Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review


Smokenjoey @ Spinfuel Reviews the Vapor Zeus by Vapor4LifeHey folks, Smokenjoey here and today I have a special, half-hour video, for Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus! I am impressed with the Vapor Zeus and I think you will be too.
It is a powerful and simple-to-use e-cigarette that will, at first shock you because it looks so big (the 1300mAh version). The Vapor Zeus is an electronic cigarette that can provide hours of vaping with a single charge. It also features a soft-touch Vapor Zeus  finish and comes in both automatic and dual-mode styles. The Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery is activated when you inhale, as the usual automatics do.  The Dual Mode version has an additional, and exclusive feature. It allows the user to switch between automatic and manual with the touch of a button.
Both styles can be used as a stand-alone Battery, or as a passthrough when hooked up to your computer, wall charger or car charger.
Kit Includes
  • Vapor Zeus Dual Mode-Black-Extra Large   +$8.00 
  • Vapor King Slim Wall USB Adapter – Black   
  • Smileomizer-Black-Small   
  • Vapor Zeus USB Charging Cable  
  • Cuban Cigar Nobacco Juice (30ml) 18mg