The Refuge eLiquid Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – The Refuge

This review spans 3 pages….

We would like to dedicate this review to Dori Vapinski, our newest eLiquid review contributor. It was her descriptions of The Refuge eliquids that got Dave’s attention, who then told me, and I then contacted The Refuge to see if they might be interested in a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review. They were, and this is that review.

The Refuge is, I suppose, a boutique line of eLiquids. However, for a premium eliquid line, and they are indeed a premium line, their prices are surprisingly low. I’ll get to those prices shortly. Their Signature line is what we will be reviewing today. Well, ten out of 14 eliquids anyway.


For the most part, The Refuge Signature line is a 50:50 PG:VG formula. There are a couple of eliquids that are 60:40, but for the sake of simplicity you can think of them as a 50:50 line. This 50:50 formula provides plenty of flavor and more than enough vapor production. There isn’t a single flavor that we found to be too weak.

Price & Size

The Refuge Signature line is sold in 15ML and 30ML glass bottles with attractive and informative labels. $10 will buy you a 15ML bottle and a 30ML bottle will set you back just $14.50. For the quality of these eliquids that is very low indeed.

Common Characteristics

Very little really. They are all full-flavored, but that’s just about it. Some are marvelous all-day-vapes while others are superb vapes that won’t quite take you through the whole day. Then again, that is true of any brand, some flavors just cannot deliver all day, nor should they.

The flavor spectrum range from a luscious custard to a light tropical to a smooth creamy strawberry. They seem to have most of the base categories covered with excellent recipes.


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The Review

CustardFusionCustard FusionA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Creamy Vanilla Custard Fused together with just the right amount of butterscotch.” – The Refuge

Julia: 5 Stars – The first time I vaped Custard Fusion I almost swooned. That is the best word to describe it, swooned. It was the perfect custard flavor, floating in my mouth, sinking down into my taste buds and lighting up the pleasure center of my brain all at once. Indescribably delicious, and that “just right” touch of butterscotch gives it that special touch of greatness. A must have eliquid. Very much apart of my rotation.Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavensih - Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom: 5 Stars – Definitely one of the best custard flavors I’ve had this year. While I do enjoy a custard or a vanilla vape a few times a week it was never something I couldn’t do without. After Custard Fusion I may have to reconsider that position. Rich, flavorful, luscious, and very satisfying. A must try eliquid for any custard lover.

Keira: 5 Stars – I loved this one from the first drag, but there was something about it that seemed different from other fantastic custards I have in my collection. I couldn’t quite figure it out until the second day, when I vaped it within minutes of waking up. It was then that the butterscotch was instantly recognizable. An inspiring choice, and a wonderful eliquid. Added to my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars – I’m not a huge fan of these flavors, custard, vanilla, butterscotch, and other heavy flavors. I vape them, and I enjoy them, but they can never be an all-day-vape for the same reason they are heavy flavors. I admit though that as far as a custard vape goes, this is one of my favorites. If you like custard flavors this is one you simply must try.

bartlett bayBartlett Pear – “A nice refreshing creamy Pear with Tropical background notes!” – The Refuge

Julia: 5.0 Stars – If there was any chance for me to award Bartlett Pear more than 4 Stars it had best deliver on the “creamy” component. To me, most pear flavors don’t make ‘great’ eliquids, so adding some creaminess to the mix sounded like a great idea… if it worked.

Well, it worked and it worked awesomely. With this eliquid profile you will get a big dose of ripe pear layered with a strong layer of sweet cream, and tropical notes on the exhale, exactly as described. Wonderful vapor, light throat hit, but one hell of an all-day-vape. A new addition to my rotation.

Tom: 4.25 Stars – The creamy pear components worked well. The inhale is full of sweet pear and creamy notes and the only thing preventing me from going to the 5 star level was that distinct tropical component on the exhale. For me that ruined the experience. The tropical notes work against the sweet pear and confuses the flavor profile. Nice vapor, plenty of flavor, and they should definitely offer a tropical-free Bartlett pear juice.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – First, this is an all-day-vape exactly how an all-day-vape should be. Enough flavor to take you through the day, but light enough that it won’t bog you down at the end of the day. The flavor holds up nicely, and the vapor production is excellent. So, why not 5 Stars? The non-sweet tropical notes at the end, that’s why. I think the tropical notes are not necessary here, and it takes away from the luscious pear/cream combo. If you like tropical flavors enough, and if you love pear, this is a eliquid you will love.

