Ogre Juice – Vaping With Vapinski

I was lucky enough to meet the next vendor, Ogre Juice,  that I am reviewing at the Vape Expo in Hamburg, PA. They were one of the few I actually got to step away from my booth and go visit to try and I was VERY impressed. Partners Brandon and Harold mix in a sterile [...]

DLICE E-Liquid Review Spinfuel
DLICE-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

DLice - 100% French e-liquid from elaboration to production. The aromas used by the producer D'lice are certified to meet food industry standards. Composition: 80 PG /20 VG      This was exciting for the team and I to get into some eliquids from DLICE in France and see how they do things! These are flavors designed for [...]