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E-Liquids of the Year Nominees Announced!

Spinfuel Choice Awards of the Year


Element Vape

Presenting the Spinfuel e-Liquids of the Year Nominees…

It’s that time again, award season here at Spinfuel eMagazine. Our two teams reviewed a whole lot of delicious eliquids this year, and now it is time to announce the team’s nominees for Best Eliquids of the Year.

This time around we added a few more categories and increased the number of nominees per category, when required.

Please note that the nominees for e-liquids of the year have come from our team reviews, and reviews that were published between December 15th 2014 and December 15th 2015.

All Nominees were selected for their superior flavor, vapor production, quality and safety characteristics.

The categories this year are:Spinfuel Choice Awards – And The Nominees Are

Bakery Flavors

Dessert Flavors

Banana or Banana based flavors


Drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol)

Coffee Blends

Tobacco Blends

Vanilla Blends


Custard Base Blends

Cream and Creamy

Fruity Flavors

Fruity Blends

Menthol – Minty – Cool

Specialty or Holiday Blends

Honorable Mentions

Eliquid of the Year Nominees

Winners Will Be Announced December 25th, Christmas Day.

Each category will have one winner chosen from the nominees for e-liquids of the year. In addition, one eliquid will be awarded the 2015 Spinfuel eLiquids of the Year.

And Now… The Nominees Are…


  1. Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake by The Plume Room
  2. Bourbon Pecan Pie by Gothic Vapor
  3. King by Viceroy

Banana Base

  1. Monkey Snack by Ripe Vapes
  2. Four by Apollo
  3. Bahama Mama – Mr. Good Vape
  4. Junkyard Dog – Gothic Vapor


  1. Woodstock by Beantown Vapor
  2. NYC by Murica Vapor
  3. Soda Jerk by Juice Parlour
  4. Sweet Geisha by V8P Juice
  5. BNP by Lunar Rover

Coffee Blends

  1. Catch Ya Latte by VaporFi Grand Reserve
  2. Café’ Au Lait by The Plume Room
  3. Shots After Dark by VapeStorm

Tobacco Blends

  1. Summer Sweet Tobacco by Rocket Fuel Vapes
  2. Founder’s Reserve by Johnson Creek Vapor Company
  3. BLK by Lunar Rover
  4. Prelude by Blacknote
  5. Sonata by Blacknote

Vanilla Blends

  1. Boston George by Dr. Juice
  2. French Vanilla Kiss by Virgin Vapor(Organic)
  3. Vanilla Vapers by Walking Vaped
  4. Blonde Bombshell by V8P Juice


  1. Rainbow Custard by Vaporfi Grand Reserve
  2. Karma Cream by Mr. Good Vape
  3.  Doctor Custard by Dr. Juice

Custard Base Blends

  1. Top Grog by Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery
  2. Dang Tasty by St Augustine Organic
  3. Delish by Dr. Juice
  4. Dirty ‘ol Custard by VapeStorm

Cream or Creamy Base

  1. Mermaid’s Milk by Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery
  2. Jumper by St Augustine Organic
  3. Strawman by Blackstone

Fruits – General

  1. Dreamsicle by Mr. Good Vape
  2. La Llorona by La Dulce
  3. Machu Picchu by La Dulce
  4. Red Sun by Blackstone
  5. Slug Juice by The Vapor Girl

Fruity Blends

  1. Montezuma – La Dulce
  2. Meringue O Tang – Vaporfi Grand Reserve
  3. Hiss Tank: Cold Fusion
  4. Water 101: Mojo Vapor
  5. Red Sun by Blackstone
  6. Slug Juice by The Vapor Girl

Menthol – Cool – Minty – Fruity Cool

  1. Malibu by Halo Cigs
  2. Solo by Blacknote
  3. Island Frost by Vaporfi Grand Reserve
  4. Solo by Blacknote


  1. Ratchet by Gothic Vapor
  2. Lust by THRST
  3. Captain by Blackstone
  4. Rainbow Custard by Vaporfi Grand Reserve

Specialty or Holiday Blends

  1. Baked Apples by Johnson Creek Vapor Company
  2. Yuletide Delight by Johnson Creek Vapor Company
  3. Yi Ho Ho by Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery
  4. I Love Donuts by MadHatter


 Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team’s


I Love Donuts by Madhatter Juice

Baked Apples by Johnson Creek Vapor Company

Mermaid’s Milk by Sarcastic Fringehead Vapery

Ratchet by Gothic Vapor

Summer Sweet Tobacco by Rocket Fuel Vapes


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Kind Juice Organic ELiquid
The Plume Room Artisan eLiquid

About The Author

All original content is written and produced for our readers by the Spinfuel Staff, and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. The writing staff includes Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, and Dave Foster. Spinfuel also publishes guest contributors on occasion, including Pascal Culverhouse. All original content is protected by US copyright laws.

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