod Kit – certainly does just that, with an authentic, satisfying experience throughout.   But [...]

Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Review
Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Review

Fifteen years ago, if you told me that a movie about car loving criminals would spawn nine sequels, I would have laughed at you. And if you told me a year ago that I’d be testing a vape mod that resembled a Honda VTEC engine, I would have laughed even harder. Well, thanks to about [...]

CoilART DPRO 133W Mechanical Box Mod Kit Review
CoilART DPRO 133W Mechanical Box Mod Kit Review

Can we be real for a second? Mechanical Mods can be intimidating. Sure, you want to achieve those massive clouds, but at what risk? That’s why a device like the CoilART DPRO 133W Box Mod Kit, (available now at Element Vape) is so welcome, as it helps to bridge the gap between overly complicated 'regulated' Mods, [...]

Lost Vape Paranormal 200W DNA250C Box Mod Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
The Lost Vape Paranormal 200W DNA250C Preview

Is it possible to be blown away, impressed, and amazed… yet, at the same time, feel a tinge of disappoint? I think so, because that is how I feel about this truly fantastic Lost Vape Paranormal 200W DNA250C. I mean, I get it, you know? Just a couple of weeks ago I was marveling at my [...]

SMOK V-FIN 160W & TFV12 Big Baby Prince Kit Preview

One, maybe two major surprises…. Yea, two surprises… with the new SMOK V-Fin Starter Kit. The first is the existence of the previously unannounced TFV12 BigBaby Prince (6mL capacity). This is a new Sub-Ohm Tank folks. The SMOK Baby Princehas a capacity of 4.5mL, the full-size TFV12 Prince is 8mL, and the Big Baby Prince is 6mL. The [...]

The Disappointing GTRS VBOY 222W Mod Review

I’ve done hundreds of reviews for Spinfuel VAPE, but none have been more difficult to submit than this one. Because as much as I want to love the all-new GTRS VBOY 222W box mod, it has a set of flaws that severely outweigh the positives. Now, to be fair, I might be a little nitpicky. But [...]

OBS Bat 218W Mod and DAMO Tank Kit Review
OBS Bat 218W Mod and DAMO Tank Kit Review

It seems like a lot of tank manufacturers are dipping their toes in the high-performance vape mod waters. And some – like Sense – have achieved a moderate level of success. But OBS – makers of some of the finest tanks and rebuildables on the market – surprised me with their release of the OBS [...]

Best E-Liquids for 2018 – SPINFUEL VAPE
Best E-Liquids for 2018 Chosen by 200 Vapers

When I was tasked with discovering the best e-liquids for 2018 I had no idea what to do. How in the world does anyone choose 10 e-liquids out of the thousands of brands and flavors all over the US, not to mention the world? An impossible task, to be sure. I was assured it could [...]