High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
High Class Vape BOMBSHELL Review

This review by the Spinfuel E-liquid Review Team was a long time coming. Happily, we’re now ready to present our findings on this premium level e-juice from High Class Vape, Bombshell. These 70% VG, 30% PG blends vape amazingly well in sub-ohm environments with plenty of wattage. With so much new vape gear coming in for [...]

SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Review

In the vaping industry, tagging a product with the term “flagship” basically means the mod will be featured a few extra weeks before the “next big thing” arrives on shelves. But SMOK has ridden the Alien wave for the better part of two years, and the brand still has new designs and formats coming in [...]

Captain 25mm RTA by iJoy – Postless – Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
REVIEW: Captain 25mm RTA by iJoy – Postless

Hail to the chief! After reviewing EVERY item in iJOY’s Captain line of products to date (with the even newer Captain S sub-ohm tank still waiting in the wings), it’s been an inconsistent ride thus far. So, when the RTA edition arrived on my desk, I approached with some serious skepticism. Would this Captain 25mm [...]

Vaping AMP The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaping AMP The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank Review

There are more high-performance sub-ohm tanks on the market today than ever before. Vaping AMP The Tanker, otherwise known as The Tanker, belongs in the top-tier of sub-ohm tanks. Superior performance, materials, construction, and price, makes The Tanker a serious contender. Plus, it is American Made. No small feat. To  draw my attention away from my [...]

Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm Tank Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Aspire Athos Sub Ohm Tank Review

Sometimes as a reviewer I’ll be assigned a full kit, or starter kit, that will contain the mod and a (mostly) matching sub-ohm tank. Reviewing both in the same review is easy, but afterward I tend to forget that the sub-ohm tank is also a standalone tank, worthy of its own review, and certainly capable [...]

Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herb in 2017 According to Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herb in 2017

With the advent of vaping, and more specifically, innovations towards herbal vaporizers, consumers are blessed with an abundance of choice. From dry herb, concentrate-specific, and hybrid vapes, a wide range of expression and personal style can be actualized. The portable vaporizers market is growing fast, and varied. I'm here to help you see the forest [...]

History of Vaping Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Academic Article: History of Vaping

These days the vaping industry is generating billions of dollars annually. The tech behind modern vaping is quite robust and quickly evolving as new companies seem to pop up overnight. However, is vaping a current trend or is there some history of the activity. Vaping as a concept can trace back to the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, [...]

asMODus Voluna RTA Full Review

The front of the asMODus Voluna RTA  ($36.95 at Element Vape) box is fairly nondescript, except for one notable inclusion: “For professional use only.” By a show of hands, how many vapers reading this qualify themselves as “professionals?” Odd terminology, for sure. While I’m obviously kidding around, and realize that asMODus is simply trying to ensure safety on [...]

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Review Spinfuel Vape
Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Full Review

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA - There’s always a little extra pressure to deal with when reviewing products inspired by vaping personalities. Simply because of the fear that a negative review might earn you the disdain of thousands of loyal fans and the respect of the vape community. Not that it would truly matter, we [...]

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Joyetech Powerful ProCore Remix Review

I don’t know about you, but my vape collection is becoming a little unwieldy. I try to stay organized, but ultimately, my tanks, RTAs and drippers are starting to pile up, making me wish I just had “one device” that could do it all. This is precisely the thinking behind Joyetech’s ProCore Remix, which is a [...]

Asvape Michael 200W Mod (Devil’s Night Edition) Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod Review

After writing hundreds of vaping reviews, it’s easy to run out of adjectives. There’s only so many ways one can say a mod is powerful, and that a tank produces clouds without it becoming redundant hyperbole. Then a device like the Asvape Michael 200W mod crosses your desk, and you dig deep into a special archive [...]

CETO RDA (Mesh RDA) from Cthulhu Review

Cthulhu CETO RDA..A box full of (unwanted) mysteries Too often, as reviewers, we criticize companies for not innovating enough. Then, when they respond with truly forward-thinking products, we then turn the tables and explain why they should have never changed things in the first place. Such waffling can be annoying to readers, but it also might prevent [...]

iJoy Captain PD1865 Kit (5S RDTA edition) Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE
iJoy Captain PD1865 Kit (5S RDTA Edition) Review

Pardon me if I’m experiencing a bit of Deja vu. It wasn’t that long ago that I posted my original iJOY Captain PD270 review. It was a dual 20700 battery mod with a companion tank of the same name … and a few significant problems. Most notably, in how it overpromised its performance capabilities. But today [...]

Aspire Speeder Mod/Tank Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Aspire Speeder Starter Kit Review

The Aspire Speeder 200W mod starter kit arrived on my desk with a considerable amount of fanfare, and that’s usually when my hype detectors turn red. Thankfully, there is no hype with the Speeder, and its companion Athos tank, just really great vaping performance. I have a confession. I have never once used an Aspire mod. [...]

Anarchist Riot RDA – An In-Depth Review from Spinfuel VAPE
Anarchist Riot RDA – An In-Depth Review

Sometimes, I get annoyed with branding and trademarks. Because, thanks to SMOK’s marketing team, I have to find a different way of describing the Anarchist Riot RDA. Ah, the heck with it. I’ll take my chances – the 24mm Anarchist Riot RDA is an absolute cloud- and flavor-producing BEAST. While we await legal counsel, let’s dive in [...]