Joyetech eVic 1.2 MVR Update Explained

Joyetech eVic APV Firmware Guide Joyetech just came out with their 1.2 Update for the Joyetech eVic and wow. It is now easily upgraded by downloading just the MVR software (firmware is built into it) – some features are 12hour clock- auto battery with vape cutoff, configure your battery, never go in standby, custom watts setting [...]

Hodge Podge – An Adventure in Vaping

Adventures In Vaping By the time I discovered the great vape from a bottom coil clearomizer, with a replaceable coilhead, I was neck deep in the fantastic STV Vivi Nova’s from Vision and I was in vaping heaven. Admittedly I’m big-time into the aesthetics of vaping, so I want my vaping gear to be attractive, sexy even, and very much not-at-all like a tobacco [...]

Are You Ashamed of Vaping?

Are You Ashamed Of Vaping? This is a serious question; Are you ashamed to be a Vaper? Think about your answer for a minute before you decide. After you’ve thought about it, after you’ve finished reading this perhaps, I would love it if you could post your answer below in the comments. You see, for many Vapers, [...]

Electronic Cigarettes Gets Banned In The United States. What To Do Now?

Cigarettes Today is August 21st, only a few days before the law that bans ALL forms of electronic cigarettes from the Continent. In fact, eCigarettes are not just banned. These clowns took eCigarettes, eLiquid, and every accessory made for them and made it a continental crime to sell or possess such things. The Continental President believes in [...]

Vaping with Julia – Nutin’ Much

Vaping This Week Wow, another week that just seemed to ZOOM by my vaping universe! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Not a lot to write about for this “Vaping with Julia” column, but I just can’t skip it you know? This month we were supposed to publish 4 to 6 eLiquid reviews but managed to publish [...]

Mountain Oak Vapors Begins eVic + eJuice Giveaway!

Beginning tonight at midnight (EDT), Mountain Oak Vapors, with Spinfuel, will begin its latest Giveaway, awarding a new Joyetech eVic and a 3-pck of eLiquids of your choice from the award-winning line of Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquids. Click Here for the official Entry Form. Mountain Oak Vapors wanted to celebrate a great year in the eLiquid industry, and what better way to do that [...]

The FDA, eCigarettes And The Waiting Game

Okay, we all know about the popularity of eCigarettes and how it’s exploding. That’s old news to you and me. Right now we are all waiting for the FDA to act, one way or the other. You have to wonder how many companies in our industry are freezing their planned growth, or stashing profits instead [...]

The Vaporetti Interview With Spinfuel Magazine

  Assistant Editor Julia Barnes recently spoke with Lisa Ciarlone of Vaporetti V-Drops to discuss several interesting issues concerning the modern eCigarette industry as well as several topics about Vaporetti V-Drops specifically. Below are the highlights of their discussion. Click the link if you have not yet read the Spinfuel Review,  SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. [...]

Spinfuel eLiquid Review: Vaporetti V-Drops

The last time we reviewed Vaporetti was last November when we reviewed the Vaporetto eCig. We wrote about the company’s mini-eCigarette called the Vaporetti-T. Read that review here. We liked the product and we felt it was a fine eCigarette, especially for times when you are vaping in public. The battery is strong enough, and long-lasting enough, to provide a [...]

Tom and John Vape The Totally Wicked e Cigars! (Video!)

Well, you know it had to happen. The disposable e cigar is here, for real this time, and Totally Wicked has them. Are they any good? How long do they last? How much do they cost? Lots of questions here, and lucky for you I have the answers. Well, Tom and I have the answers… [...]

Taking the Scary Out of Rebuildable Atomizers

Matt Wagner - Spinfuel Staff If you are brand new to the world of Rebuildable Atomizers I’m going to let you in on a secret. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. Okay? Ready? Rebuildable Atomizers are a lot easier to master than you might think. When you hear the term “rebuilding an atomizer” for the first the first time you probably [...]

Vaping With Julia – 1/11-1/17: “Treat others the way you want…”

Have I got some cool stuff for you this week!  The last time I stopped to look around it was Sunday. Then, as if some mysterious alien who has mastered time dilation had zapped my mind I’m looking at the clock on my computer and it’s Thursday evening! Where does the time go? In any case, [...]

The Interview With Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tammie and Doug of Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips. While scouring the Internet looking for a unique drip trip for my boss I happened across the Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips website and was immediately enamored with the beautiful pieces of art that were created for Vapers. Eventually I decided on one [...]

Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips – A Review… of Sorts

Are you a Vaper that believes drip tips cannot affect your vaping experience?  Do you think that any drip tip will do if it’s for use on the end of a cartomizer? Do you believe that fancy drip tips by Molehill Mountain Art are just a way to spice up your vaping hobby?  Drip Tips [...]

SmokenJoey Video Review! All White Cloud Starter Kits!

White Cloud Starter Kits A complete review of the White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette Variety Starter Kit- I review all batteries and provide, in-depth, a look at the cartridges,wh equipment and their powerful Cirrus 3X battery-  Check out the Video Vapor Test using their shotgun tips (vape 3 ecigs at once) – finally, I provide and [...]