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VAMO Rev 5 by KSD – A Review?

Generously-providec-mvsThe first time we wrote about the VAMO electronic cigarette was when it reached Rev 2, and I was duly impressed with it, to a point, and for a while… Then Tom dropped it and shattered the small plastic/glass cover over the LED readout display. From that moment on I was no longer impressed.

Tom used it for a while, it worked okay, despite the fact that he couldn’t see the settings, but any admiration I might have had for it ended. Soon Tom tossed it in his Vape Drawer and has since moved on to bigger and better devices, including a ProVari and most recently an iTaste 134.

Sometime later we received the VAMO Rev 3. This one had swirly grooves running from the top to the bottom, and had a cheap chrome-like finish. It was so cheap looking we tossed it in the supply closet and forgot about it. after a while we got around to reviewing it, but we took our time. The reason we did review it later on was partially because it was a light month for reviews on hardware. Still, no matter what, Tom stayed loyal to the VAMO. His reviews were always truthful, as he saw it, and the VAMO has always been a decent VV/VW device, so he did a good job with the review.

Enter VAMO 5

When MyVaporStore (the official vape gear supplier for Spinfuel eMagazine) sent a VAMO Rev 5 for review a couple of weeks ago I was actually surprised. It’s been out for a while, and it’s not an APV we had any real interest in reviewing sine Tom went on his sabbatical. After doing a little research on the VAMO 5 I could see that we needed to review it, for no other reason than to revisit this ‘franchise’ of a brand, but more importantly, to find out how much, if any, it had improved.

Now, I am a ‘general optimist’ when it comes to the ecigarette industry, so I was genuinely  hoping to see a much-improved VAMO. To jump from a Rev 3 to the Rev 5, well, there had to be several improvements, right?

As it turned out, a VAMO is a VAMO, so I made the decision to use it for a couple of weeks, off and on, and then sit down and write a review.

VAMO 5 – A New Day

VAMO Contents: VAMO V5 does not Include Batteries or Clearomizers, just the device in a light brown box. There is an instruction manual, but absolutely no indication of the company that makes it. None. Nada. Zilch.

Seeing as how there is more than one company making the VAMO, I wondered how this VAMO was considered a Rev 5? The only writing on the actual VAMO body is the letters “CE”, which means Conformité Européenne. Those two letters may make things easier to sell in the EU and the US, but I have no idea what it really means. Oh, it also has the RoHS stamp on it as well. I have seen a lot of SMOK products come in in the same light brown box, including the SMOK Galileo we recently reviewed from Vaporetti. so it took a little hunting to find out which company had made the one we were reviewing.


We learned the company that makes this particular VAMO Rev 5 is KSD. We tracked it down by Googling the phrase on the box “VAMO Enjoy smoking anywhere at anytime”, and sending an email to MyVaporStore and flat out asking them. But, KEBO and Smoktek also make a VAMO.

When I was a teenager China was a police state, and it was a rare when a piece of video was successfully smuggled out of the country. Everyone wore Mao suits in China, it was definitely a scary place to see on the evening news as a young kid. Today just about every single item we all own has a “made in China” stamp on the bottom. Yet, even with these huge changes in the country I find it difficult to believe that there is very little regard for intellectual property rights, and copyright infringement in the Chinese culture, on everything they make, isn’t a big deal. So I suppose that finding put that more than one company puts out a VAMO shouldn’t surprise us.

VAMO Rev 5 by KSD – A Review?

The VAMO 3 that we received last year was packaged exactly the same way, light brown box, same wording, the whole thing. Yet I have no idea what company made that one. Comparing the two though it’s easy to see that the Rev 3 looks and feels like a knockoff. 

I dug the Rev 3 out of the stockroom a few days after the VAMO 5 arrived and compared them. While they looked the same, except that the new one was stainless steel and had no grooves carved into it, and much heftier than the Rev 3, it (the Rev 5) feels a lot better in my hand. It feels better balanced and even the display glass fits more flush to metal tube (though not perfectly flush), and the threads on the metal tubes don’t squeak like they do on the Rev 3. The VAMO 5 seems to be a much-improved product.

Here at the specs listed for this VAMO Rev 5

Variable voltage / wattage
It has the VAMO Rev 2 Body with a Rev 3 PCB + removable top “beauty” ring. 

It has a removable tube so that you can use an 18650 battery, or an 18350 battery. It’s stackable with two 18350’s, but you didn’t hear that from me. I’d never advise that. Batteries can be flattop or nipple-top.
The voltage ranges from 3.0V to 6.0V, in .1-increments.
You can test Atomizer’s resistance, and display voltage.
Atomizers with resistances of 1.5~5.0ohm
can be used.
It has a protected battery feature and voltage/wattage ‘power’ ranges from 3W—15W, in increments of .5w

It’s a 510-thread connector
but can handle eGo threads a well. Removing the beauty ring allows the eGo connection to get more air. It works pretty well with Aspire and X.Jet clearomizers with the ring off. With it left on the clearomizers choke off and it take a mighty drag to get a halfway decent vape. I don’t advise it, remove the well.
It features only RMS (so they say, but that’s not exactly true. Just hold down the right button for a few seconds and up pops ‘Average Mean’ setting.)  
…5-click off/on…
Finally, it is protected against a short out by shutting itself down.
Differences between the Rev 5 and previous models (made by whoever) are few. The “beauty” ring has a larger opening for wider clearomizers. There may be differences in the drop off voltage or other things I didn’t test for, but from a end users point of view there aren’t many things that seems to have changed.

Real World and Gut Feelings

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