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SPINFUEL: How long have you been creating eLiquids?

Victoria: I have been creating eLiquids since the end of 2011. I needed to create my own as I was having a difficult time finding liquids that I enjoyed using.

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Choice AwardsSPINFUEL: What was the first flavor you created?

Victoria: The first flavor EVER was sweet potato pie, a North Carolina favorite. Usually once people try it, the next time they order they get the 30 or 50ml, lol.

SPINFUEL: When did you decide to go into business?

Victoria: I knew I had to go into business at the beginning of 2012. There was nothing I could do. It wasn’t a decision. It was just part of me. I loved vaping & creating juices so much that the business was just an extension of that love and enthusiasm. There have been only 2 other “decisions” I’ve had to make in my life that were akin to beginning The Vapor Girl. One was marrying my husband. The second was decidingto have children.

SPINFUEL: Why did you decide to get launch your own line of eJuice?

Victoria: I had complete confidence that my juices were better than everyone else’s! I had tried every brand and always was disappointed about something having to do with it, including price, haha. So I had to share them with everyone else.

Being an artist, it’s the same to me as creating my paintings and sculptures. There is the passion to create something, and you HAVE to do it. But then, who wants to just sit around and look at your own artwork all day long? You want to get it out there into the world so other people can enjoy it, too! AND the other thing important to me was price. I am interested in making things affordable for people.

When people buy my stuff, it makes them happy. And when they are happy, they are much less likely to go back and smoke cigarettes! So I’m assisting them with extending their life, and I feel really good about that. I’m the type that never could have worked at a cigarette factory, or even married someone who did. I truly believe in Karma.

SPINFUEL: did someone or some thing inspire you when you decided to go pro?

Victoria: There was a certain man (who is an eCig/juice vendor) who told me that with my enthusiasm and love for vaping that I should go into business myself. And yes, I formally thanked him!

SPINFUEL: Do you have any resellers stocking your eJuice?

Victoria:  That’s what I would love to do next. Yes, certainly hope to do that next. Finally created a fabulous label and have beautiful new bottles, so I feel confident that everything is ready to be at that next level.

SPINFUEL: American made eJuice is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Why do you think American Made e-Juice is so important today?

Victoria: Well, first of all it tastes better! My juices are created with nicotine from tobacco grown down the road right here in the south, in my own state! I mean, how much better can you do? We are all pretty much stuck having to get most of our hardware from China. And I really have enjoyed working with my Chinese friends to get deals on batteries & cartos & stuff. I feel like MY world has expanded exponentially. They are very similar to us here in their ambition and interest in the world. So I’m happy for that. But I’m also really proud to make all American made liquids. I like the thought that I personally am helping to employ North Carolinians to grow tobacco and extract nicotine from the plants. Our poverty rate is nothing to be cheerful about, but The Vapor Girl is helping with our local economy. Just gives me goose bumps to think about it.

SPINFUEL: How do you decide on which flavors you’ll attempt to create?

Victoria:  Inspiration strikes in many ways. One of the biggest has been with my coffee flavors, which were primarily inspired from my trips to France, Spain and Italy. I’ve taken students and parents on trips to Europe, and coffee always seems to be a big part of the different cultures, thus I’ve recreated a bunch of them. Also just things my boys like, for example the Strawberry Pop Tart I came up with thru collaboration between my youngest son and myself. I’ve had customers ask for things, like that is where the Buttery Nipple came from. My customer told me he was dying to see what my version would taste like! So I couldn’t let him down, could I? At first, I really disliked all tobacco flaves. Just couldn’t understand what was good about them. But I had one dear friend at a forum that kept on pressing me to try thru PM’s. Got to the point where I was just like OK! WHATEVER! I’ll TRY! And RY4 W was born. Then I kept expanding, and continue to expand, the tobacco line. I’m very proud of them. There are so many twists and turns and nuances to put into them they are absolutely delightful! I cannot sell things I don’t love. How could anyone even do that? So every flavor has to be fab-u-lous, something I’m in love with or else I do not sell it, period. So I guess you can say I really enjoy a challenge, it’s almost like a dare!

SPINFUEL: How long does it take to go from an idea to the final product?

Victoria:  It could take one night, really. Or a month. Sometimes I have an idea, like the Cherry Limeade was a customer suggestion. Well I didn’t even have a cherry flavoring at the time that was palatable! So I had to purchase cherry from like every flavor vendor to find a yummy one (most taste like cough syrup- what’s up with that? Why would people even SELL that?) Then I had to test which lime in my collection went with it best. Then I had to figure out what other nuances would help expand the flavorings, to make it deeper. Then figure out the proportions. Then test test test. Have my husband test. Have the boys tell me how they think it smells. Try it in different liquid delivery systems. Sometimes I get stuck and put it away and take it out after a couple weeks. And the best times are when I’m truly inspired and the recipe comes to me thru some divine intervention! Those are the recipes that are like 12 flavorings, haha.

SPINFUEL: Do you use any ‘beta’ testers when you are creating a new flavor?

Victoria:  Not really, besides my husband. My boys are too young for me to get them to try, and they don’t really want to anyway!

SPINFUEL: Can you tell us a little about your background?

Victoria: Professionally, I’ve got 3 degrees in Fine Art, a Master of Fine Arts, I’ve been teaching 23 years high school and college, and I’ve got my National Board Certification. I’ve had my art in dozens of National and International Juried exhibitions.

SPINFUEL: Safety is a huge factor today, especially in the eJuice trade. Tell our readers what kind of measures you take to make sure that your e-juice is safe to consume?

Victoria:  It’s understandable. We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes keeping things clean/sterile, preventing cross contamination, using only medical grade glass bottles for storage, etc.

SPINFUEL: How important is it to use pharmaceutical grade PG, VG? Do you use distilled water? Are there any “filler liquids” in your juice?

Victoria: It never occurred to me to NOT use pharmaceutical grade PG and VG. Fillers? I didn’t even know people would use fillers. What would be the point? Our juices are made ONLY with PG, VG, Nicotine, flavor and love.

SPINFUEL: Is your nicotine also American made?

Victoria: Yes, from North Carolina tobacco!

SPINFUEL: Where do you source your ingredients? Locally, online, US only?

Victoria:  US only.

SPINFUEL: How can you make sure that your flavors are always consistent, that each batch delivers the same flavor and nicotine levels?

Victoria: I always use the same suppliers and of course I mix all my own liquids. But most of all, I vape my own liquids, being a vaping girl myself.

SPINFUEL: How many flavors do you offer today? Which are your favorites?

Victoria: Oh my goodness, I see websites sometimes with the slogan “32 flavors and growing!” It never occurred to me to count them. I think it’s over 60 flavors, but I get inspired to add new flavors all the time. I really don’t keep count.

SPINFUEL: Why should our readers buy their e-Juice from you?

Victoria: My prices are competitive, but my quality is premium. Generally I ship within 24 hours of getting an order (often the same day), so an order from the other side of the nation in Los Angeles gets there in about 3 days – that’s important to people using an addictive product! We use American made nicotine, which, in my opinion, is far superior to the nicotine one can get from China. An added benefit from ordering from The Vapor Girl is that we offer custom nicotine strength, so at no added cost one can order no nicotine or higher strength nicotine liquids.

SPINFUEL: Where does the future take The Vapor Girl?

Victoria: It’s so hard to say. The business has taken off faster than my wildest dreams. I never thought I’d be moving so much product in so short a time. I’m not sure if I will remain online only or move to a brick and mortar store. I barely have time to think about between investigating new products, taking care of my loyal customers, creating new flavors, mixing juices, and packing/shipping to my customers as quickly as I can.

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