Vivant Dabox Wax Vaporizer - Spinfuel Review
Vivant Dabox Wax Vaporizer Review

With the advent of the vaporizer platform and its subsequent (and dramatic) popularity, vape manufacturers of all categories have increasingly pushed for technological innovations. In addition, the big players in the market have also ramped up aesthetic attributes. Naturally, companies wanted to gain the most attention for their products, explaining their drive. At the same time, [...]

OBS BAT 218W & DAMO Starter Kit Preview

I wasn’t sure what to expect when handed this Kit from OBS to preview and review. Truth be told, I don’t think a Mod was ever made by OBS before now. I love vaping with some of their sub-ohm vape tanks, but a Mod? This is something new. And I have to say, the OBS [...]

GTRS VBOY 222W TC YiHi SX520 Mod Preview

One of the things that drew me to previous GTRS Mods were the ultra-modern body designs. Sure, all previous GTRS products under our review were powerful, solid, and all-around good performers, but each seemed to have futuristic design components, particularly the  GTRS VBOY 200W Mod, something the GTRS VBOY 222W TC Mod clearly lacks. But decisions shouldn’t [...]

Sense Herakles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE
Sense Herakles III 24 Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review

A few hundred reviews ago, I recall using a term – I think it was “unnecessarily awesome.” And I thought I’d never use it again. Yet, months later, here we are. Because the Sense Herakles III 24 Sub-Ohm Vape Tank does everything it needs to, nothing it shouldn’t, and yet left this reviewer slightly underwhelmed. It’s [...]

Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng Mod Review
Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng Mod Review

Every time I use the all-new Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng, I can’t stop myself from playing Motley Crue in my head. Because the Xfeng mod genuinely has looks that kill. The problem is that these looks are also killing my hand. This dual-18650 workhorse isn’t sleek. It isn’t palm-friendly. And it’s nowhere near what anyone would call [...]

Best All-Around Vape Tanks for 2018 - Part 2 - SPINFUEL VAPE
Best All-Around Vape Tanks for 2018 – Part 2

In Part One of the Best All-Around Vape Tanks we discussed what vape tanks are, their components, and what makes them tick.  Vape Tanks are much more than Cloud Chucker’s, or Flavor Makers. There are the Direct Lung and Mouth to Lung types, some that actually do specialize in chucking clouds, and others that specialize in flavor [...]

The Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod and Frogman Vape Tank Kit Review - SPINFUEL VAPE
Vaptio Wall Crawler Frogman Vape Tank Review

What an absolute surprise this new Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit (Frogman Vape Tank Edition) has turned out to be. After a week and a half of use, I would put this thing up against any Eleaf Pico (reviewed here), and any other single 18650-mini-device like the SMOK AL85 (reviewed here) and so on. The Wall Crawler with theFrogman [...]