Delta Extrax
Earths Bounty EJuice
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Spinfuel Talks With Vape A Vet

Interview with Will Cohen of Vape A Vet We’re lucky here in the Phoenix Metro area to have many eliquid producers; one in particular caught our [...]

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UK GOV. Closes Electronic Cigarette Loophole

UK government finally closes electronic cigarette sales loophole The UK government has finally decided to act on the electronic cigarette sales loophole which effectively allowed unscrupulous [...]

Vaping and Caring for your Gear

Spinfuel's Guide to Vaping - Take Care of Your Gear We have all heard well the endless and incessant talk about battery safety and the need [...]

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Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavendish

Prologue: Hurricane Vapor, a premium eLiquid that we here at Spinfuel eMagazine feels a certain connection with because we were the first to recognize the [...]

Cyclops Vapor – The Interview

As is customary now, with every "new to Spinfuel" eLiquid brand we review, we like to sit with the owner or representative and talk about [...]

Cyclops Vapor eLiquid Review

Cyclops eLiquid - A Review Introduction Cyclops Vapor strikes me as being a relatively young eLiquid company. That is to say, their eLiquid lineup, at present, is [...]

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Innokin iTaste 134 Mini

Innokin iTaste 134 MINI and iClear X.I A hand’s on review of the brand new Innokin iTaste 134 Mini. I can only describe the last 24 hours [...]

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Ovale eLips-C Review – Take Two

Review: Ovale eLips-C Introduction This is going to be another review of a very well executed device that escaped my grasp when it first hit the scene. [...]

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The KSD VAMO 5 – A Review

VAMO Rev 5 by KSD The first time we wrote about the VAMO electronic cigarette was when it reached Rev 2, and I was duly [...]

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E Cigarettes And Clearomizers

Clearomizers - What you need to know For many people just getting started with vaping with e cigarettes, (and trust me, all of us were new [...]

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GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod Review

The Matrix v3 Mech-Mod Introduction In the three plus years that I have been vaping, I have never once made it a secret that I prefer advanced [...]

Vaping And Hollywood

A recent article on Forbes  highlighted a new “problem” — the use of e-cigarettes by celebrities in the public eye. The event in question raised the [...]

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Aspire Clearomizers – Life Changing Indeed

Aspire Clearomizers - A Review Introduction and General Notes I’ve been using Aspire BDC clearomizers for a couple months now. Recently, my Aspire T3 510 BDCs were [...]

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Youde iGo W2 & W3 Rebuildable Atomizers

Youde iGo Introduction IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST USE CAUTION when working with rebuildable atomizers. These devices are for EXPERIENCED vapers and require the use of both small, [...]

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The Vaporetti V-Drops eLiquid Review

Vaporetti V-Drops One year ago to the day we published our first, and only, review for Vaporetti V-Drops. We didn’t plan this, but we sure are [...]