The AnyVape CVI eCig – A VV/VW Affordable eCigarette

The AnyVape CVI eCig – A VV/VW Affordable eCigarette

Julia Barnes

Note* as we went to press the AnyVape CVI eCigarette was still out-of-stock at MyVaporStore, the official supplier for Spinfuel Magazine. Expected to be back in stock any minute… like… now!… nope… wait…NOW!… nope. Oh well, it WILL be soon. So keep checking.

I’ll admit that it was getting a little tougher for me to review new hardware, especially eCigarette batteries, because once you find what works for you, the comparisons start being made, fairly or unfairly. And besides, I find it a lot more fun to review American Made, premium eLiquids these days. To me, a battery and a tank/Clearo/carto are just a means to vaporize delicious eJuice. I can get more excited over a great new flavor of eJuice than a new battery.

AnyVape CVI eCigarette

As far as I’m concerned, my Red Brass ZMAX Rev 2 is all I need for a satisfying vape. It’s a good size device with some heft to it, the engineering is superb, and it just looks awesome. So, when I use something else I compare it to my ZMAX, and when I use something during a review period I a habit of doing the same thing. That can be ‘unhelpful’ when preparing an even-handed and fair review. I try to minimize the effects, but some of it seeps through regardless.

When my good buddy Jon from MyVaporStore (Spinfuel’s Official Supplier of Vaping Goodies) sent over the new AnyVape CVI by AnyVape Inc. about 3 or 4 weeks ago now it was during the height of my comparison issues. By the time I had finished the review period I had come out of it with a newfound respect for new products that continue to roll out, all with very similar features. Every eCigarette battery is different, and they satisfy different needs or wants for the individual consumer. Some are better than others, certainly, but most do the job these days. Now it’s more about what you want in an eCigarette battery rather than what you can afford.


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  1. KC

    Awesome review! I know you don’t like to do comparisons, but if you were forced to do one, how would this stack up against the evic head-to-head (minus the firmware updates)? I am looking for a good setup, and I’m really torn between the evic, the iTaste SVD, and the Anytime CVI. I would like all three, but of course if I could afford them I wouldn’t be asking about a comparison. :)

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Hmm, I’d have to go with the iTaste if I want the best battery, the eVic for the most sophisticated circuitry, and the Anytime CVI for simplicity and a good vape. The new SMOKTech SID is $46 (myvaporstore) and I place it above the Anytime CVI, so take a look at our review from yesterday, then visit myvaporstore for a another look. The SID is the result of the marriage of a ZMAX and a CVI, this is their child ;-) – Jason


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