Eliquid Subscription Service Craft Vapery Video Review

Craft Vapery Eliquid Subscription Service Welcome to another installment of (subscribe link) Daily Vape TV by Spinfuel VAPE. Today we'll be taking a look at an ejuice subscription service that goes by the name of Craft Vapery. This is an eliquid subscription service done right. Each monthly vape juice box is hand curated vape juice based on your personal flavor [...]

Simeiyue God180 Review

The God180 as Seen Through The Eyes of Tom McBride I am not obsessed with finding ever more powerful vaporizers, but when I happen across a good deal, and a product that sounds like it could be interesting, I will seriously consider it. The “God180” is one such device, and one I just had to check [...]

iTaste VV4 Smokenjoey
Smokenjoey & The iTaste VV4 by Innokin

 iTaste VV4 by Innokin -  Smokenjoey Review Hey Folks- This is a complete review of the Innokin iTaste VV4 (version 4) ego sized battery. The OLED Display is one of the best. This is a variable wattage capable of 15 watts and variable voltage -up to 6 volts. Is there a difference between the VV4 and the [...]

Vapor Trail Channel Reviews the iStick 30

Update: Got word from Eleaf about the RMS / MEANS question. And I'm not sure it's exactly what you want to hear, but this is what they said: "The mode of original and mini iStick is DC mode...iStick 30W combines RMS mode with DC mode". The original iStick is very popular, but the outcry from some [...]

Are Third Generation Vaping Devices A Step Too Far?

It is sometimes difficult to remember that the vaping industry was in effect a niche market at the turn of the century but is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion in the US alone during 2015. We have moved from the first generation "cigalikes" to second-generation vaporizers and now third-generation devices are available. [...]

eLeaf iStick Mini & iStick 30

The Cold Open & The Case of the iStick Family!   A Big THANKS goes out to the fine folks at Vapor Authority for providing the iStick 30w and iStick Mini to our readers at a very affordable price. We are very careful about who we work with for our reviews and time after time Vapor Authority has [...]

MVP2 Innokin Smokenjoey Video Review
Smokenjoey – Innokin iTaste MVP 20W

Innokin iTaste MVP 20W  Video Review & Giveaway! Hi Folks- Join in the Review and Giveaway of the all new Innokin MVP 20 Watt Mod. As the name suggest, it is a variable voltage and wattage device capable of up to 20 watts and 7.5 volts. Also, Check out my teaser on the all new Aspire [...]

Revisiting Dehydration in 2015

Bigger Clouds, Sub Ohm Coils… More Dehydration! A Vaping Rx for moderate to heavy Vapers It’s been a great year for cloud chasing. New tanks in the sub ohm territory delivering more and more vapor, like the Kanger Subtank, the Aspire Atlantis, and the Joyetech Delta 2. This is a good thing, right? Of course it is…with [...]

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol by Johnson Creek

Kiln House Silverthorn Menthol – First Taste! Available today is Johnson Creek’s hugely successful Silverthorn eLiquid… in Menthol! For the past several days I have been vaping a menthol version of Silverthorn, and had you told me prior to my first vape with it that I would enjoy it, and embrace it, I would have said you’re stone [...]

Beard Vape Co. – Vaping With Vapinski

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and VERY Happy New Year!! I would like to thank everyone who takes a moment to stop by and check out my column. Today we're gonna spend time with Beard Vape. These reviews are my opinion, of course, but having a Culinary background-I do believe my palate [...]

South Coast Vapor Interview
South Coast Vapor Interview by Spinfuel VAPE Reviewers

SPINFUEL: What position(s) do you hold in South Coast Vapor? SCV: - I am the CEO/Mixologist SPINFUEL: Getting down to business; Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business, and when was that? SCV: -My partner and I own a Vape shop as well the lab. We were inspired because of the volume of liquids [...]

#NOTACLONE eLiquid Review

A Spinfuel Choice eLiquid Team Review South Coast Vapor - #NOTACLONE South Coast Vapor is a retail store that got into the business of making and marketing their own eliquids about a year ago. The line we are reviewing today is known as the #NOTACLONE line. Described by the owners as “smooth, desserty, and delicious” these three [...]

Savage High VG eLiquid Review

Nick Bessette Vapes Savage High VG eLiquid Review Feeling like a Savage gent? Why not vape like one! Savage High VG eLiquid -  These flavors are for a refined palette. I found a few new favorites and a few I didn't quite enjoy but either way, these eliquids are definitely premium and produce beautiful dense clouds [...]

VUSE Rechargeable – Smokenjoey Review

Smokenjoey is Back! The VUSE Rechargeable Reviewed! Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the Vuse Rechargeable Digital Vapor Cigarette by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company-- You would think they could produce a great eCigarette - Did They? Check out my review with Spinfuel eMaganzine's very own Publisher, John Manzione. For more information, Tips and coupon codes go [...]

Heatvape Defender
Heatvape Defender Preview Video by Tony B

Heatvape got ahold of me recently about a new mod they are about to release and wanted to have me test it out, give them some suggestions for improvement before it's release, and do a first look video so you all could check out the Heatwave Defender. After my suggestions, they've taken action and made every [...]