Mr. Good Vape eLiquid Review


My first impression of Mr. Good Vape’s lineup, when I received them, was, “These are all dessert flavors.” And that really is what you need to know up front. Mr. Good Vape doesn’t (yet) offer any hardcore tobaccos. Now, at first, that was something of a disappointment to me. You’ve probably discovered, by now, that I’m a big tobacco aficionado.

And yet, my vaping palate has been slowly but surely expanded, over the years, by vendors like Heather’s Heavenly Vapes, Hurricane Vapor, The Plume Room, The Vapor Chef, and The Vapor Girl, to be more inclusive and more amenable toward dessert vapes. Well, dessert is a lot of what Mr. Good Vape offers, and long story short, they do dessert really well.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

A testing note: As I usually do, I tested each of these eLiquids in a variety of PV and APV combinations for the purpose of eliminating characteristics peculiar to any particular piece of hardware from the testing results. Testing hardware included the Johnson Creek Vea PV platform with both JC Vea cartomizers and JC Vea “Canteen” clearomizers, the Halo Triton and its associated clearomizers, the Innokin iTaste VTR, the VAMO V3, the Innokin Cool Fire II, and the Tesla. ADs used included the Innokin iClear 30B, Innokin iClear 30S, Kanger Aero Tank, Kanger Mini Protank II, and an assortment of cartomizers from Kanger and SMOKTech. If your personal hardware exceeds the performance profile of any of this hardware, your experience of Mr. Good Vape’s liquids may vary.

In keeping with their nickname of “the Godfather of vapes”, Mr. Good Vape made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Come along and find out just what it is they have to offer, won’t you?


Introduction and Testing Hardware

I’d like to take a moment, before we dive into the liquids themselves, to offer this prefatory note: Mr. Good Vape’s presentation places it squarely in the “every day workhorse” tier of eLiquids. However, the quality of the liquids themselves, of the flavor components and blending, puts them at the very high end of that “workhorse” tier. They’re not quite premium or “artisanal” like Plume Room or Five Pawns, but they’re bumping their head on the ceiling of the “every day,” and I could see a breakout flavor or three reaching into that premium level. These are very good liquids.

Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewThe other half of my prefatory note, and the reason for my saying the preceding, is that these liquids are very nearly good to go right out of the mail. I always advise a minimum of 24 hours for steeping, but Mr. Good Vape’s liquids are so well blended and so high quality that you can get by with them even before that 24 hours of steeping has elapsed. That tells me that these are some very fine liquids.

The hardware I personally used for testing these liquids consisted of the SMOKTech Magneto 2 powering SMOKTech single-coil 510 cartomizers and Kanger 510 XL cartomizers.

All right, now. Onward!



The bottling on Mr. Good Vape’s liquids is professional and yet at the same time notably light-hearted, even a little tongue-in-cheek. While future regulatory requirements have been taken fully into account with appropriate information such as nicotine strength, nicotine content warning regarding pets and children, and even lot number, the graphics and typeface are notably whimsical in nature, with the “Little Caesar’s” -esque mascot icon.

The bottles themselves are constructed of clear glass, with an “eye dropper” style applicator for ease of filling, and shrink-wrapped cap collars. Overall, the presentation speaks to a solid “workhorse” -tier liquid, which is just what Mr. Good Vape delivers.


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewBahama Mama

Mr. Good Vape says, Other wise knows (sic) as Mr. Good Vapes wife due to her sweet and delicate profile of summertime blends comprised of Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Candy Colada and Cream. This flavor will have you hooked from the second you open the bottle. The flavor is tropical, refreshing and has a nostalgic and enjoyable summertime vibe. Bahama Mama, one you don’t want to let pass by, don’t disrespect the Godfathers lady and order yours today! / VG 60% – PG 40%


In appearance, “Bahama Mama” is a deep brass in color. The nose comes through with a strength of coconut and banana. The vapor output, thanks to the PG/VG ratio of 40/60 favoring VG, is dense and full-bodied even from devices like the Johnson Creek Vea and the Halo Triton, and this particular liquid imparts a scent in the vapor that is both potent and long-lasting, but with zero tobacco notes, you should be fine vaping this around nonsmokers.

At 18mg strength, the throat hit is wonderfully strong, yet not harsh in the least. But the flavor is where this liquid really shines.

