Announcing The Spinfuel eLiquid Choice Awards of the Year!!

Find Out Which eLiquids Won The Awards Here Today we are proud to announce the Spinfuel Choice Awards of the Year! We chose 8 flavor categories, eight that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team believe to be the best categories to award the best eliquids. In each category there is 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. All the [...]

Joyetech eGo ONE Review

Joyetech Reaches Back To Its Roots In a previous video I talked about Joyetech’s newest electronic cigarette, or vaporizer as I prefer to call them, and now I’m going to expand on what was discussed in the video and give you my thoughts on the Joyetech eGo ONE after using it daily for a couple of [...]

Stella Blues Vapors – The Interview

SPINFUEL: Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business, and when was that?: Stella Blues: I smoked almost 3 packs of cigarettes a day for a number of years and tried various ways to quit smoking. Cold turkey (failed after days or weeks) has always been the first attempt by myself and many [...]

Stella Blues Vapors – The Review

Stella Blues Vapors Head Writer - Tom McBride While none of us live and breathe on, or for, Twitter, Julia has been known to spend some of her share there. (I take a lot of pride in being completely, and utterly, off the grid) Twitter is where Julia first heard about Stella Blues Vapors. SBV (Stella Blues [...]

The CoV Aris Pro RDA – DailyVapeTV

Council of Vapor Aris Pro RDA Review Big shout out to Eve e-liquid for sending me this beautiful CoV Aris Pro RDA to review. They are now the main distributor of Council of Vapor products. Here we will be taking a look at the all new CoV Aris Pro RDA  bottom air flow RDA. They've not only [...]

IPV Mini Review and BIG Giveaway!

Review and HUGE giveaway IPV Mini's w/ Kanger Subtanks Giveaway - Vapor Trail Channel and Daily Vapor are giving away 2 complete setups with an IPV Mini AND a Kanger Subtank! Just watch the video, make sure you're subscribed to the channel, and comment on the video! That easy. We'll use to select 2 separate winners [...]

Vaping with Vapinski – The Schwartz

eLiquid Review - The Schwartz I figured that I needed to do something BIG for the holidays. I had to write about something earth shattering. I was in search of something new and unique. Sooooo, a couple weeks ago, I was browsing through the different ejuice vendors and something very different caught my eye. “Prepare to [...]

Joyetech Delta 2 Tank Review

A Cold Open Video Review - The Joyetech Delta 2 What a year its been, and its not quite over yet. Today we take a look at the upcoming upgrade to the Joyetech Delta Tank, the Delta 2. Featuring upgrades like eLiquid Controller, an RDA/RBA option, and subΩ coils, the Delta 2 will definitely give the [...]

Vape Dudes Private Stock Reserves

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Vape Dudes Private Stock Reserved eLiquid Review 2014 Our first review of Vape Dudes eliquid was more than two years ago, July 27th 2012. In that time we've seen an explosion of eliquid brand launches, and many of them are spectacular brands making phenomenal juice. However, returning to one of the first [...]

Cloupor DNA 30 Box Mod

Great For The New Sub Ohm Tanks (Subtank & Atlantis) Cloupor DNA 30 Box Mod The DNA 30 has been around for a while, so this is nothing new. Today we look at the Cloupor version of the DNA 30. With the new sub ohm tanks on the market, and some exploring into dripping for me, I [...]

More Research In Favour Of Electronic Cigarettes

Positive Research is Ignored. Why? While politicians, regulates and those against the electronic cigarette industry have discounted research programmes which produce positive data time and time again, will they now need to sit up and listen? A report by the Cochrane Collaboration, taking in researchers from the UK and New Zealand, has taken data from randomised [...]

Innokin iTaste MVP20W Review

Innokin iTaste MVP20W Video & Written Review If you had any doubt left that there is a big shift in the shape of APV’s you just might be convinced when you see the new Innokin iTaste MVP20W. Sleeker, boxier, and more powerful, the MVP20W is Innokin’s answer to the venerable favorite, the eLeaf iStick. With the [...]

Innokin iTaste VV 4

A Cold Open Video Innokin has sent out review products for the iTaste VV 4 and the new MVP. Today we take a look at the VV4, with a written review to follow early next week (after a few days of use). The iTaste VV 4 comes in two different sizes, although they are both spec'd out [...]

Nightmare on Vape Street

Vaping With Vapinski - An eLiquid Review This week I’m excited to tell you all about Nightmare on Vape Street. Nightmare on Vape Street is a Premium Ejuice line that is full of flavor! It all started out being mixed in a small clean room, as many vendors do. They have just moved into a 3,000 [...]

The Plume Room – Four New eLiquids This Year

The Plume Room Strikes Again!  A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Andrea, the head mixologist over at The Plume Room has been a roll lately. Just last month we reviewed 4 fantastic new eliquids from Andrea's creative mind, and a couple of weeks ago we were once again the recipients of an additional 4 eliquids. This has to [...]