What Is It With The UK and Exploding E-cigs?

It seems that the majority of reports of exploding e-cigarettes or batteries come from the UK. Yesterday we had the story of the man that was pretty seriously injured by a battery exploding and cutting his legs looking like he had been shot. (Vaper Injured By Exploding Battery) Today I’ve come across two more stories:


3 rescued from York blaze – e-cig may be to blame. 

This story was published by The Press in York.

THREE people have been rescued after a kitchen fire at their York home – probably caused by an e-cigarette which was charging.

The trio, who were all taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, may have been saved by a smoke alarm at the property in Oldman Court, Foxwood.

“The cause after some initial fire investigation, but still to be ratified, is believed to have been that it started due to one or two e-cigarettes, recently purchased, which were charging in the kitchen at the time.”


Another story was published by ITV News London:

E-cigarette explodes in primary school and sets fire to caretaker’s office

An e-cigarette exploded at a primary school in south London today, setting fire to the caretaker’s office. Investigators believe the e-cigarette was being charged using a computer and the wrong type of adapter.

Around 320 staff and students were forced to evacuate the building at around 9:45 this morning on Wyvil Road in Lambeth. No-one was injured.


Is it a case of faulty equipment, lack of training the customer, or just people not caring how they charge or use their PVs?