Sub-Ohm Tanks - Is There A Limit? A Vaping with Julia Column
Sub-Ohm Tanks – Is There A Limit?

Sub-Ohm Tanks - Vaping with Julia Column Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed more reviews for sub-ohm tanks than usual. So far, all the sub-ohm tanks have received excellent grades for flavor and vapor production, but are they worthy of your hard earned cash? The question above is something I’ve been struggling with [...]

Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank by Council of Vapor
Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Council of Vapor Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank Review The Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank by Council of Vapor is an affordable sub-ohm tank with RDA characteristics. High grade stainless steel and glass, rubberized paint, 3.1mL tank capacity, and remarkable flavor and vapor production, all for just $21.95. The Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank by Council of Vapor is a hard-core, cloud chucking, flavor [...]

Uwell Rafale Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
Rafale by Uwell – A Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Uwell Rafale Tank Review Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm Tank – MyVaporStore - $28.95 Uwell Rafale Replacement Coils – Pack of 4 - $10.95 The Uwell Rafale Tank is the sub-ohm tank I was most looking forward to reviewing. From it’s impressive packaging (see photos) to it’s fine engineering and precise construction I held out hope that this just might be [...]

Chinese manufacturers form SEVIA USA
SEVIA USA – A Coalition Formed To Fight Regulations

Chinese Manufacturers Form SEVIA USA We have heard it many times, "What is China doing to assist in the fight to keep vapor products around?". On January 20th 2016 over 100 ecig manufacturers came together at a conference in Shenzhen China to commit their resources and financial support in the fight against unfair and burdensome FDA [...]

Ceramic Coils from Atom Vapes
Ceramic Coils by Atom Vapes – gCeramic!

Ceramic Coils from Atom Vapes - A Review The gCeramic Coil Series - 24ct Gold - No Cotton Wick - Long Life Joining the sudden, and explosive growth of ceramic coils for the vaping community, Atom Vapes has released a series of new, medical-grade ceramic coils, aptly called gCeramic Coils. The “g” stands for Gold, 24ct gold [...]

Chantix and Vaping
Chantix is Fine, e-Cigs are Not?

A World Where Chantix is Prescribed and E-Cigs are Demonized: Bizarro World or a World of Corruption? I try not to be a hater, but this article is a exception, and I am throwing some serious shade on the folks at Pfizer, maker of one of the most controversial drugs on the market; Chantix. I am [...]

Arctic V8 and Arctic V8 Mini Tank Review from Spinfuel
Arctic V8 & V8 Mini by Horizon

Arctic V8 and Arctic V8 Mini Review Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank 4mL - $28.00 Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank – MINI - 3mL - $25.95 Available at MyVaporStore  With each new Sub-Ohm Tank review we see more and more similarities. Any past problem concerning vapor production or decent flavors have, pretty much, disappeared. All the newer tanks produce tremendous [...]

Spotting Junk Science - 4 Easy Steps
Spot Junk Science in 4 Easy Steps

How to Spot Junk e-Cigarette Science in Four Easy Steps The best way for vapers to fight misinformation is through education. Learn how to spot and defeat pseudo-science, aka, junk science. Science journalism is dying. As newspapers find their revenue drying up in an increasingly online-only world, science journalists are being asked to generate more ‘clicks’ and [...]

iStick TC100W Video Review
iStick TC100W Video Review

The Cold Open & The eLeaf iStick TC100W Mod   The eLeaf iStick TC100W has been out now for a couple of months, and most reviews have been written or recorded to video. (Including our own at So why bother to add to the numerous reviews? Because I believe in the iStick TC100W, as a box mod [...]

Rethinking Global and National Policy Towards Vaping
Rethinking Policy Towards Vaping

Rethinking Global and National Policy Towards Vaping Every day I receive google alerts for vape, vaping, e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and about ten other related key words, as well as checking our own Vaper News daily, right here in Spinfuel, so I do not miss any vaping news. Almost every day, without fail, when I then read the daily [...]

Smoque Vapours – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2
Smoque Vapours Sequel Review

Smoque Vapours  – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2 A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review The last time we reviewed Smoque Vapours we reviewed just two flavor blends, a tropical fruit blend called Acango (A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner) and Pom Straw, a pomegranate and fresh berry blend. Today we are thrilled to bring you [...]

Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John Manzione
Freemax Scylla Tank Review

Freemax Scylla Ceramic Coil Kit A review by John Manzione Introduction Please see the bottom of this review for an important list of vendors caught in the act of selling counterfeit Freemax products, including the Freemax Scylla. The vape community is about to see another onslaught of ceramic coils. In our review que right now we have two companies that [...]

Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank ν Industrial Design • Superb Flavor • Wicked Vapor
Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Industrial Design • Superb Flavor • Wicked Vapor The Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank is, at its core, a simple tank with one goal; provide great flavor and huge clouds of vapor. Does it succeed? Yes, but it won’t wear the Crown of Best Tank Ever. Still a fantastic sub-ohm tank regardless. The Uwell Crown [...]

Spinfuel Choice Awards 2012 – 2016
Spinfuel Choice Award 2013-2016 Explained

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013 – 2016 The Spinfuel Choice Award has become a coveted award for many eliquid vendors. That said, we hear from a lot of people that want to know “what does the award really mean?”. This article will, hopefully, explain what it means and how it has changed since we first began awarding [...]

Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit REVIEW SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE
Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit Review

Aspire Pegasus Mini + Triton Mini = Aspire Odyssey Mini (Kit) The original Aspire Odyssey Starter Kit is a product we did not review when it was released some months ago. To be honest, after the release of Aspire’s first box mod, the CF (carbon fiber) 30W box mod misfire, we were happy to continue reviewing Aspire [...]