Why I Vape Smoke Frii


Why I vape Smoke Frii

I suppose there are many reasons why people choose the eCigarettes they do. After all, taste is subjective. So when it came time for me to ditch the nasty and dangerous analog cigarettes I tried as many brands as I could afford before deciding on the best eCig out there. That brand is Smoke Frii.

Perhaps a bit of the back-story is in order so that you get a better understanding about why I switched to eCigs in the first place, and what led me to Smoke Frii.

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Smoke Frii Starter KitDeidre, my girlfriend, is responsible for saving my life. Seriously. We met about a year ago, in Boston, waiting to take the silly Duck Boat Tour. One look and I was in love, so I managed to inch my way up to where she was in the line. When I got there I made an excuse to talk to her, I dropped my phone next to her and asked her to move aside slightly so I could pick it up. We started talking and by the time we got to the front of the line we were planning our first date.

The night of our first date I drove to pick her up at her Dorm in downtown Boston. She was a student at Berklee College of Music (Piano), and like God was smiling on me or something, there was a parking space right on the street next to the door that led into the building that served as dorms upstairs and classrooms downstairs. I showed my ID to the woman guarding the elevator and she called up to let her know that I was here. Minutes later she came down and we walked together toward my car.

Disaster Strikes

When we walked to the car I opened the door to let her get in and as soon as the door was open she blurted out; “God, it stinks in here. You SMOKE!”

And there it was. She couldn’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke. She quit smoking 8 months before we met and she was going through that “cigarette smoke makes me gag” stage. If you’ve quit smoking you know what I mean.

Deidre didn’t want to call off the date, she was an ex-smoker so she understood smokers, and she just couldn’t sit in a car that had an occupant who had been smoking in it less than 15 minutes ago. I was so embarrassed and humiliated I offered to leave, but she insisted it was okay and that we should just walk to a restaurant near by called Woody’s Grill on Hemenway. (They make the best wood-fired pizza in town!) So we locked the car and I meekly walked with her to Woody’s. I never felt so guilty about smoking.

When we sat down at a table by the window she turned the discussion we were having to the subject of smoking and why she quit. Deidre told me that she loved the act of smoking, especially while she was out on the town, in clubs. She also enjoyed smoking while relaxing on a cold winter night, sipping some sweet liquor like Grand Marnier, something about the cognac flavors and rich tobacco smoke that made a perfect combination when its cold and windy and you’re inside all warm and fuzzy. I could tell she missed it and here I was, someone that still smokes and I was stirring the memories of the ‘good’ times with tobacco. I felt terrible and I told her that I would die if she picked up the habit again. That night I didn’t smoke a single cigarette until I got home. (It was…difficult.)

Fast Forward

Deidre and I became a couple in less than a month. When she wasn’t in school and I wasn’t at work we were always together. I met her friends and she met mine, and everything was coming together like it was destiny finally filling in the pieces.  I still smoked but I kept it to myself and never bought it up.

On a Friday night we were at a party, sitting together on a sofa watching another couple play Gears of War. Some guy walked over and sat down. He was smoking an electronic cigarette. Deidre and I were about to get up and move, or tell him to move if he was going to smoke (I forgot which it was). But a minute or two later we both remarked about the fact that we couldn’t smell the smoke. That being the case, I asked the guy what he was smoking and why we couldn’t smell tobacco.

The eCigarette Surprise

I don’t know if this guy sold eCigarettes for a living or what, but he knew everything about eCigs and extolled the virtues of vapor over smoke, and all the rest that we have come to know as the positives for eCigarettes. No tar, no second-hand smoke, no carcinogens, and so forth. I didn’t say much after that but I was thinking. “If I can smoke electronic cigarettes I might be able to smoke in front of Deidre.” The next day I surfed the web and learned as much as I could about eCigarettes.

Buying Spree

I’m not a rich person, in fact when you consider my debt in student loans I’ll never be rich. But I was spending almost $350 a month on cigarettes so I figured if I funneled some of that money toward buying a few different brands of eCigs it would be worth it. After deciding that this was a viable way to go I ordered three starter kits. One of them was from the Smoke Frii website.

I tried all three for a couple days each. Since each kit came with a pack of cartridges I had plenty of “cigarettes” to discover whether I like the brand, or if in fact whether I like eCigarettes at all. It didn’t take long to discover that the whole eCig thing was definitely the right way to go. All three brands were good, yet all three were very different from each other. In looks, and in taste they were unique in their own ways.

About Last Night

About a week after switching to eCigarettes Deidre and I were together, in my apartment, cooking dinner. She remarked that my place no longer had that “smokers smell” that she knew all too well. I figured that was a perfect moment to pull out my most recent brand, Smoke Frii, to show her what I was up to.

The first thing she did when she saw me take a drag from my eCig was to say, “Let me try!!!” Unfortunately it was a high nicotine cartridge and she took a big drag and it nearly knocked her over. “Oh My God!” were the words she managed to get out after a big cough. “That was great! Let me try it again!”

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