Honey Baby by Mr Good Vape

New Flavor! Honey Baby by Mr Good Vape Mr Good Vape asked if I would like to do a pre-release review of their latest, Honey Baby…and I was, of course, all over it! I've had the pre-release version of this up for a while. This one is rebranded for my new partnership with Spinfuel eMagazine for [...]

An Underground eLiquid Community?

Could Regulators Push The eLiquid Market Underground? Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to confirm the future regulatory structure for the electronic cigarette industry, the current suggestions out to consultation have been described as harsh by many critics. It is the array of charges, delays and registrations which would appear [...]

We Proudly Announces Newest Member Of The team – Tony Brittan!

Tony Brittan, Host of Vapor Trail Joins Spinfuel eMagazine Today Spinfuel eMagazine is happy to announce that we have hired video reviewer Tony Brittan of Vapor Trail Channel as our newest addition to the Spinfuel staff. Tony has joined our team in our concerted effort to raise Spinfuel’s video presence on YouTube, Vimeo, and naturally, inside [...]

Daily Vape TV – NicPak Unboxing Event!

Nick Bessette of Daily Vape TV Unboxes NicPac Vape mail!!! Spinfuel hooked me up with a Nicpik Pak to unbox and review. The personalization of these packs is amazing as well as their website design and customer service. I also like that they are eco-concoious using only recycled cardboard to package their products in. Be sure [...]

Daily Vape TV – Mt. Baker Vapor Review

Mt Baker Vapor 7 Flavor Review Yesterday was a rainy day, what better to do than review juice? Here's my take on seven flavors from Mt. Baker. A few I like, a few are not for me but you be the judge, try them yourself! Fight for Your Right to Vape! Vape on!

Daily Vape TV Russian 91% Micro-Coil

Russian 91% Micro-Coil Build We go back to the basics with the simple micro coil build. I've only built a few coils for a RTA so this whole world is brand new to me but I can guarantee in no time I will be putting some crazy coils in this thing. Thanks for watching! What types of [...]


Julia Looks At The Joyetech eCom-BT Foreword Before beginning my actual review of the Joyetech eCom-BT I would like to acknowledge something about Joyetech that I think goes largely unrecognized. I know that some cynical readers will read what I have to say and think it’s all bullxxxx, that I am trying to ingratiate myself (or Spinfuel) [...]


A Vapor Girl eLiquid Review If there is one thing you can depend on when it comes to The Vapor Girl, it’s that there is always something “cooking” with the husband/wife team behind this ever-expanding company. Three retail stores, a hugely popular online store, and new eLiquid blends in various stages of development continue to push The [...]

eVoke Smoke – A Review

Does American eLiquid Make A Difference? Jason Little The minute I took my first drag from the Raspberry Truffle eCigarillo I thought that at last I found the perfect disposable ecigarette. The vapor was crazy good (for a disposable), the taste of the raspberry truffle was sumptuous and plentiful, and it provided a light, but appreciable throat [...]

Daily Vape TV – Sigelei 30W Review

Sigelei 30W Mod Review My first mod review! After arduous testing I have finally reached some conclusions on the Sigelei 30w. Overall the look and feel of this device is amazing and at just the right price point. There are some things I would change but hopefully Sigelei already has something in the works to make [...]

Daily Vape TV – Fogs Brew eLiquid Review

Complete Lineup Review of Fogs Brew After a few weeks of testing, the results are IN on these flavors. Fog's Brew is a eliquid company from Miami, FL and today I will be showcasing these sleek blue glass bottles that are packed with delicious flavors. I have my favorites and some that aren't for me but [...]

Genesis Slide+ by Genesis Vape

Black Leather Genesis Slide+ - “You Need One” I don’t know about you, but every single vaper I know has said at one time or another that it would be great to have a high quality leather case for their APV (advanced personal vaporizer) or Mechanical Mod. Are you one of them? No company that I [...]

The New Age eCigs Interview

  As is customary for Spinfuel eMagazine, whenever we review a brand that is new to us we always have an interview publish along side that review. Today we publish our interview with James and Nadine, owners, founders, and operators of New Age eCigs. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers? Thank you, my name is [...]

Breaking Bad With New Age eCigs

Is New Age eCigs Ready For The National Scene? Out of Albuquerque, NM, James and Nadine, owners and operators of New Age eCigs are prime examples of how many entrepreneurs find their way into this industry. James, a 2-pack a day smoker, knew that his life would be cut down years before it should, and after [...]

FreshBuildFriday – Twisted 28G Micro Coil

Nick Builds a 28G Micro Coil One of the easiest coils to build yet one of the best vapes I've ever had. This is one coil you don't want to miss. The added surface area combined with a regulated device creates huge plumes of dense vapor. Go ahead, give it a shot! What types of coils would [...]