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Earths Bounty EJuice
Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano Winners Announced

Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano Giveaway Winners Announced. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. STAY TUNED FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS. Last Friday we had a giveaway for a brand [...]

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Product Development And The FDA

Is the FDA's job to stifle product development or protect the general public? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is in a very difficult position with [...]

Daily Vape Kind Juice Sub Element Review SF
Kind Juice Sub Element Juice Review

Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV Reviews Kind Juice Element What happens when a Vaper that just doesn't vape organic juice comes up against a premiere organic juice [...]

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Who Do You Trust? Is Vaping Safe?

Who do you trust to tell you whether vaping is safe? The vaping industry has grown from a relative niche market at the turn of the [...]

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Charlie Noble eLiquid Review

Vaping with Vapinski - Charlie Noble eLiquid This week I will be featuring Charlie Noble E-liquid which is mixed and bottled in Middle River, Maryland. Charlie [...]

The Ultimate ePipe – VIPR Holmez Review

The VIPR Holmez Review A Cold Open Video Review   The company VIPR has released a series of hi-tech, ultra high quality e-pipes and other vaping devices that [...]

Pioneer4You IPV Mini – 30Watts of Fun

Pioneer4You IPV Mini Review Tom McBride I know a couple of people around here don’t have a lot of love for the Pioneer4You IPV Mini. Personally, I [...]

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Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod Review

Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod Review & Subtank Mini / Nano Winners So many mini mods out there right now! Well, Sigelei sent over the 150w [...]

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Phantasm Vapors eLiquid Review

Phantasm Vapors eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Foreword Phantasm Vapors does not create eliquids. They do not create recipes; it is the customer that does. They [...]

Nunchaku Vision Vapros Review Cold Open Video
The Vision Vapros Nunchaku & Subtank Nano Review

Vision Vapros Nunchaku VW Battery Review Video Supplement At The End Of This Review Sometimes our vapor-filled world becomes so small and confining that we forget there [...]

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No Exact Science With e-Cigarettes

No Exact Science With e-Cigarettes - Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of reports and research notes released regarding electronic cigarettes [...]

Vapinski BombSauce
Bomb Sauce Review by Vapinski

Vaping with Vapinski - Bomb Sauce eJuice This week I plan on shining a little Spotlight on some delightful treats from Bomb Sauce. Big Bang E-Cigs [...]

Daily Vape TV Cloupor Mini Preview SF
Cloupor 30w Mini Preview – DailyVapeTV

Spinfuel's DailyVapeTV - Cloupor 30w Mini Preview After seeing the shipping time from FastTech, I decided to purchase this device from a US online retailer. I literally [...]

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Defender Box Mod 25w Mini Box Mod By Heatvape

Vapor Trail Channel and the Defender Box Mod CLICK HERE TO ENTER THIS BOX MOD GIVEAWAY: The Defender Box Mod is a 25 watt mini box mod [...]

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Kanger Subtank Mini & Nano – Vapor Trail

Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano Giveaway: For this giveaway, you need to watch the video, comment on it, and be sure to subscribe. On January [...]