Ashtray Blog Excerpt – The Future of Vaping

Julia’s 2016 Predictions In The Ashtray Blog Each year The Ashtray Blog, a treasure trove for the vape community based in the UK, invites the top vape-bloggers to give testimony for what they believe the new year brings with regards to the electronic cigarette industry. It is always informative to see what other YouTube video reviewers [...]

E-Cigarettes or Cigarettes In TV and Movies

Onscreen Vaping In Movies and TV E-Cigs Replace Cigarettes In More TV and Movies Steve Barrett, owner of Purple Box Vapours, sends over this fun and somewhat informative infographic this morning, highlighting eleven of the movies and TV shows that show actors using electronic cigarettes. We too have noticed this uptick of actors and vaping with e-cigarettes of [...]

Aspire Triton V2 Tank Review

Aspire Triton V2 – A Review Friendlier Looks – Improved Performance - $36.99 NOTE* - Tom McBride wrote and submitted this review weeks ago. However, in a rush to get as many original reviews edited and published in November, I overlooked this one. Apologies to Tom, our readers, and Vapor Authority, who was kind enough to send [...]

Temperature Control Vaping - All about it
Temperature Control Vaping: The Decision Is Yours

Temperature Control Vaping: The Decision Is Yours If you’ve been considering a temperature control mod but have yet to pull the trigger, this article, I hope, will give you some valuable information you need to help you make a wise decision, either way. Temperature Control Mods are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want [...]

The Great Spinfuel Giveaway of 2015!

The 2015 Great Spinfuel Giveaway is Here! On Christmas Eve we are giving away 3 Great Giveaway Packages to 3 Lucky Winners! Great Giveaway Package #1 1. Joyetech eVic-VTC 60W Starter Kit 2. 2x Packs of Replacement Coils 3. 1x 30mL of 5 Pawns E-Liquid (Your Choice Flavor – 3mg Nic) Great Giveaway Package #2 1. WISMEC RX Reuleaux 2. 1x Aspire Triton [...]

iStick BASIC from eLeaf/iSmoka

ELeaf iStick Basic Box Mod Review Usually anyone that reviews a product here at Spinfuel HQ has to spend a minimum of a week using it as a primary device before a single word is written. If a new sub-ohm tank is under review, then the reviewer must use that tank exclusively the entire time. A [...]


Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shops It isn’t often that we gear an article in Spinfuel directly for vape shop owners... this is one of those rare times when we thought it would be appropriate. The Vimanna Vape Bar is worth talking about. We recently spoke with the founder of Vimanna Vape Bar, as well as a happy [...]

The Dr. Juice Interview

Dr. Juice Speaks With The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Make sure to check out the in-depth e-liquid review for the entire Dr. Juice line here. SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking forward to talking to you. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers? Dr. Juice : Yeah, Sure…Hi guys this is Jeremy [...]

Dr. Juice – A Spinfuel e-Liquid Team Review

Dr. Juice E-Liquid Review  A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review All Spinfuel readers can redeem the following Coupon Code for 15% Off the purchase of any e-liquid(s). This is a one-use code. There is no restrictions on the number of bottles you can buy in a single order. Use Coupon Code spinfuel15 during your checkout to have the [...]

On Vaping: United We Stand!

On Vaping: United We Stand  My vaping friends, there is something you must know.  You are part of a minority. And you are under attack.  Although it’s hard to know anything for sure, research and polling has indicated that approximately 10% of US Citizens are vaping. You can probably figure out from that number that that would [...]

Endura T18 Start Kit From Innokin – Review

Innokin Endura T18 Vaporizer Kit Review Endura T18 Starter Kit - $29.99 The sleek and design of the Endura T18 Starter Kit is not only a sublime vaporizer for new vapers, it makes for a terrific backup system for advanced vapers who might be looking for something to take along to public events, or other places that [...]


Halo Cigs Reacts To Changing Vape Scene 50W Box Mod – Sub-Ohm Tanks – And More Halo Cigs recently released several new products to accommodate a changing vape community. Despite these products lack of any Temperature Sensing technology, they remain powerful devices that seem tailor-made for Halo’s newly reformulated High VG e-liquid. New vapers, or vapers that are [...]

40 Watt Box Mod - The VOX from Vaporfi
40 Watt Box Mod- VOX Mini From VaporFi

VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt Box Mod Vaporizer Review By J. C. Martin, III "With a Price Like This and No TC, it Must be Sleek..." Rating: 4.9 of 5 Stars Price: About $80 Introduction The VaporFi VOX Mini is a wonderful little device. Sleek and high-tech, the regulated mod is light and powerful. Has anyone ever preferred a device without [...]

Vape Like You Mean It!

Vape Like You Mean It Just Clouding Around  Let’s face it. As human beings, we spend a lot of time failing at stuff. It’s nothing to get down about, that’s just the way it is. Failing is often a conduit to learning. We learn each time we fail. It’s rare that you hop on a bicycle for [...]

Nitecore i1 Charger is Made for Vapers

Nitecore – The Intellicharger i1 Review Nitecore has been our choice for battery chargers for more than 3 years. It is the reason we don’t bother to review other chargers any longer. We trust Nitecore chargers, and you should as well. Many of you have no doubt experienced the failure of a battery charger made by other [...]