Mountain Oak Vapors Three Plus One e-Liquid Review

Mountain Oak Vapors Reviewed


There aren’t many Vapers in the USA who haven’t heard of Mountain Oak Vapors… despite the fact that they have been around just a little over one year. Our very first review of MOV (Mountain Oak Vapors) was published during our 1st Annual July is eJuice Month. MOV had launched the business a mere 3 months prior to that, in April of 2012. The amount of growth MOV has seen, and the stellar reputation it has achieved is staggering, and the direct result of Steve Nair and his remarkable creativity and talent for creating eJuice Vaping public, and the wonderful team of people that are dedicated to making Mountain Oak Vapors the best it can be.

In just 15 months Mountain Oak Vapors has expanded its number of eLiquids, is reaching exponentially more retailers across the country, ramped up its wholesale division, launched a very successful retail store in Tennessee, and constructed a new state of the art production facility (featured earlier this year in Spinfuel eMagazine) that is capable of producing much more premium quality eJuice than ever before, including a line of NET (naturally extracted tobacco) eJuice. MOV even performs the extracting themselves for a tighter control on the quality and consistency of their NET line of eLiquids. “Successful” doesn’t begin to describe the last 15 months.

Now, in what looked at first to be a somewhat risky move, Mountain Oak Vapors has begun the development of a “High VG” line of eLiquids that has been a major success in a very short time. Is there any doubt that MOV is always on the move, marching to a beat of their own drum, and setting milestone after milestone, as it becomes a leader in the eLiquid industry?

Natural High VG

Explaining the High VG concept in the usual low-key manner, here is how MOV describes their new line of eJuice; “A New line of Reduced PG E-Liquid flavors that contain Natural & Organic flavorings as well as Artificial Flavorings. While the specific ratio of the Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin is not disclosed, we can say that all of these recipes contain at least 60% Vegetable Glycerin or higher and while some recipes may contain artificial flavors, they all contain natural flavors as well. Those products which are 100% Natural/Organic will be labeled as such, and those which simply contain natural flavors in conjunction with artificial flavors will be noted as well.”

Is that a sexy description or what? Where in that description does MOV talk about the amazing flavors of a high VG blend, or the wonderful amount of vapor production in a high VG recipe, or even the multiple layers of complexity that is so pleasing to a Vapers palate? If its one thing Mountain Oak Vapors lacks it the talent for hyperbole. Yet, despite the low-key mannerisms these new eJuice blends are already creating quite the buzz in the vape community, as they should.

Six and Counting – As of today there are six (6) High VG eLiquids available at Mountain Oak Vapors.  Unfortunately we are reviewing just three of the six, plus the eLiquid ‘Caramela’. Hopefully in the very near future we’ll bring you a review of the remaining High VG blends, as well as the remaining eLiquids by MOV that we have yet to review.

The Four

This review, our last in our 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month, will look at the following eLiquids:

  • Grape Medley – High VG
  • Chai Tea Latte – High VG
  • Vanilla Dream – High VG
  • Caramela – Dark Temptations

Not Fair?Chai Tea Latte and Caramela have already been reviewed by our editor-in-chair. This begs the question; “Is it fair to review these flavors again?”… Naturally we think its fair or we wouldn’t do it, but it does require a bit of an explanation.

Our editor-in-chief really loved both of these flavors. He loves them enough that he’s been buying them over and over again, especially the Chai Tea Latte, but he alone does not have the power to award the two flavors with the Spinfuel Choice Award, that can only happen when 5 of us score an eLiquid with the maximum 5 Stars. Because our editor thought they were so good and deserved to be recognized by Spinfuel as a Choice Award we decided that they should go before the review panel and “get its day in court”.

The Review

Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Mountain Oak Vapors Grape Medley – is described by MOV as – “Grape Medley™ is a mingling of subtle yet delicious fruit flavors with a definitive grape punch. With a somewhat sour (and pleasing) after note, this E-Liquid is sure to tickle the taste buds and please the senses. Grape Medley™ is another great addition to our Natural High VG Blends.

This E-Liquid is clear and contains no artificial coloring additives. It has a light grape aroma” – MOV

Our Team Says:

Characteristics: Grape Medley is a delicious vape with more than enough vapor production and a decent throat hit for a high VG recipe. Starkly different from the Mountain Oak Vapors signature flavor profile, it is a grape lover’s ‘dream come true’. Still, it is the first eLiquid we’ve reviewed from MOV that that strayed from the MOV profile. It is the first eLiquid we could not instantly recognize as an MOV eLiquid.