The flavor is full and vivid, and Mr. Good Vape’s description is spot-on; no un-earned hype happening in that description whatsoever. I taste coconut and banana on the inhale, with pineapple speaking up loud and clear on the exhale. This is a wonderful vape, all told, and I will say without hesitation that I will be adding it to my rotation, particularly coming this summer.  4.5 stars


Dabble Dooyah

Mr. Good Vape says, Made for the modern day sweet tooth! A Vape to not only satisfy, but rule your Vaping kingdom. This combination is warm dutch apple pie melted into two types of exotic slow churned vanillas with a dabble doo of cinnamon drizzled in in caramel. A mouth watering delectable treat by the Godfather of Vaping, Mr. Good Vape. Made with MGV Science and over 6 months in the making we are sure this will be a staple amongst the Vaping community for many years to come! / VG 50% PG 50%


2014-ChoiceAward-GoodVapeIf I had to describe this liquid with one word, it would be, “Decadent.” The richness and sweetness you get from the nose when you break the shrink-wrap seal on the collar and open the bottle for the very first time is just amazing. Give it a week for steeping and it takes that ‘amazing’ and kicks it up to a whole new level.

In the bottle, this liquid is a deep rust in hue. Look-through and rotational tests show clear body with movement that is responsive but not thin, owing to the 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

Similarly stemming from that ratio is the visible vapor output, which is more than satisfying even from the Triton, but simply immense from the Kanger Aero Tank. (Side note: this was the only Mr. Good Vapes liquid I tested in the Aero Tank; I’ll explain why momentarily.)

The throat hit is surprisingly strong, yet smooth, for a 50/50 blend. One thing of note with the throat hit — at lower voltage/wattage settings, you’ll find yourself taking a longer inhale than you might with other liquids; it takes a moment — a very pleasant moment, though — to get the same throat hit from Dabble Dooyah than you may be used to from other liquids. In its defense, however, the throat hit isn’t absent and then suddenly present. It builds in a steady linear effect. Somehow that seems new, to me, but I really like it.

The flavor of Dabble Dooyah is just what the description from Mr. Good Vape promise, just what the nose teases with, and this is why I mentioned that I haven’t finished a full Kanger Aero Tank of it in order to use the KAT to test the other liquids:

The flavor on this is so rich that it’s not something I can chain-vape, any more than I could sit down and eat an entire Dutch Apple pie in one sitting. It’s delicious, don’t misread me on that — best Dutch Apple pie I’ve ever tasted. It’s just that more than about 5 drags at a go is too much, and those five drags leave me satisfied for over an hour. This is definitely a liquid I’ll be getting more of. 5 Stars.



Mr. Good Vape says, Dreamsicle is a light, fun refreshing and nostalgic all day vape that mimics the old ice cream 50/50 bars. Loaded with Tangerines and Bavarian Cream and more, this is a treat for any palette. If you like tangy and creamy flavors, this is a must try by “The Godfather of Vaping”. / VG 70% – PG 30%


Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape ReviewThe slightly higher VG blend of Dreamsicle gave it some marked performance differences from 50/50 blends like Dabble Dooyah or the 60/40 Heaven’s Candy. A deep but vivid orange body is revealed in the look through test, and the rotational test shows thick but even layering fully in keeping with the high VG content.

The nose here is orange and cream, markedly heavy on the cream, placing the tart, sweet orange deep in the back seat. Visible vapor output is thick and billowy even from the single-coil SMOKTech carto, with flavor carriage in the vapor extremely minimum.

This is where the high VG content sets the vape up for some drawbacks, in my opinion, however. Satisfying throat hit is something I just don’t get with only one drag. It takes the accumulated throat hit from 2 or 3 drags of this liquid to really satisfy.

Flavor is another area where this liquid suffers a little, in my opinion. The flavor is very, very nice — it just isn’t as present as it is in other liquids in this line. I’m a flavor hound, so for me, that just doesn’t work out. 3.0 stars.


Heaven’s Candy

Mr. Good Vape says, A tribute to the Gods, a delectable blend of Apple Candy, Sweet Plums and two types of sugary grapes with a hint of cotton candy, we are proud to offer up this gift to the world as it truly is a work of art and rolls off your tongue with Apple on the inhale, Plum in the body and grape on the exhale. Heavens Candy is another all day vape from the Godfather of Vaping and sure to be a favorite in your collection of premium juices. / PG 60% – VG 40%


This liquid has a lot going on, flavor-wise. But let me not get the cart ahead of the horse here. To begin with, on the appearance front, Heavens Candy is a light greenish-gold; being a thinner concentration than most of its siblings, the rotational test shows it to be light and nimble with a minimum of layering that shows, as with the others, excellent consistency.Spinfuel eMagazine Mr Good Vape Review

The nose on this is where we discover that this liquid is more than a little “busy.” In fact, without the description as a guidebook, I don’t think I could have identified all the component flavors that I’m picking up here. The cotton candy is the standout element, with the Apple and Grape coming in very, very distant second and third, respectively. I didn’t detect the Plum at all.

Visible vapor is plentiful though, unsurprisingly, not as dense as the higher-VG liquids in this line. Flavor carriage is present and lingers, but not for long, and lends a sweet and mild phantom as it fades. Again, as with the nose, it’s that cotton candy note that people notice.