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Earths Bounty EJuice
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SvoeMesto Kayfun 3.1 Review

Kayfun 3.1 by SvoeMesto The Kayfun 3.1 Rebuildable Atomizer Review - It has been a while since I sat down to write about a rebuildable atomizer. I’ve [...]

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The War On Vapers – What’s Next, WMD?

War On Vapers Fellow Vapers, I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had enough. Arguing with people who are against e-cigarettes is an argument you [...]

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Atmomixani + VapeRev = Nemesis VapeRev Edition

VapeRev/Atmomixani Nemesis - $200 (USD) "A superb stainless steel and brass fully mechanical e-cigarette. Art and Function Personified" - Spinfuel eMagazine - Julia Hartley-Barnes For the [...]

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Koko Vapes Talks with Spinfuel eMagazine

Koko Vapes, a new online vape shop recently launched out of the state of Florida, a state which I am now convinced has the largest [...]

SmokTech Tumbler Review

SMOKTech Tumbler Clearomizer Review  The Tumbler by SMOKTech is available at SmokenJoey’s Vape Shop for $12.69 for the kit version that includes 2 extra coil heads. [...]

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Vapor Craze Talks with Spinfuel eMagazine

Eleven Spinfuel Choice Awards, Five Store Locations, Vapor Craze is quickly becoming a major player in the e-cigarette marketplace. To find out how it all [...]

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Ovale elips-C Review

The Ovale eLips-C Review After spending a little more than a week with the Ovale elips-C, I continue to be amazed that this is a descendent [...]

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VaporCraze eLiquid Review

Once Upon A Time… There were three men named Jon, Joeffery, and Matt. Not that long ago these wise men, Vapers all, after having continuously searched [...]

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E-Liquid Reviews From Julia

Ben Johnson And Other Stuff Because I’ve taken on a smaller role here at Spinfuel eMagazine I didn’t think it was right to continue my “Vaping [...]

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Innokin iTaste 134 The Sonic Screwdriver or ….

The iTaste 134 Review Many of you that are fans of Dr. Who will know exactly what I’m talking about when you see the Innokin iTaste [...]

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The Kanger ProTank 2 – The Do-Over

ProTank 2 Review We (as in the Spinfuel Staff) did not much care for the original ProTank by Kanger. It’s airy draw, permanent metal drip tip, [...]

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Commentary – Are eLiquids Getting Better? Absolutely!

The Evolution of eLiquids One of the universal truths about the evolution of things is that, on the whole, they improve. There might be wrong turns, [...]

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The Interview: Rocket Fuel Vapes

The Interview With Rocket Fuel Vapes Read the eLiquid Review! SPINFUEL: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit for this interview. How [...]

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Rocket Fuel Vapes Review

The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review Rocket Fuel Vapes began their foray into the eJuice business not long ago. After spending some 72-plus hours with 12 [...]

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Two All-Day Vapes From Mountain Oak Vapors

Two All Day Vapes From Mountain Oak Vapors After weeks of steadily vaping only a couple of different eLiquid flavors, mainly Chai Tea Latte from MOV, [...]