The Sub 2.0 eCig Mod and V-Core 2

The Sub 2.0 Review By Keira Hartley  "The review below is the first review written soley by Keira Hartley. Keira has been a member Spinfuel Staff for more than 6 months and have been an invaluable member of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team, among other things. Today marks her first, but certainly not last, hardware review." – [...]

What Do You Really Know About eLiquid Vendors?

Think You Know Your eLiquid Vendor? There can be no doubt that Spinfuel has become a ‘go-to’ source for leading reviews on eLiquids, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the sheer number of eLiquid vendors currently selling their wares on the Internet. There are many reasons why we’ve not scratched that surface, some [...]

Vaping With Julia – The Feedback Imperative

Vaping With Julia – The First Week of February 7, 2013 The Feedback Imperative! Lots of very cool Vaping things happened this week my fellow Vapers. From finishing some eLiquid reviews to starting others, from trying out various new pieces of hardware to falling back on trusted old friends (hardware I mean). And a bit of personal [...]

The AnyVape CVI eCig – A VV/VW Affordable eCigarette

AnyVape CVI eCig Review Note* as we went to press the AnyVape CVI eCigarette was still out-of-stock at MyVaporStore, the official supplier for Spinfuel Magazine. Expected to be back in stock any minute… like… now!... nope… wait…NOW!... nope. Oh well, it WILL be soon. So keep checking. I’ll admit that it was getting a little tougher for [...]

There Is No Conspiracy – Let The eCigarette Alarmists Have Their Day

Conspiracy?  eCigarette Alarmists Have Their Day As the calendar rolls on toward April and the unveiling of Big Brother’s decision on how to treat the only viable, in my mind anyway, alternative to tobacco illness and death gets closer, the frequency in which alarmist articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other Internet communication vehicles increase. It’s like [...]

AGA Rebuildable Atomizer Review

Review: Rebuildable Atomizer It was late, around 9 or so, I was sitting in my favorite chair, vaping my favorite setup and my favorite juice. A buddy and I are half watching a re-run of the good Doctor playing in the background while we surf the web and chat about nothing. The Dalek’s are at it [...]

The Vapor Girl – An eLiquid “Sequel” Review

The Vapor Girl – A Sequel eLiquid Review – Part One Introduction It’s been a few months since we first reviewed several flavors from The Vapor Girl. Because eLiquid companies are always trying out new flavors and tweaking others we are reaching back this year to some of the brands we reviewed last year in order to [...]

Special: Raise Awareness For Vaping Weekend

Vaping With Julia – Raise Vaping Awareness Weekend Begins NOW! Instead of the usual, and often boring, recap of my weekly vaping habits I’ve decided to use today’s Vaping with Julia column to announce the new program Spinfuel is launching today. I hope beyond hope that we can get many of you on board as we [...]