Hurricane Vapor’s New Belgium Simmered Tobacco E-liquid Review by Tom McBride


From Spinfuel By Tom McBride: Hurricane Vapor’s New Belgium Simmered Tobacco E-liquid Reviewed

E-liquidI find a certain amount of joy, or fun at least, in vaping tobacco eLiquids. Not because they taste like cigarettes, most do not, but because they do taste like rich, expensive tobacco that would otherwise cost fistfuls of money to experience them in tobacco products like Cuban cigars, or English pipe tobaccos. To be able to vape these amazing flavors with near impunity and practically for pennies is the best reason I know for taking up vaping. Well, other than freeing oneself from the cancer causing effects of the actual evil plant. If I could not vape great tobacco flavored juice than vaping would become a very boring part of my life.

Not that I am vaping tobacco flavors 100% of time these days, I’ve come to appreciate other flavors of eLiquids as well. But for me vaping will always be best when I am enjoying a beautiful and satisfying tobacco blend. I have been doing just that for the past week.

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