Dabbing Wax Vs Vaping Wax
Dabbing Cannabis Wax Vs Vaping Cannabis Wax

Whether you are a long-time user, or you are brand new to cannabis, you have surely heard of the two newest trends that have been taking the cannabis industry by storm: vaping and dabbing. Both of these methods for cannabis consumption have their own pros and cons, but one is definitely easier to use than [...]

Our Premier Best Mid-Wattage Vape Mods for 2018 – SPINFUEL VAPE
Best Mid-Wattage Vape Mods for 2018

Fresh off our comprehensive overview of the best maximum-wattage mods, we’re back to pass a little more positive judgment. Because, while breaking down the big boys was fun, most of our readers own mid-wattage vape mods – those 150-250-watt devices that offer users the perfect balance of power and portability, usually in a dual-18650 cell [...]

High Wattage Soaring Through the Clouds with the Best 250+ Watt Vape Mods
Best High Wattage (250W+) Vape Mods

Have Vape Mods hit their upper limits? Based on how many new low-to mid-wattage Mods are still coming out each year, it would be easy to assume just that. But, while mid-wattage devices make up the majority of store shelves, some seriously powerful 250+ watt Vape Mods have hit the streets during that same span. And [...]

INFINIX by SMOK An Ultra-Portable Pod Mod System

There is yet another trending ‘vape system’ growing by leaps and bounds this year. We call them Pod Mods, and they are made to be used by smokers that want the best possible chance to kick the smoking habit. Along with the new Pod Mods, an e-juice product made with nicotine salts, are expressly made [...]

SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince - Pretender to the Throne or the True Heir? Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince – Pretender or True Heir?

Another look at the SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince - There are few people that are bigger fans of the SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Vape Tank than I am. I have spent an inordinate amount of money on these tanks, including one of the latest colors that has become my favorite of the collection; the Matte [...]

AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk 80W BF Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
AsMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk 80W BF Mod Review

With so many amazing regulated devices on the market, I sometimes wonder why purists continue to vape unregulated Mods – especially those with so many “moving parts,” like Squonkers. But the AsMODus x Ultroner Luna makes a strong case for simpler, albeit less predictable performance. This absolutely gorgeous stab-wood (stabilized wood) Squonker brings together two of [...]

iJoy Diamond PD270 & Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Kit Review BY SPINFUEL VAPE
iJOY Diamond PD270 Mod and Vape Tank Kit Review

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend – at least according to jewelry commercials. But what about vapers? That’s exactly what iJOY is hoping to be true with the all-new iJOY Diamond PD270 Mod Kit – a large, powerful, dual-20700 battery mod designed to balance strength with beauty. And for the most part, it does the job. [...]

Vandy Vape Iconic RDA Review - SPINFUEL VAPE
Vandy Vape “Dripper” Iconic RDA Review

In my preview of the Vandy Vape Iconic RDA, I noted just how “plain” and stripped-down the device seemed, when compared to so many other Drippers on the market. And I still feel like it looks like another “me too” RDA. But with a name like “Iconic” I was hoping Vandy Vape had something more [...]

iJoy Diamond & Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Kit Review BY SPINFUEL VAPE
The Disappointing iJoy Diamond & Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Kit Review

If you didn’t look too hard while someone, a friend say, put the Vaporesso Revenger the OBS Bat, and the iJoy Diamond PD270 Starter Kits side by side, you most likely would not be able to distinguish which was which at first glance. However, if you move a little bit closer, the differences would be [...]

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Review - Spinfuel VAPE
The Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ Squonk RDA Review

Easter is coming early this year – especially for vapers waiting for the highly anticipated Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ squonk RDA. This 22mm bottom-feeder RDA comes from a well-respected lineage, as the original 24mm Dead Rabbit (reviewed here) is one of our favorite rebuildable atomizers for 2018. We had a lot of questions when we first [...]

WISMEC Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE
WISMEC Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Review

The vape industry is filled with trends. From touchscreens to lightshows to Flappy Bird, it seems like Mods have gone through some rapid-fire changes over the years. But the WISMEC Luxotic Squonk Box Kit might have two of my favorites – Resin and Squonking. It’s no secret that these two trends are becoming more popular, and [...]

SMOK S-PRIV Skull-In-A-Top-Hat 230W Kit Review - SPINFUEL VAPE
SMOK S-PRIV ‘Skull-In-A-Top-Hat’ Starter Kit Review

Of all the SMOK Box Mods and Starter Kits introduced in 2017, none are more controversial than the SMOK S-PRIV 230W Mod. In the Kit version, the S-PRIV is kept company with the SMOK Big Baby Light Edition Vape Tank. Together they deliver a very good vape experience, but that skull in a top hat embossing on [...]

SMOK Veneno & Baby Light Edition Starter Kit Review
SMOK Veneno & Baby Light Edition Starter Kit Review

2017 was a prolific year for SMOK. 2018 looks to be heading the same way. However, the last few releases by SMOK seem to differ only in the aesthetics, not the power or features. If you’ve purchased any SMOK Mod since the ProColor, you wouldn’t miss much (or anything?) by passing on the Veneno Starter [...]


The first Mod we reviewed by Smoant was called the Knight V1. (reviewed here) This mod/tank combo-thing was nothing if not heavy, difficult to control, or even refill, but the worst part had to be the weight. It felt as is the Knight V1 was made of lead. In any case, the first device we reviewed [...]

Joyetech Espion Mod Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE
The Business-Class Joyetech Espion Mod Kit Review

“Elegance” isn’t a word that’s often mentioned during a Vape Mod review. In an industry so hell-bent on power and features, it’s not common to hear how understated a device can be. That’s why we were intrigued by the all-new Joyetech Espion Mod Kit – which is being marketed as an “executive-level” Vape Mod.   Now don’t get [...]