Review: Innokin iTaste 134 Mini


Innokin iTaste 134 MINI and iClear X.I

A hand’s on review of the brand new Innokin iTaste 134 Mini.

I can only describe the last 24 hours as one of the most enjoyable periods of personal vaping that I’ve experienced in a long, long time. The Innokin iTaste 134 Mini arrived here at Spinfuel eMagazine HQ just before the Chinese Spring Festival kicked in and I have been using it exclusively since yesterday morning. There is much to say about this new iTaste, so hang on…


When the UPS truck showed up yesterday we all knew what was coming, we’ve been tracking it since last Thursday. Needless to say, I personally was excited to see it since I have been a huge fan of the iTaste 134 “proper” (full size) devices since their release.

Opening the external shipping box I was surprised that the overall size was somewhat smaller than the 134 proper. Rumors spoke to the metal box being the same size, but its not, as you can see by the photos. Not that I minded, I didn’t. In fact, that Innokin manufactured a new box for it instead of recycling the old one spoke to the dedication these guys have to the iTaste 134 family.

The metal box is wrapped in bubble wrap, so I removed the wrap to reveal the black box and lifted the latch. With the box open I’m presented with a drastically smaller iTaste 134 snuggled in the cutouts of the faux-micro-suede-like material. There is the small, 18350-sized tube sitting at the top of the box, underneath is the 18500-sized tube attached to the iTaste 134 Mini “head”, and sitting above and the left of that is the brand new iClear X.I. Along with the hardware comes the thick manual (made thick by the multiple languages), a business card size quick start guide, and multi-language battery disposal/warning sheet. These are all resting atop of the hardware.The Innokin iTaste 134 MINI and iClear X.I is Here!

Quick Start

I opened the box at my desk and grabbed the nearest battery within my reach, which happened to be an 18350 nipple-top. Since the iTaste 134 Mini can utilize both flattop and nipple top like it’s larger cousin I unscrewed the 18500 tube from the head, screwed on the smaller 18350 tube, inserted the battery, and screwed the bottom cap back on. I clicked the now-ubiquitous fire button that generates the green/yellow/red lights 3 times and the iTaste 134 Mini cycled through the lights. The battery was fully charged, so there was nothing stopping me now. I was about to do me some vapin’.

The new Pyrex glass iClear X.I is, without a doubt, a major leap forward in the iClear line. Looking at the fine etchings on the stainless steel, large letters spelling out iClear X.I and smaller letters spelling out “Taste it, Love it”, followed by the entire iClear filled with tiny square blocks etched into the steel, it looked light-years ahead aesthetically. The dual coils are 2.1ohms, but it can handle coil resistance as low as 1.2ohms.  The iClear X.I holds just over 3ML of juice. It’s a bottom-filler, so you just need to unscrew the bottom, lift it out, refill, screw it back on and continue vaping.

The iClear X.I is thinner than the other iClear 30’s. It matches the thinness of the 134 Mini perfectly. Well, I should say the beauty ring width, not the actual 134 Mini tubes or head, which are just a little thicker than the beauty ring.

The stainless steel drip tip slips into the top of the cap, equipped with a nice wide O-Ring that secures the drip tip. I am easily able to lift the entire device by the drip tip without it coming out, but when I shook it a bit to see just how secure the tip was it did come out. I certainly don’t think of that as a negative though.

Normally I dislike metal drip tips, and while I’m not ready to say that I “loved” this one, the fact is I’m not annoyed with it like I am with so many other metal drip tips. For one thing, the drip tip is not chrome; it’s a matte finish stainless steel. Not brushed, not chrome, but not completely smooth either…a matte finish is the only way to describe it and as such it doesn’t bother me. The one I have here is not a rotatable drip tip, but a rotatable one will be available very soon.


Since I’ve been vaping nothing but The Plume Room Angel Sauce for almost 3 weeks straight now I decided to try something different in the iClear X.I. I wanted something I could vape all day, like the Angel Sauce, but something very different from Angel Sauce so I chose Rocket Fuel Vapes Country Bumpkin. It was a great choice too because the flavor and vapor with the juice was about as good as I’ve ever had. When vaped at 8.5w it was excellent, cranking it up to 10.5w was even better, and going up one more stop to 11w was the sweet spot for this Country Bumpkin and me.  At 11w the vapor warmed up some, not a lot but some, and the flavor was just about perfect.  I

The Innokin iTaste 134 MINI and iClear X.I is Here! The Tubes

I love the fact that Innokin didn’t try to make the iTaste 134 Mini a telescopic device. Yea, it might be a bit of pain to completely change tubes when you want to change batteries, but it just looks so much better, so much more complete, with dedicated metal tubes.

After vaping the 18350 battery until it needed recharging, about 3-4 hours, I switched out to an 18500. Once I recharged the 18350 I placed it back into the smaller tube so whenever I want to switch back it’s already there. I’ll do the same with 18500 as well.

With the 18350 installed the iTaste 134 Mini is small. The battery tube itself, with its black plating and chrome spokes is shorter than the 134 Mini ‘head + iClear X.I.’

Just in case you missed the previous “preview” pieces we did on the iTaste 134 Mini before this one arrived I’ll go over the specs again at the end of the review.

The Beauty Ring and 134 Head

Although the 134 Mini is touted as a 510-connector device you can use a normal eGo clearomizer. Unscrew the notched beauty ring and screw on the clearomizer and vape away. I found the draw to be much stiffer than using the iClear X.I, but it does vape. For people looking for a stiff drawer they’ll love it.

The ring itself is rather deep, so catching any errant juice that might leak out (doubtful at this point, but you never know) is an easy job for it.

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