Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Starter Kit An In-Depth Review Before investing in the complete Vaporesso Target 75W VTC starter kit,  a trigger-handle-type Ni200 temperature-control 75W mod, I insisted on buying just the Ceramic Target cCell Tank first. Once I was convinced that the tank was a good one, and it is, (check out the review we [...]

Bernie Sanders is good for Vaping
Bernie Sanders Is A Vote For Vaping

Why Vapers Should Vote for Bernie Sanders In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a political junkie, and I am completely engrossed in this crazy, historical election. I can barely think about anything else. But vaping rights are an issue near and dear to me, so I have been trying to reconcile my stance [...]

Vaping is Fun!
Pascal Culverhouse – Vaping is Fun

What the critics don’t understand: vaping is fun and needs to stay that way If anti-vapers succeed in their quest to make vaping boring, then vaping will lose its power to compete with traditional cigarettes. Anti-vaping campaigners are worried by many aspects of vaping, but what they are most worried about is how fun it looks. To [...]

China Bans e-Cig Exports
Operation “Puff Not” Bans E-Cig Exports

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016 Yes, the words written below was an April Fools Prank - Please read about why it was done here. The End of the Electronic Cigarette Industry is Here China Bans ALL E-Cig Exports while we slept. China has made a bold move against all electronic cigarette manufacturers and their customers by recent bans [...]

Gigue Dolphin Tank Review by Julia Hartley-Barnes for Spinfuel eMagazine
Gigue Dolphin Tank Review

The Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Tank Rewickable - Flavorful - Innovative I am beginning to think that reviewing sub-ohm tanks like the Gigue Dolphin can no longer focus on the amount, or density, of clouds of vapor they produce. The last several sub-ohm tanks I’ve used, and some I have reviewed, have all produced more vapor than anybody [...]

Orlando Vapor Show and Pain - Spinfuel emagazine Tim Timblin
Orlando Vapor Show… Briefly

The Orlando Vapor Show…and Pain Up in Vape - Mark "Tim" Timblin Greetings and Happy Easter to all!  I had so wanted to enthrall you all with my visit to the Orlando Vapor Show on Friday and Saturday March 25th and 26th.  Instead, while my family, including our grandson, is enjoying Easter at the home of my brother [...]

Arkansas Eliquid Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review
Gypsy Juice Eliquid Review

Gypsy Juice by Arkansas Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review As promised, today we present our eLiquid Team Review for the Gypsy Line from Arkansas Eliquid. This High VG line was developed for cloud-chasers and those that enjoy Sub-Ohm tanks…you know, us. Arkansas eLiquid Company offers top-shelf quality at unbelievably low prices. For instance, a 30mL bottle is [...]

Lightning Vapes Eliquid Review by Vapinski for Spinfuel eMagazine
Lightning Vapes Review – Vapinksi

Lightning Vapes Vaping With Vapinski The next vendor comes with a story. Lightning Vapes is known for their wire and rebuilding materials and supplies. Most sub ohmers out there have tried various gauges of their kanthal wire to say the least and I found it to be a terrific product for my shop. They have a great [...]

eLeaf iStick Pico Review Tiny – Powerful – Performance – A review by Juia Hartley-Barnes for Spinfuel eMagazine
iStick Pico by eLeaf – A Review

eLeaf iStick Pico Review Tiny – Powerful – Performance iStick Pico is a profoundly interesting 'kit'. To write about the box mod without mentioning the sub-ohm tank would be like writing about a car without the engine, or a bike without the tires, or a Julia without a Kiera. Impossible. Together they are more then the sum [...]

WISMEC Presa 100W TC 100W of Power – 26650/18650 Cell – Temperature Control A Spinfuel eMagazine Review

WISMEC Presa 100W TC 100W of Power – 26650/18650 Cell – Temperature Control The immensely popular WISMEC Presa has once again received a powerful upgrade. One of the first devices to come from WISMEC, the Presa began its life as a palm-sized 40w Variable Wattage device. Its super sleek, unique profile was an instant hit for the [...]

Council of Vapor Phoenix Tank Review – Tom McBride for Spinfuel eMagazine
Phoenix Tank by Council of Vapor

Council of Vapor Phoenix Tank Review Council of Vapor is one of those companies that attract worshippers and haters. To the worshippers Council of Vapor can do no wrong, to the haters, Council of Vapor can’t do anything right. No where is this more clear than with the new Phoenix Tank. It is loved and it [...]


So, who's behind the PSYCHEDELIC STEAM brand? We decided to find out. Below is our interview with the people behind the juice. Don't forget to check out our Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review (Team Dori), to get a first hand idea of what to expect from this unique brand. - Dori SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. [...]

PSYCHEDELIC STEAM-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – Team Dori

PSYCHEDELIC STEAM A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – Team Dori Somehow combining his passion for psychedelic music and eliquid flavorings, the owner of Psychedelic Steam made his dream a reality. Out of Belleville, Illinois, Psychedelic Steam is mixed in a clean room complete HEPA filtration systems that keep the air change rate above 35 times an hour, [...]

Frank Underwood - House of Cards Season 4 and Vaping: Get Your Tinfoil Helmet Ready
Vaping and Frank Underwood

House of Cards Season 4 and Vaping - Get Your Tinfoil Helmet Ready I just finished Season 4 of House of Cards – who’s with me? Awesome, right? Is Claire Underwood the most evil character that has ever graced a television screen? Or is Frank Underwood? I can’t decide which one of them is more evil. [...]

Lavabox DNA 200 – Blood Red Limited Edition – SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE Review
Lavabox DNA 200 Review

Lavabox DNA 200  Blood Red Limited Edition - Review Introduction As I assembled my notes and my thoughts about the past 2 weeks of using my new Lavabox DNA 200, from Volcano, the idea that spending $150-$200 on a mod that does as much as the latest from Joyetech, Innokin, Aspire, or SMOK, at something like 4 times [...]