Smokenjoey – Tampa VCC Part 2

Tampa VCC - Part 2 - Vendor Interviews! Hi Folks, I get many email about "where to buy 100% VG eJuice". I came across a couple of Vendors that produce great VG ejuice while I was at the Tampa VCC . I also talk with Ginger's e-Juice and Hurricane Vapor. Take a quick tour of a real [...]

Are New Vapers Frustrated? Read This…

Clearomizers, Glassomizers, Tanks, and Carto-tanks UPDATE: This article was written before the release and subsequent reviews of the Kanger Aertoank Mega and Mini, as well as a review for the Aspire Nautilus. The author, today, recommends the products in this review AND both the Aerotank and Nautilus products. - Team Spinfuel - April 2014 --- One of [...]

Malice Doll of the National Vapers Club

Interview with Malice Doll of the National Vapers Club By David Desrosiers Vape meets as far as the eye can see! Big meets, small meets, local meets, national meets.  I love vape meets and have attended all kinds of them, mostly the smaller local variety. Last September I made a journey to that jewel in the desert, [...]

Virgin Vapor Team eLiquid Review

Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review  A Spinfuel e Liquid Team Review - 2014This Review is 5 Pages Long The last time we paid a visit to Virgin Vapor was way back in July of 2013. A lot has happened since then, but boy are we glad to be back together for this very special e-liquid review by Team Spinfuel, [...]

If natural nicotine is not addictive….

Mark Benson - If natural nicotine is not addictive, what keeps tobacco smokers coming back? The subject of nicotine addiction is something which has been very closely associated with the growing popularity of the electronic cigarette industry and has given many politicians and regulators an entry point into the discussion. The chances are that the vast [...]

Tampa VCC Expo – Smokenjoey

Tampa VCC with Smokenjoey Hi Folks- I am still recovering from the Tampa VCC After party but took some time out to put together some highlights from Tampa's first eCigarette and Vaping Convention.Special thanks to Kevin Skipper of the VCC, who organized the Tampa VCC. Check out the VCC website for listings of all events upcoming. Should the [...]

KILN HOUSE Genuine No.22 – NEW! Hand’s On Review!

Johnson Creek KILN House Genuine No. 22 – Tom McBride and John Manzione Prologue Yesterday morning our UPS driver shows up with a package from our friends at Johnson Creek Enterprises. Inside is a brand new bottle of KILN House Smoke Juice. It’s called Genuine No. 22. Instead of the normal review process I thought it might be [...]

Two From 5 Pawns – e Liquid Review

An e Liquid Review: 5 Pawns Introduction I think I may very well have tried dozens of e liquids at this point — I would not go so far as to say, “hundreds” just yet — and although there have been a few notable exceptions, most of them have been good — varying along a spectrum that [...]

premium e liquid - What is it?
Defining a Premium e Liquid – Part One

What Is A Premium e Liquid? Introduction In some of my e liquid reviews, I’ve referred e liquids with terms like, “workhorse”, “staple”, “everyday”, and so forth — and I’ve distinguished these liquids from what I refer to as a “premium eliquid". I realize that in some cases, perhaps in many cases, my definition of what constitutes [...]

Defining Premium e Liquid Part Two

Prologue One of the promises you must make if you are hired here at Spinfuel eMagazine is to always, under all circumstances, tell the truth. Even if your version of the truth goes against the grain. Sometimes things need to be explained too, which is what we're doing today. What is 'your' definition of a 'premium [...]

Nicotine – Because You Should Know – Judy Henry

I read something to this effect recently. It was included in a study of the use of hallucinogenic plants among shamanic cultures (like those in the Amazon). The author touched on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In certain indigenous cultures, tobacco is considered a remedy (the Ashaninca word for "healer," or "shaman," is sheripiari - literally, "the person [...]

Juggz Juice Review

REVIEW: Juggz Juice By David Desrosiers Last week Spinfuel and I brought you an interview of two damned fine human beings Named Jana Whetzal and Steve Johnson, creators of Juggz Juice. We highlighted a little of who they are, what they’re doing and why they are doing it. It was a real privilege to spend some time [...]

Is the FDA deliberately delaying e cigarettes regulations?

 FDA delays e cigarettes regulations, it it deliberate? Despite the fact that e cigarettes continue to grow in popularity, are a direct threat to tobacco cigarettes and in the eyes of many offer significant health benefits over their tobacco cigarette counterparts, why is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) taking so long to publish its report [...]

Vaporetti V-Drops – Three For Me (and you)

Introduction Having had the pleasure of reviewing Vaporetti’s eliquid offerings  (REVIEWS) I am once again fortunate enough to share my thoughts with you today regarding three new flavors, two of which have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence. Today, I’ll be reviewing Espresso Italiano, Lemon Drop Cake, and Marano Tobacco. All three flavors were generously [...]

SMOK Tumbler

SMOK Tumbler Review - $13.99 Introduction The SMOK Tumbler was graciously provided for the purpose of review by the good folks at Vaporetti. You know, when SMOK creates a clone, it can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Which is all the more bewildering because, when they create an entirely original design, they more often than not hit it clean [...]