Vape Organics e Liquid Review

VAPE ORGANICS A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Out of Riverside, CA, Vape Organics is the vendor with the first USDA Certified Organic e Liquid on the market. The nicotine is extracted in-house from USDA Tobacco that is grown right here in the USA. The Vape Organics blends are formulated with 100% VG (vegetable glycerin). They adhere to strict [...]

SALIVA • Vape Juice – Interview & Review

Bobby Amaru, Lead Singer of Saliva Talks With Spinfuel's Dori Odosso! ...Plus a review for Saliva Vape Juice... For all of you Alternative and Rock music fans out there this week will be a treat for sure! I have had the pleasure of speaking with Bobby Amaru, the lead singer of the band SALIVA! When you walk [...]

Lotus LE80 Box Mod

Lotus LE80 Mod Lotus Vaping Technologies $59.99-$69.99 Lotus Vaping Score: D- Overview A Variable Voltage Box Mod The Lotus LE80 is a bare-bones variable voltage regulated box mod that offers high power (up 180w!) of power and basic built-in safety features. It is without a doubt the strangest box mod to come into Spinfuel HQ in 2015. While using this mod and researching the company [...]

HCigar VT40 Evolv DNA40 Mod Review

VT40 Evolv DNA40 Mod HCigar $129 MyVaporStore Spinfuel Score - B+ Highlight Feature:  Evolv DNA 40 Chip The HCigar VT40 is a relatively expensive, high quality box mod that is designed to be ergonomically easy to grip using the "C-Frame" design function. You won’t notice this C-Frame design though, but you will notice the definite lack of fatigue after holding it [...]

New! eLeaf iStick 100w

eLeaf iStick 100w eLeaf $36.95 ($49.99 MSRP) MyVaporStore Spinfuel Score – A- Overview A 100W VV/VW iStick for under $40. The iStick 100W is the latest addition to the venerable iStick series from eLeaf. It’s 100-watts of output gives the Vaper a wide latitude for vaping. Two Interchangeable 18650-batteries covered by a magnetic door gives Vapers the opportunity to simply switch out [...]