Delta Extrax
Earths Bounty EJuice
bludrop feature
First Look – Blue Drop eLiquid From Mountain Oak Vapors

Mountain Oak Vapors Blue Drop eLiquid Review I don’t do many eLiquid reviews because, well, I leave it to the pros. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team [...]

gen x interview feature
Gen-X Vapor Interview with Spinfuel Magazine

Interview - Leigh Mendoza and Jennifer Higgins of Gen.X Vapor SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking to talk to you for some [...]

gen x review feature
Gen-X eLiquid – All Over The Board

The Gen-X eLiquid Review – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review I first heard about Gen-X Vapor during a broadcast of “Down The Rabbit Hole” on VapeOn.Tv. The [...]

mov 2013 interview photos
The New Mountain Oak Vapors (eLiquids) Interview and Facility Photos!

Mountain Oak Vapors Steve Nair John Manzione, publisher of Spinfuel, sat down with Steve Nair, owner of Mountain Oak Vapors, to talk eLiquids, Mountain Oak Vapors, [...]

julia tobacco feature
What Would Big Tobacco Do With eCigarettes?

Big Tobacco and eCigarettes Just Don't Mix Something has been bothering me lately about Big Tobacco’s foray into the electronic cigarette industry. For the past three [...]

johnvaping feature1
What’s John Vaping? 3 Great eLiquid Flavors!

 3 Great eLiquid Flavors This Week I’ve been meaning to write this piece for more than a week and just haven’t had the time to do [...]

provari spinfuel feature
A New ProVape Provari APV Joins The Family

Provari - The Rolls Royce of Advanced Personal Vaporizers? Foreword Reading over our review of the ProVari mini from last June (here) I decided that rather than [...]

indefense feature
In Defense of the Cig-A-Like

Where Does The Cig-A-Like Belong Now? Vaping Is As Simple, Or As Complicated As You Want It To Be … And for some people it can [...]

vapingwith secretlocation
Vaping With Julia “In A Secret Location”

A Little Late Than Never What a week this was! But first, how was YOUR week? Seriously, I want to know. Come on, I tell you [...]

bakervapor sequel feature
Mt Baker Vapor eLiquid 16 eLiquid Flavors Sequel

The Mt Baker Vapor eLiquid Review – A Sequel Our first review of Mt Baker Vapor drew so much attention that a sequel was “greenlit” within [...]

whatsinaname feature 4
What’s In A Name? Everything!

What’s In A Name – APV, Mod, eCig, or What? Over the past year I’ve heard eCigarettes called many things, from Advanced Personal Vaporizer, or APV, [...]

VAMO eCig Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage, & Affordable

A Spinfuel Newsletter Exclusive! Right off the bat I could tell I was going to enjoy using the VAMO. It has the look of The Bolt, [...]

commentary feature
Shouldn’t The Economy Play A Role?

Why The Economy Should Be A Part of the Equation Just about every nation in the world has been in an economic funk for the past [...]

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The Sub 2.0 eCig Mod and V-Core 2

The Sub 2.0 Review By Keira Hartley  "The review below is the first review written soley by Keira Hartley. Keira has been a member Spinfuel Staff for [...]

trustvendors features
What Do You Really Know About eLiquid Vendors?

Think You Know Your eLiquid Vendor? There can be no doubt that Spinfuel has become a ‘go-to’ source for leading reviews on eLiquids, yet we’ve barely scratched [...]