SCAM ALERT –Smoke Smart – Dallas Texas

SCAM ALERT –Smoke Smart – Dallas Texas

We have never been more outraged then when your News Blog editor pointed out this ugly scam just yesterday. Smoke Smart, out of Dallas Texas, is a company that EVERYONE needs to know about. We are asking each of you to do your part in helping spread the word about the outrageous prices being charged by this unscrupulous company. Whether you send people to this article or just inform anyone interested in switching to e-cigarettes about Smart Smoke, and others we’ve about, it doesn’t matter. What do matter are the words  Smoke  Smart+ SCAM saturates every search engine, everywhere. Smart Smoke has an online ordering website and are sold in Malls across America, in Kiosks and other places.Smart Smoke sells a $12 eGo Battery for $250!

Where’s the Scam?

Unlike other SCAM ALERTS Spinfuel has published in these pages, Smoke Smart scams their customers NOT though auto-ship scams, but with the most outrageous pricing scams we’ve ever seen. Here are just some examples:

A: ONE Battery Starter Kit – $149.99

B: ONE 10ML bottle of eLiquid $49.99

C: ONE eGo battery + Clearomizer – $249.99

 The e-Liquid SCAM

Not only are the e-Liquid prices so criminally overpriced, Smart Smoke “claims”:

 “It takes approximately 3-4 drops to refill a cartridge, so you get to refill up to 60 cartridges with one bottle of our E-Liquid. It takes approximately 8-10 drops to refill a Cartomizers, so you can refill up to 25 Cartomizers with one bottle of our E-Liquid.” – Click Here

 Make A Difference

 Smoke Smart employs a “Contact Us” page on their website. Let them know that you are on to their insane pricing scams and that you are going to spread the word far and wide in order to inform as many people as you can. Click Here For Their Contact Form

 Last Word

Smart Smoke e-Cigarettes sells a 10ML bottle of e-Liquid for FIFTY BUCKS! In this industry it can be difficult for new vapers or current smokers to weed through the scams from the likes of Smoke Smart, Regal, Saphire, LiftVapor, XO, Emerald LUX, and others, to find companies that offer quality products at reasonable prices. Companies like  Smoke Smart harm every decent e-cigarette company every time someone hands over $150 for a $20 starter kit (retail prices), or $250 for a $15 eGo battery. Business practices from the likes of companies such as Smart Smoke reflect badly on every vendor, and the only way to stop Smart Smoke and others is to make sure that anyone performing a search on the Internet will be pointed to articles like this one.


Our message to Smoke Smart: “How you sleep at night is something we’ll never understand. Selling your cheap Chinese made e-Liquid for 800% more than decent companies is a moral crime, taking $249.99 for a ONE eGo battery kit that should sell for no more than $19.99, or $149.99 for ONE battery cig-a-like kit may bring in a few dollars over the short run, but the amount of bad karma you are collecting over the long run will be so enormous that you will never be able to repay. Smart Smoke, and everyone involved in this immoral operation, is an example of modern-day sneak-oil charlatans. What you should feel is “shame”, but that’s probably a feeling you’ve never known.


Tom McBride and Jason Little


About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. PeteC2

    Smoke Smart OR Smart Smoke are rip off companies, so no big woof to me either way. Obviously Smoke Smart is simply stunning in their audacity to charge prices only someone who is totally unconcious of what is on the market.

    However, Smart Smoke is at best marginally better, only because their prices are simply terrible versus horrendous. Smart Smoke claims that their 650mah eGo battery lasts for 14 hours! A common claim for 900mah batteries is between 8 – 9 hours…maybe 4 to 6 hours on a 650mah batt, so it is ironic that Smoke Smart is only ripping off another rip off company.

  2. Mike

    These are the same products at kiosks in our local DFW malls. Same prices too. Last time I saw one there were some pretty young teenagers hanging around vaping away while the kiosk vendor was proudly coaching them on.

  3. Teri Doster

    I love your e-mag but you need to fact check your articles… you keep mentioning “Smart Smoke” which is NOT a scam company charging outrageous prices. The company to which you are referring is “Smoke Smart” (no doubt the name was chosen to confuse consumers between the two)

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      No, you are absolutely correct. We’ve changed the name to the correct name, SMOKE SMART. I do not have any excuse other than trying to get it published too quickly. It was a stupid mistake, although an easy one for “me” to make. Smoke Smart, Smoke Smart… easy to confuse, and it shouldn’t be. If Julia were here she would have caught the error. Apologies go out the anyone and everyone confused by the switch up of the two words. Although, to be fair to everyone involved, SMART Smoke isn’t nearly as bad, but $39.99 for a 1-battery starter kit, and $26 for 10 cartomizers is awfully expensive. Check out to see what I mean. Come on, any 1-battery starter kit should not sell for $40, $2.6 per cartomizer is certainly batter than $12, but it’s still too much. Still, sorry about screwing the name up. – John Manzione

      1. Teri Doster

        I get it… easy to confuse the two. As I said I dont think it was an accident that their name so closely resembles the other. And yes, they’re a bit expensive but not outrageously so (not much more than a lot of the “reputable” sites out there). Also, I have to say that I’ve never tried their products (get most of my hardware from V4L & ejuice from PinkSpot) I just tried to search for them after getting the e-mail scam alert from you guys… & after a little surfing, realized the mistake and didn’t want Smart Smoke’s business to suffer.

  4. KC

    This is an absolute shame that companies do stuff like this! I hope they fold quickly, before anyone actually gets taken for their money by this company.

    I promise to do my part to inform everyone I know to spread the word about this horrible company!

  5. Mark Mitchell

    Considering the slavic sounding name of the owner of the site it is entirely possible that Smart Smoke is a Russian mob money laundering outfit. If that is way off base then I apologize to the owner but a money laundering operation of some sort is not an unreasonable supposition given the stratospheric prices they are charging. Of course the owner may merely be a price-gouging scumbag but that’s only the tiniest step up from actual criminal intent.


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