The New Halo Cigs Triton – The Review

 Halo Cigs Triton Series By John Manzione Several months ago I was privy to information that Halo Cigs, maker of one of the best selling cig-a-likes on the market, the G6, was working on a larger battery ‘system’ for vapers who progress from the mini-battery kits (like the G6) to something that can produce even more vapor [...]

The TEC Telescopic MOD Review

The TEC Telescopic MOD Review – Tom McBride I love surprises, I really do. So, imagine my surprise when Julia walked up to me and asked if I would enjoy reviewing a new Mod that we had just received from the Official Supplier of Vaping Gear, MyVaporStore. The great people over at MyVaporStore stock some really [...]

ProVape Z-Atty Pro – A Walkabout

The ProVape Z-Atty – Professional Level RBA When I asked our resident Rebuildable Atomizer Expert (Tom McBride) about atomizers, the rebuildable kind, he gave me some great advice, great tips, and some hands on training. I can now wrap coils, build wicks, and strip a rebuildable atomizer in the dark and put it back together. Okay, [...]

Vaping With Julia – Quantum Entanglement

 Quantum Entanglement? By Julia Barnes with a guest appearance by Tom McBride What a week! Dealing with a whole bunch of internal matters that I’m not supposed to talk about, the new and much improved forum (finally), our FaceBook project working with some terrific proofreaders (now I have to find the time for Dave and Jon Locke [...]

The 777 e-Hookah Review – A Lot More Fun Than You Think

The 777 eHookah Review – A Lot More Fun Than You Think Introduction Tom: When my editor asked me to join him in the review of the new 777 eCigs eHookah I had no idea what it was, other than a hookah type product. On YouTube and other places there are videos that show what looks to [...]

777 Bullet Video Review

777 Bullet Review by Smokenjoey Tired of the simple, underpowered mini cig-a-likes? Well you need to try the new   777 Bullet. Check out my in-depth review of their newest e cigarette -the 777 Bullet. I cover all the bases including a video demo of vapor output and the close-up of the new 1.3ML clearomizer. From Smokenjoey Should the US FDA and the lawmakers [...]

Clearomizers & Cartomizers Explained

Clearomizers and Cartomizers Explained Are you tired of refilling or replacing your prefilled cartridge? Want more Vapor? Want a Clean and True taste of the eliquid? Then this is for you. Most newbies want more after a month or so of vaping- Take a look at this video to give you the basics. I explain the [...]

Vaping With Julia “This is weird”

This week has had its share of exhilaration, depression, anxiety, and uncertainty. As far as vaping news goes there isn’t much to tell about this week. Our review and interview for the Big Daddy Vapor took up most of my time, and beginning a couple of other reviews did as well. This week’s column is devoted [...]

Dee And John From Big Daddy Vapor – The Interview

Spinfuel Interview with Dee & John of Big Daddy Vapor Spinfuel: I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be able to ask you both a few questions about the terrific “Who’s Your Daddy” Carto-tanks and “Slap Yo Momma” Adapter. And of course to find out a little bit more about the creative minds behind [...]

Who’s Your Daddy Cartomizer Tank & Lil’ Mama too!

Who’s Your Daddy? – Big Daddy Vapor! Note* We are currently interviewing Dee and John, owners of Big Daddy Vapor and we hope to bring you the finished interview tomorrow, Thursday, March 14th, or Friday, March 15th, 2013. – ed. How do you judge the performance of a tank? How do you put a value on a [...]

777 eCigs Bullet eCigarettes – A Review

777 eCigs Bullet eCigarette Review – The mini-eCig Grows Up 777 eCigs is one of the fastest growing eCigarette brands to appear on the electronic cigarette scene in the past year. The business ethics of 777 paved a road to success and proved that not every cig-a-like brand in the industry are crooks or con artists. [...]

Vaping With Julia – In From The Cold

Vaping With Julia – In From The Cold I returned this week from New England. My stock photography business landed a new client so I had to head back up to my studio in Boston and make some images. It was a lot of fun to get away for a while. I was expecting it to [...]

eCigarette Taxes Is The Real Battle

Electronic Cigarettes are sitting ducks for the taxman. And the taxman does cometh. By the end of this week or next, perhaps today or tomorrow, the Utah State Legislature may destroy the vital, economically important electronic cigarette industry by having eCigarettes officially labeled as “tobacco products” and taxing them at the same rate as analog cigarettes. [...]

JetCigs eLiquid By The Bottle. Off To A Great Start

JetCigs eLiquid By The Bottle. Off To A Great Start An eLiquid special by John Manzione Through March 31st JetCigs is offering Spinfuel readers a huge 30% off the eLiquid bottles. You are going to want to try these, so remember the coupon code: ‘SPINFUEL’. By now tens of thousands of mini-eCig Vapers have tried JetCigs ‘prefilled cartomizers’ [...]

Tesla – A eCigarette APV Review

The Tesla eCigarette Review – Tom McBride “Is the Tesla the muscle car of the factory line street legals?” Introduction The Tesla APV is nothing if not unique looking. Truthfully speaking it is the first feature that draws your attention. It is a radical design change, but there is nothing revolutionary in its feature set. There are plenty [...]