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Earths Bounty EJuice
The Vapor Bitch e Juice Review

Vapor Bitch e Juice Review  Vapor Bitch is owned and operated by Geoff and Rich, two well educated, professional men who have turned their talents to creating [...]

(e-Liquid Reviews) – The Vapor Bitch INTERVIEW

Vapor Bitch e-Liquid Reviews & The Interview Julia Barnes, Asst. Editor, talked with Geoff and Rich over at Vapor Bitch. Here's the interview in its entirety. [...]

funwithchp4 feature1
Fun with e-Liquid Concentrates – Chapter 4 – Craftsman & Artists

A DIY e-Liquid Concentrates Adventure This week I was trying to decide if I should create videos for this column but after viewing dozens on YouTube [...]

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Spinfuel Visits Shangri-La (Mountain Oak Vapors)

By Julia Barnes, with Jason, John, and Lisa This morning the postman delivered a brand new Mountain Oak Vapors e-liquid flavor to the Spinfuel office. After spending a [...]

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Spinfuel Sings the Praises of Johnson Creek Autumn Crisp

Update: January 8th, 2013 - Spinfuel proudly announces that the Johnson Creek Autumn Crisp Smoke Juice has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award!   Read more about the Choice Awards here   Today, just a few hours ago [...]

The SmokTech ZMAX Review

A SmokeTech ZMAX Review Julia Spends 3 Days With A New VV/VW SMOKtech ZMAX from MyVaporStore Our friends at MyVaporStore sent over a new Smoktech ZMAX early last week [...]

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Spinfuel Sings the Praises of Johnson Creek Autumn Crisp

a Rafflecopter giveaway Read This Article For Full Details On The Giveaway How To Enter: This is the easy part; sign up and begin posting to the Discussion [...]

SpinfuelDiscussion Giveaway feature1
The Spinfuel Discussion Giveaway!

For 7 days we put up a poll asking our readers if they would want a full-blown forum on Spinfuel. Not to siphon off forum posters that [...]

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E-Liquid Artists – The Flavorists

E-Liquid Artists are the Flavorists! I know, I know, the definition of “flavorists” is someone that is trained to isolate and blend natural and artificial ingredients [...]

Fun With Concentrates – Eureka Moment & More

Fun with Concentrates Whenever we learn anything there comes a moment when it all clicks. Before that moment everything is a blur, too much information, too [...]

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The Rebuttal – V2 Cigs Responds To The Bull Smoke Piece

We present, without editorial, the complete rebuttal of our piece that ties V2 Cigs to Bull Smoke. Presented by V2 Cigs, which is owned by [...]

Vapor4Life Review – An Honest & In-Depth Review

Vapor4Life Review “If you’ve been considering jumping on the Vapor4Life bandwagon you just might want to read this review first.” –John Manzione - October 16, 2012 Review [...]

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Regal Cigs Scam: A Strange Turn of Events

The Regal Cigs Scam : Aftermath A few months ago Spinfuel published an article called “SCAM ALERT: Regal Cigs is another PRADA Cigs. (If you want to [...]

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Highbrow Vapor – The Interview with Bryan Peck

Spinfuel had the opportunity to ask Bryan Peck of Highbrow Vapor some questions about Highbrow, their company philosophy, importance of "going American", and other topics. [...]

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Highbrow Vapor Review

  Highbrow Vapor Review   Lead Writer: Jason Little, with Chelsey Laney About the Graphic: “Never assume that anyone will have the same sense of humor that you do!” [...]