Delta Extrax
Earths Bounty EJuice
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SmokTech Magneto Mech-Mod Review

 I have always had a soft spot for completely mechanical mods. Their simplicity, their toughness, and their simplicity (wait, I said that already) are an [...]

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The July is eJuice Month Recap

 The July is eJuice Recap for 2013 Wow, what a month this has been! Spinfuel’s 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month celebration was a huge success [...]

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Mountain Oak Vapors Three Plus One e-Liquid Review

Mountain Oak Vapors Reviewed Introduction There aren’t many Vapers in the USA who haven’t heard of Mountain Oak Vapors… despite the fact that they have been around [...]

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Triple 7 Magnum Series – The Review

777 eCigs Magnum Review Triple 7 (777 eCigs) is offering two great coupon codes for the new Magnum Kits and the new Tanks. The coupon code [...]

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FanceeJuice e-Liquid Review “In the spotlight” Team B

FanceeJuice Review Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Team B – Julia Hartley-Barnes-, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, Cynthia Stevens, and Janet Richards FanceeJuice has become a premium e-Liquid brand at lightening speed. [...]

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Spinfuel’s Guide to Vaping – Steeping eJuice

Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Your eJuice “This article is geared toward new Vapers that click on one of the vendors that appear in [...]

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Hurricane Vapor Review – Six NEW e-Liquids!

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for two days now trying to come up with some clever way of introducing Hurricane Vapor’s newest [...]

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The Virgin Vapor Revisited – Newly Reviewed E-Liquids

This is a Team B Review! – The Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team, Team B, consists of Julia Barnes, Keira Hartley, Jason Little, Janet Richards and [...]

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Johnson Creek VEA One Year Later

The Vea One Year Later  When Johnson Creek made the decision to build it’s own e-cigarette from the ground up, when they decided to start from [...]

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VAMO 3 Affordable, Reliable, and Just This Side of Ugly?

VAMO v3 - A Review The VAMO, a much-loved APV from Fasttech has legions of fans all over the Vaping Universe. With good reason I might [...]

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Triple 7 e-Shisha Review

The recent release of the new hardware from Triple 7 (777 eCigs), the Magnum series, comes just in time to coincide with our July is [...]

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Will The Real Lift Vapor Please Stand Up

A Story of Redemption? - A New Commentary by John Manzione Please make sure you read the entire commentary to read the truth about Lift Vapor, [...]

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The Halo e-Liquid Review – Five Flavors

Halo Cigs Goes Before the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Special Note* Right now you can get a free 10ML sampler of Halo Cigs newest e-Liquid, aptly [...]

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The Vapor Girl – Take Two

Where No Vaper Has Been Before Because of our self-imposed limits on the number of e-Liquids we would review in this year’s July is eJuice Month [...]

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Ginger’s eJuice Review

This review is a Spinfuel Team B Review - a Ginger's eJuice Review, conducted in Concord New Hampshire - Ginger’s eJuice is the e-Liquid company that [...]

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