ZMAX (MINI) Review by Julia Hartley-Barnes

A VV/VW e Cigarette Review When I tell people that I collect ZMAX e-cigarettes, if they know the name and they’ve seen them, I sometimes get a look that sort of implies some kind of sexual innuendo. I kind of “Of course you do…I mean just look at them. They are the most ‘phallic’ looking e-cigarettes [...]

JD Vapor eLiquid Review

JD Vapor eLiquid Review & Interview From the people that bring you MeeseTracks and Mellow Mango comes a new brand of eJuice. No… It’s not FanceeJuice, it’s JD Vapor, a spin-off brand from FanceeJuice. New flavors, new blends, new everything. How does JD Vapor compare with FanceeJuice? How does it stack up against all the other [...]

Vapes Causing Tobacco Companies Difficult Decisions …

... regarding electronic cigarettess In recent months there have been rumors regarding the role of lobby groups fighting for the cause of tobacco companies. Pushing for further regulation of electronic cigarettes. There is no doubt that tobacco companies have been fighting the electronic cigarette industry for some time. Somehow they want "level the playing field" against a [...]

Innokin iTaste VTR Review

Innokin iTaste VTR Review During the course of 2013 I’ve reviewed, or played a part in the review, of virtually every major Innokin PV release. Each one had its merits, and its ‘issues’. By far the one that made the biggest impression on me was, and remains, the black iTaste 134. Not only does it break [...]

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off Did you know that ONE 10ML Bottle of eLiquid is equivalent to 55 packs of traditional cigarettes? No? According to Vapex, their eJuice is!How would you like to pay $99.95 a month, plus shipping, for 40ML of Chinese-made eLiquid? Well, now you can! And it’s simple. Here’s all [...]

Rocket Fuel eLiquid Review

Country Bumpkin And Harvest Moon – A Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review In Keira’s recent, and popular, column last week she wrote about the lack of limited edition, or time-limited eLiquids from eJuice brands. She made many good points, especially about certain seasonal flavors becoming major sellers and how they wind up being put in the [...]

Johnson Creek Vea Canteen

The Vea Canteen by Johnson Creek Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN for the Johnson Creek Vea e cigarette. A new e-cigarette clearomizer for the vaping crowd. Lots of vapor, for a smooth, clean tasting vape. Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here, today with a review for the new Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN Clearomizer for their hugely popular Vea e-cigarette. Watch the [...]

Two From Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquid

Ecto Fusion & Grape Onya It has been quite a while since we’ve enjoyed (officially enjoyed) Mountain Oak Vapors. Sure, there are still several MOV flavors in our various eLiquid collections, including the every-delicious Chai Tea Latte and Caramela, but today we have two “new” flavors from Tennessee Mountains, two High VG blends that we’ve been [...]

Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquid Review – Part Two

Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquid Review – Part Two If you haven’t yet read Part One of our Moon Mountain eLiquid Review you can access it here. Part One covered the 8 flavors that are available through Koko Vapes (kokovapes.com).  Part Two covers the 10 flavors that Koko Vapes was kind enough to send on Moon Mountain [...]

Book Review: TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame

TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame FOREWORD: This is a book review long in the making. We received our copy (purchased, not given, well worth the $25) several weeks ago and it has made the rounds here at Spinfuel . You can’t help but to apply what is so fully researched and so thoughtfully laid out, to other [...]

Limited Edition e-Liquids
How About More Limited Edition e-Liquids?

Limited Edition e-Liquids - Let's Have More! The other day Spinfuel Florida HQ overnighted to Julia and I, two new limited edition Halloween eLiquids from Hurricane Vapor. They were exquisite! A peanut butter and chocolate concoction and something called “Zombrex”, a minty flavor that defies description. Both of them are available only until midnight October 31st. [...]

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Squirrel Bread Soup?”

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Can an eLiquid artist go too far? “ – Anonymous - 2242AD Head Writer: Jason Little The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team have reviewed eLiquids from The Vapor Girl a few times over the past year or so. We know just how talented Victoria and her husband can be when it comes to creating [...]

Vanilla Sky eLiquid Review – Hurricane Vapor

Hurricane Vapor eLiquid Review - Vanilla Sky In development for almost half a year, Hurricane Vapor finally took the wraps off their long-awaited new Storm Juice, Vanilla Sky. It is, in a word, scrumptious. Dripping with luscious vanilla flavoring, this ‘tobacco house’ blend will please even the most stubborn Vapers. Vanilla Sky went on sale last week [...]

Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

Vapor Zeus Review Tom McBride and John Manzione October 14, 2013 - Just this past Friday we received the Vapor Zeus from Vapor4Life. We received both the large, cigar-size 1300mAh Vapor Zeus and the smaller 650mAh Starter Kits. John and I have been vaping with them this entire weekend, beginning Friday night, and into today.  For the [...]

Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review – Four More

The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review After the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team reviewed Rocket Fuel Vapes the first time I knew that we would have to revisit them on more than one occasion. With so many other eLiquid reviews coming up though, it could have been a while. So I decided to make do with a [...]