CoilMaster v3 6 in 1 Review by Gareth Witty

Gareth Reviews CoilMaster v3 Gareth Witty is the host of VapeDogVapes The CoilMaster V3 is the latest collection of tools in one easy kit for all DIY coil builders. You have never experienced the ease of building micro coils until you use this kit. Just slip in any gauge wire of your choosing with your desired diameter size, [...]

Smokenjoey VCCPA TAXES Interview

Pennsylvania eCig bans and eCig Tax -40% tax proposal? Smokenjoey talks the VCCPA with Chris Hughes Hi folks- I talked with Chris Hughes of the PA smoke free alternatives trade association about upcoming legislation on Vaping bans and taxes. Find out what their are doing and what you can do to fight for our right to [...]

Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery Interview

THE SARCASTIC FRINGEHEAD VAPERY INTERVIEW READ OUR EXTENSIVE REVIEW HERE SPINFUEL: Okay, first question; What’s with the name? Where and how did you decide to call your company Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery? I mean I love it, but it is unusual, no?  SFVAPERY: When we were developing our brand, we pondered several names. We originally wanted something “piratey” (which [...]

Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery Review

SARCASTIC FRINGEHEAD VAPERY REVIEW EXTENDS SEVERAL PAGES After spending a day taste-testing these incredible ten eliquids, especially one called Mermaid’s Milk, I knew that I had to try to get the original Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team to come back and join me for this review. It took a lot of cajoling, some promises were made, even [...]

Mod Fuel e Liquid Review by Vapinski

MODFUEL – VAPING WITH VAPINSKI It's been yet another mix of weather, but mostly RAIN here in PA this week. Mod Fuel has helped my days to all seem sunny! I was excited to dive into their five blends. The makers of Mod Fuel started mixing back in late 2012 with the idea of getting people [...]

VapeStars Smokenjoey VCCPA
Vapestars Network – Smokenjoey Interview

Vapestars Network -  About eCig Taxes & Bans Vapestars Network - More from the VCCPA in Pittsburgh. I met up with JT from Vapestars Network - take a listen while we have a quick chat on what he is passionate about and what needs to be done in the eCig industry. For more Reviews and interviews [...]

CyberCig Ultra E Liquid Review

Vape Dog Vapes Gareth Witty & CyberCig From CyberCig: Our e cig e liquid is our most popular product, and it;s no surprise when all of this is available for just £4.99 per e cig liquid or 3 e liquid bottles for the price of 2. How can we provide e liquids at such a cheap price? [...]

Rolling Papers Express E Liquid Review

Rolling Papers Express E liquid Review E Liquid Flavours At the Rolling Papers Express headquarters they have put together various E Liquid brands which they believe are the market leaders in E Liquid Flavours. From the USA to the UK they have sourced the premium flavours with punchy and consistent high-end quality flavours which have been blended by [...]

Motley Brew E Liquid Review

Motley Brew E Liquid Review Introduction I am on a roll these days when it comes to having delicious and satisfying eliquid to review that just seem to fall into my lap. There has been five eliquid reviews I’m been busy writing that have been truly amazing feats of artistry and vapability, yet each are as different [...]

Cold Fusion eJuice – Vapinski

Cold Fusion – Vaping with Vapinski It's been a rainy week here, but it's been a super sunny week as far as this next vendor goes. Cold Fusion just has what it takes. Their blends and balance of flavors have amazed me from the minute I tried them at ECC in Niagara. I was lucky enough [...]

Voltage Vape’s Kickoff to Summer Party

Voltage Vape's Kickoff to Summer Party What better way to start the warmer months than a cloud comp? You know what they say, ain't no party like a Voltage Vape party! We invited Katie from Elysian Elixirs, Lucky from Electrum and Kevin from Sicboy to come hang out with us and what can I say, it [...]

Kanger Subox Mini Smokenjoey
Kanger Subox Mini – Smokenjoey Review

Smokenjoey Reviews the Subox Mini Starter Kit by Kanger Hi Folks- this is a complete review of the Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit. Check out my vape test and my likes and dislikes. There are dislikes on this mod and also likes- did it get a thumbs up or did the paint job ruin it? About the [...]

Juice Broker? Now There’s An Idea!

Juice Broker? Why Didn’t I Think Of That? For quite some time now, especially after retail vape shops began opening up around the country faster than Starbucks, I wondered how shop owners figured out which eliquid brands to carry in their stores, and how much of an inventory they need to carry. Call it a 'thought [...]

Halo – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Five Halo eLiquids Note from the editor – Halo Cigs has been reviewed many times in the past three and a half years of Spinfuel’s history. However, this review, while covering some eliquids reviewed before, is being conducted by our new Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. You can find the other reviews by using our slide out [...]


Julia Talks Nitecore Chargers Nitecore Chargers – A 2015 Look At The Best Chargers For Vapers A good battery charger has never been more important to vapers than they are this year. Vaporizers with removable batteries are becoming more common in regulated devices, box mods, tube-shaped, and so on, not just mechanicals. The idea of a quick [...]