Golden Globes….electronic cigarettes

Golden Globes criticism plays into hands of electronic cigarettes industry   While the Golden Globes ceremony has attracted an array of publicity in years gone by due to the comments, activities and the general demeanour of many actors and actresses, this year has been very different. Leonardo DiCaprio was one of a number of prominent actors filmed [...]

Guilty Pleasures Organics – Smokenjoey

Guilty Pleasures Organics Reviewed Hello Folks- I just had to try Guilty Pleasures Organics. eJuice- Made in the USA, with a combination of Herbs and Organic Flavors, with few Ingredients.This eJuice is different and needs to be treated and vaped as such. Check out my complete review of this unique non traditional eJuice complete with Vapor [...]

SCAM ALERT 2014 – RegalCigs

The Regal Cigs SCAM is still out there. CONGRADULATIONS! You have been QUALIFIED for a smokeless e cig starter kit!  And so it goes, another electronic cigarette SCAM… First, we click the image in the email, like this one:  At which point our web browser opens and we go here: This is a mock up of an “official” news type [...]

Vaping With Clones And Knockoffs

(Because "The Clone Wars" was too obvious...) Are Clones and Knockoffs the same? Should we buy them? And finally, should we even care? Introduction Could there be a more hotly debated issue than the vape mod clone issue? If there is, I have yet to encounter it. There is so much involved in the issue of clones, and I’m [...]

The DDA or Disposable Dripping Atomizers

Dripping Atomizers of the Disposable Kind Introduction I can’t think of a single piece of vaping hardware more sadly underrated and underrepresented than the Disposable Dripping Atomizer, or DDA. The DDA is a simply amazing tool for the Vaper who is just getting into the search for that Holy Grail, the “all day vape.” And today, I’m [...]

Double Standard of Proof

Commentary After following the e cigarettes industry for years, you start to pick up on some trends. This principle also applies to observing the inexplicable action of the prohibitionist crusaders. At first, it might have seemed like a healthy dose of skepticism from people spending years fighting Big Tobacco and their assorted underhanded tricks. But, after [...]

Vaping Hardware – How Much Would You Spend?

Value In Vaping Hardware? I had an interesting discussion yesterday with a friend of mine that has recently taken up vaping. She is a fairly wealthy woman in her early thirties, and she is always in pursuit of owning the best of everything. From expensive purses to jewelry and beyond, she must have the best, or [...]

Vapor Zeus + Harvest Moon = Perfect Companions

Perfect Companions If you’re like me you probably own a few different electronic cigarettes. Maybe an eGo, Spinner or Halo Triton, maybe advanced devices like a ProVari or one of the many iTaste devices, and maybe some mechanicals too. A lot of you collect various mods, and you have certain occasions when and where your mods [...]

Time For Your First Mechanical Mod?

Your First Mechanical Mod I think it’s fairly safe to say that at some point, just about every Vaper will look at a mechanical mod and think to him or herself, “Wow, that looks really nice! I wonder if I should get me a mechanical mod?” For me, it was the first time I laid eyes on [...]

electronic cigarettes get boost from Chinese Government
Electronic Cigarettes Receives Surprise Boost From China

A Boost From The Chinese Government? If you trace back the history of the modern-day electronic cigarettes you will very quickly learn of the Chinese influence over this relatively new device. While the structure and design of the original electronic cigarette has been tweaked and developed over the years, there is still a very close correlation with [...]

e Cigarette Advice From Ask-A-Sir

Introduction Humble greetings and warmest felicitations on the turning of the New Year to you all! Major Edmund Thaddeus Browning (Retired) here. Allow me to welcome you, one and all, to the first entry in what my friend and colleague, the inestimable Mr. John Castle, has entitled my collected entries: “Ask A Sir”. Spiffing good title, [...]

The Interview With Strix Elixirs

You can read the entire four-page review for Strix Elixirs here.. When we review a brand of eLiquid for the first time we always include an interview with the people behind the brand. In the case of Strix Elixirs, Jennifer Zeares and husband Andy Schuelein graciously accepted our invitation to sit down and talk about their new [...]

Strix Elixirs eLiquid Review

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team - Strix Elixirs  UPDATED APRIL 21 2015 - Spinfuel can no longer recommend Strix Elixirs to any reader. If or when things change we will  update you. In the meantime, we suggest Rocket Fuel Vapes instead Husband and wife team of Andy Schuelein and Jennifer Zeares, two of the three founders of Vape [...]

Diacetyl- Risks, Prevalence, and Precautions

Diacetyl - A word from the publisher The decision to publicly respond to Mountain Oak Vapors Facebook post about trace elements of Diacetyl being discovered in a handful of their eLiquids began after we started receiving emails from Vapers that follow our Facebook page. Everyone that took the time to email us wanted to know what [...]

On e-Cigarettes… “unintentional education”

NYU Dental Researchers Are Lifting the Veil on the Hidden Health Impact of Electronic Cigarettes In a press release issued on December 11th, 2013, New York University committed a grave disservice to its student body population. Entitled, “NYU Dental Researchers Are Lifting the Veil on the Hidden Health Impact of Electronic Cigarettes”, this press release may [...]