Jason: 5 Stars – If I’ve vaped a creamy pear during the past 3 years I don’t remember it. So I am giving you my impression of a flavor profile I’ve never had before. Creamy pear…is…amazing. I loved it. Bartlett Pear is an all-day-vape that touches on all flavor elements. The sweet cream flavor, the sweet ripe red pear flavor, and a nice touch of tropical flavors at the end, this one delivers. I couldn’t ask for a better pear-flavored all-day-vape. If you like pears you’ll love this one, except if tropical flavors creep you out, then the exhale will ruin it for you. For me it was fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

2Die4 The Refuge eLiquid2 Die 4 – “Remember your Grandma’s Apple Pie? A Thick and Ooey Gooey cinnamon filling piled high into a Flaky homemade piecrust. That’s what I’m talking about, its “2 DIE 4” – The Refuge

Julia: 4.5 Stars – My advice when vaping 2 Die 4 is to make doubly sure that you are not vaping it before the coils or wicks have had ample time to saturate. Vaping it too early will yield very little flavor, though lots of vapor. It is only after allowing the coils/wicks/whatever to soak it up completely does this eliquid give up the lusciousness of apple pie with hints of cinnamon.

Tom: 4.25 Stars –I went ahead an loaded up an Aspire Atlantis, .5-ohm coil, on my ZNA up to 28w. Up there in those levels the flavor comes through like a train. When using a 1.8-ohm clearomizer 2 Die 4 became a much milder all-day-vape, losing much of the cinnamon jolt and playing down the piecrust flavor. It’s a good eliquid, but it takes some power to give up the goose.

Keira: – 4.0 Stars – Okay, so maybe this isn’t a heavily flavored apple pie, but that doesn’t take away the excellent vapor clouds and the ability to be an all-day-vape. The description, “A Thick and Ooey Gooey cinnamon filling piled high into a Flaky homemade piecrust” is simply not accurate unless you let the coils soak in the stuff for a couple of hours, and then give it a good 3-second pre-burn. I’m giving it 4 stars because I enjoyed the vape, taking 1 star away because it takes a good long while to get there.

Jason: 4.0 Stars – If the end result is supposed to be an all-day-vape than The Refuge succeeded. If the result was supposed to be a luscious apple pie then it did not. In every way that you would want an all-day-vape to be, just enough flavor, plenty of vapor, 2 Die 4 is something you might want to try. You won’t be smothered in apple pie, but you will enjoy an apple pie flavor all throughout the day.

PuplePupuleA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Warm Toasted Almonds, Smothered in a Sweet Vanilla, Swirled around a few decadent secrets, but is sure to be a nice and mellow treat for you palette…The Refuge

Julia: 5 Stars – You see a name like Pupule and you might think like I did; a grape flavor. I mean, come on, Pu-r-ple, grape, right? But, it is anything but grape. What it is… is magnificent. The best all-day-vape in the lineup, this one is so different, yet so amazing, that you will wonder why this flavor profile hasn’t been done before. Toasted Almonds, vanilla, and some other tidbits, combine to create a wonderful vape with plenty of vapor and more than enough flavor to warrant the Spinfuel Choice Award.Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavensih - Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom: 5 Stars – I made a big mistake the first 30 minutes of my first session with Pupule. I switched out from Coffee Café to Pupule without any time in between, so the flavor was muddied up with coffee and vanilla with almonds. Not a good combo. So I stopped for a while and came back to it with freshly brushed teeth. There it was, a sweet almond milk flavor that engulfed my taste buds with a warm evening glow. Think vanilla ice cream with crushed almonds and you have it. Wonderful. Vapor was amazing too. Not sure I’ll add this to my rotation, but as of now I would never turn down a tankful of this stuff.

Keira: 5 Stars – Ultimately I had to wonder at this point how many of these eliquids would see the Choice Award. Pupule was last on my list, and I had only vaped a couple I didn’t love, so it was time for another miss, but that didn’t happen. Pupule is a sweet vanilla vape wrapped in toasted almonds and it is such a pleasing flavor that I kept vaping it for the rest of the day. Plenty of vapor clouds, plenty of flavor, Pupule is now in my rotation under “sweet all-day-vapes”.

Jason: 5 Stars – I never thought that I could enjoy a flavor like this. Pupule is both sweet and rich, and light and delicate. Rich enough to be very satisfying, yet light enough to vape all day. When I vape eliquids like this one I tend to take really deep, long drags, and that’s what I did here. Then I put it in a Kayfun and that was that. I vaped it till the cows came home, and still wanted more. Don’t misunderstand me, the flavor is unlike anything I’ve had before, almonds and vanilla are two flavors you don’t see together much, but it works…almost too well.

LuLushsh – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Is a Sweet and Creamy Banana Vape, Layered on a bed of Graham Crackers and Drizzled with Caramel Goodness! ‘LUSH’ should be on any banana lover’s ‘must try list’.” – The Refuge

Julia: 5 Stars – Lush matches the description exactly. A truly magnificent banana and graham cracker vape with caramel notes in exacting proportions. Tons of flavor, awesome vapor production. A new favorite and definitely a part of my rotation. A must have for banana lovers.Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavensih - Spinfuel Choice Award