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If you are interested in knowing all about this thing called vaping, or if you recently started vaping, but you’re not quite sure you have it figured out, this page is for you… New Vapers.  Spinfuel VAPE has been publishing vape-related content since February 1st, 2012, and with more than 5000 articles published here, we’ve about covered it all.  

Keep in mind when you read the articles below… when we began our own vaping adventure we were as new to it as you are now, or were. All of us has learned what you’ll learn from the articles in this section.

What we’ve learned over the years could fill volumes because our team spends all day every day reviewing vape gear and eJuice, but who has time to read volumes of information about every aspect of vaping? For you, our “New Vapers“, we’ve created this multi-part ‘mini-site’ within Spinfuel VAPE to equip you with enough information so that you can begin your journey into vaping with enough knowledge to avoid most mistakes.  You will notice many other “guides” in Spinfuel VAPE as well, and when the time is right, once you get the basics down and you’re confident in the idea of vaping and you’ve escaped the death grip of tobacco’s hold on you, there are plenty of other topics for you to read read about. This is a journey, a valuable one, one we hope to present in a logical, easy to follow manner. ELEMENT VAPE - 5- STAR VENDOR


Below is our 7-part Guide for New Vapers, each topic can be accessed by clicking the corresponding buttons below. Our Guide for New Vapers is set up in a way that will guide you through all the information you will need to become an experienced Vaper.

When you discover what devices, eJuice, and nicotine strength that works for you then you will forever leave Tobacco Products behind you. You won’t need them anymore. Your health will begin to improve within weeks. Your sense of “taste” will return to the levels you had before you began smoking tobacco. Best of all, you won’t smell of stale tobacco.

First, we begin with a thorough explanation of vaping, what it is, and more. Next we discuss ‘vape gear’, and just about everything you will need to understand the types of box mods, batteries, vape pends, pod mods, ultra-portables and All-In-One, or AIO devices.

In the next section we discuss atomizers, Sub-Ohm Tanks, Rebuildables, otherwise known as RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs and even MTL, or Mouth-to-Lung tanks. There is a lot to know about atomizers, so read this section with care. Afterwards, we will move into Batteries, and how they are used for various hardware, how to handle them safely, which types you need, and we explain what to look for and what to avoid.

Lastly, we’ll tell you about e-liquid, what is used to make it, and why that is important to know. Not all e-liquids are the same, and in this section you’ll understand why. Our final section takes what you learned about e-liquid, and then guides you, as New Vapers with certain suggestions on how to discover which e liquids you might want to try first.  You will learn how to get the most out of your e liquid budget because e-liquid is a consumable, a part of vaping that you will always spend money on. It is  vital to choose the right type of e-liquid to successfully step away from Tobacco Products for good. As New Vapers your journey should begin here. Bookmark this opening page and revisit it as much as you need to. Pass it along to others that might want to become new vapers.

Some of Our Recent Articles

Reviews, commentaries, tutorials, guides, and even videos... this is the mix of original content we publish here in Spinfuel eMagazine. We even publish excerpts of the latest news that concerns the vaping community. Browse around, pick and choose an article or two that interests you. There is a lot here, explore and enjoy. The articles below are chosen at random, each time you visit this page new (or old) content will appear. We like keeping it interesting. - Team Spinfuel

JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??
JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??

Hey, did you hear the one about JUUL Pods have higher nicotine levels than other Pod Mods and e-Liquids? Duh. Sure did. Why do you [...]

Second-Guessing? Trump Rethinks the Flavor Ban on Vaping
Second-Guessing? Trump Rethinks the Flavor Ban

Another Flavor Ban News Bit - We can only hope that the current administration will consider science and reason as it rethinks its vaping ban. [...]

Apple will be removing all Vaping related Apps from their App Store
Apple to Remove all Vaping Apps from the App Store

In another seemingly kneejerk reaction to the illnesses caused by illicit THC cartridges,  Apple is removing any vape related apps from the App Store. Now, not [...]

Vape Crackdowns Makes Things Worse, says Teen
Vape Crackdowns Makes Things Worse, says Teen

"Crackdowns don't work" - With the Trump administration seemingly inching closer to a decision of the direction of their vaping regulations or restrictions, an 18-year-old [...]

Cannabis Control Commissioner Takes a Wait N See
Cannabis Control Commissioner Takes a Wait N See

In Massachusetts, the commission (CCC) that regulates medical marijuana is at odds with lawmakers that have banned vape products.  They worry that the ban will [...]

Medical Marijuana Patients Need Not Be Victims Of Vaping Bans
Marijuana Patients Need Not Be Victims Of Bans

Medical Marijuana - A ban on vaping products in various states (caused by the sell of illicit THC products) will deprive Medical Marijuana patients of using an [...]

Oregon Flavor Ban on Hold (for now)
Oregon Flavor Ban on Hold (for now)

An Oregon court has ordered that the ban on flavored vaping products be put on hold. Now, before we get excited an start celebrating, let's [...]

Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers' Cars Feature Image
Massachusetts (may) Authorize Forfeiture of Vapers’ Cars

Lose My Car?  A bill was approved in the Massachusetts House that has unbelievable consequences to vapers in that state. Okay, see, this is a perfect [...]

Utah Doctors Can Offer Medical Marijuana ... But...
Utah Doctors Can Offer Medical Marijuana … But…

After medical marijuana laws are passed many patients find out it is not easy or inexpensive to get a doctor’s signature to qualify them for [...]

President Trump May Offer Good News to Vapers
President Trump May Offer Good News to Vapers

The Trump administration appears to have backed away from a September statement calling for a ban of flavors giving some relief to already struggling vape shop [...]

Thanksgiving Giveaway – Nov 15 – Nov 27 2019

The Thanksgiving Giveaway In celebration of Thanksgiving, and a welcome respite from a long slogging battle against anti-vaping powers that be that fought tooth and nail [...]

Vape Shops are Fighting Back Against Vaping Bans
Vape Shops are Fighting Back Against Vaping Bans

Many cities and counties across the country are considering vaping bans and even shutting down vape shops. Vape shops and their customers are mounting a fight [...]