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Earths Bounty EJuice
julia zmaxv5sigelei
Sigelei Zmax v5 Telescopic Review

Vaping with Julia – Sigelei Zmax v5 Julia Tests Her Loyalty “I’m not sure if I’m the best choice to review the Sigelei Zmax since I own [...]

strix april29
Strix Elixirs 3 + 3 = Delicious

Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas Free 10ML bottle of eLiquid, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over [...]

iTasteDRV Slide
Innokin iTaste DRV – First Look!

Now This Is Cool! The Innokin iTaste DRV! The Innokin iTaste DRV (I’ve decided the DRV stands for DRIVE) is a variable voltage automobile pass-through device [...]

vapingjulia april25
Kanger AeroTank Mega – Vaping with Julia

Vaping With Julia (and Keira)  Kanger AeroTank Mega Review Well, now we got a dogfight! My buddy Jon at MyVaporStore sent me a new Kanger AeroTank Mega [...]

benson april 24
FDA Treads Lightly on Electronic Cigarettes?

FDA to confirm light touch ecigarette regulations tomorrow UPDATE: Mark's column was supposed to appear yesterday. All references to "tomorrow", actually mean today. In a rather surprising [...]

virginvapor april 2014
Virgin Vapor eLiquid Review – April 2014

Virgin Vapor Organic eLiquid Review – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Revisiting Virgin Vapor is something we always look forward to, and lately we haven’t had [...]

vape shops jm
Are Some Vape Shops Failing Their Customers?

Vape Shops Failing Their Customers - Isolated Incident or Widespread? What you are about to read is a true story.  After my experience with the two [...]

benson april22
2.1 Million People in the UK Vape

Vape in the UK? - Over 2,000,000! Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes seem to get a very mixed press in the UK, the Welsh government [...]

Birds Next Elixirs Review
Birds Nest Elixirs Sequel Review

Birds Nest Elixirs A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review UPDATE:  Readers can get a 15% discount on your order until May 23rd using the coupon code Spinfuel2 - [...]

Vaping with Julia – The eCigStand Giveaway and Interview

When Electronic Cigarette Storage Becomes Problematic Vaping with Julia – The eCig Stand Edition ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE - The Giveaway has begun! If your vaping consists of a [...]

Guide Nicotine
How And Why Nicotine Is Vital To Vaping

The 2014 Spinfuel Guide to Vaping - Part 1: Nicotine is Vital Terms You Will Need To Know: Analogs – Tobacco Cigarettes Vapers – People who [...]

benson april17
The Electronic Cigarette – What Would Governments Do…

FILE UNDER: ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE What would governments do if vapers suddenly gave up the fight for the Electronic Cigarette? The electronic cigarette/vaping community has been under significant [...]

CarpeDiem Interview
The Carpe Diem Vapor Interview

Don't forget to check out the in-depth Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team's Carpe Diem Vapor Review SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel eMagazine. We are delighted [...]

CarpeDiem Slider
Carpe Diem Vapor eLiquid Review

Carpe Diem eLiquid Review by the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team   Carpe Diem, or “seize the day”, is an old Latin saying lifted from the poem written [...]

stranger truth tiberius
Electronic Cigarettes and Precanerous cells

Stranger Than Fiction! Electronic Cigarettes Vapor & Precancerous cells Despite the fact that the electronic cigarette industry has gone from relative obscurity to a multibillion-dollar business, [...]