Julia: 4 Stars – Grape Medley is a very grape-centric eJuice despite the presence of other fruits in the mix. On the sweet side, it tastes more like grape jelly than grapes picked from the vine. To me, that’s a good thing.

I enjoyed Grape Medley quite a bit, though not enough to make it an all day vape. The reason has to do more with grape flavors than the quality of this eJuice. This is a naturally sweet juice with full-flavor richness and plenty of vapor. For people that like grape eLiquids this is going to be one of the best you’ve had. It’s High VG ratio works extremely well for this flavor by softening the grape-y tones and making it a gentle full-flavored vape.

Keira: 5 Stars – Grape eJuice has been a secret pleasure of mine for some time now and when I learned of Grape Medley I had to try it. The MOV High VG line is off to a delicious start already and Grape Medley only continues the streak of delicious offerings. It is sweeter than most real grapes I’ve had, both green and red grapes, so in that sense Julia is correct by saying it is closer to grape jelly than grapes from the vine. It lacks the ‘tart’ taste you can get with natural grapes and even some grape eJuices that try to be as authentic as can be to a natural grape. This is better, much better, than any other grape eJuice I’ve tried probably because of the ‘other’ fruits that have been added for complexity. For Vapers that enjoy grape flavors this is a must-try flavor.

Jason: 4 Stars – There is a lot to enjoy with Grape Medley. A sweet grape blend, Grape Medley is all about flavor. So richly infused with naturally sweet grapes and other mysterious fruits that it is hard to put down once you get a nice vape going. One confusing remark by MOV though; they say there is a ‘sour’ ‘after note’ that I could not detect. Grape Medley was sweet grapes from start to finish. I don’t think I would have liked it as much with a ‘sour’ finish. A lot of vapor produced from this high VG recipe and a more than enough throat hit at 18mg nicotine. Surprisingly flavorful, Grape Medley is a ‘grape Vapers dream come true.

Cynthia: 5 Stars – I would have easily awarded Grape Medley a Choice Award had it been up to me. This is the best grape flavor yet, and one that fills your taste buds up with the sweet taste of purple grapes (I’m guessing). I was lucky enough to vape Grape Medley for hours and hours and I could have gone on for several more hours had I not had to give in and switch to another (great) flavor. Other grape eLiquids I’ve tried in the past were not mixed with other fruits and therefore lacked a bit of the magnificent amount of vapor this one puts out. In addition, Grape Medley gives you a nice mid-afternoon, early evening complex flavor that perks you up. It’s a lively flavor profile, one that makes me smile while vaping it.

Janet: 4 Stars – Grape Medley is one of the smoothest grape vapes I’ve ever had, and this one is about the 6th or 7th grape eLiquid I’ve had in the past year or so. While other grape vapes have some form of gimmick, like a grape fizzy soda or grape sweet and sour candy, Grape Medley was a naturally sweet and rich, an almost soothing grape flavor. I know that sounds weird, a ‘soothing’ grape flavor, but that’s the best way to describe it. It invited me to vape more, to allow me to absorb the flavors, and to exhale the vast amount of vapor. It wasn’t a hard-hitting grape flavor, it was a lovely grape flavor mixed with hints of other fruits that cut the intensity of pure grapes from start to finish. I loved it. I’m not sure why I’m giving it 4 stars when it scored so well. My gut tells me it’s a 4, but a very high 4.

Grape Medley – 4 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 4 = 22/5 = 4.4 Stars

Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Mountain Oak Vapors Chai Tea Latte (Spinfuel Choice Award) is described as… “Chai Tea Latte™ is a smooth & delicious blend of Chai Tea, Cinnamon Spice and creamy vanilla flavors that will satisfy your taste bud’s cravings. This flavor contains a high percentage of Vegetable Glycerin, and also contains over 50% all natural flavorings. If you’re a fan of traditional Chai Tea Latte’s then you cannot pass this one up, as the taste is simply spot on!” – MOV

Our Team Says:

Characteristics: ‘Chai Latte Tea’, the liquid you drink, is a spiced tea that is mixed with sweet milk and subtle bits of a cinnamon. It is both creamy sweet and slightly spicy. You either love it or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be much room for “eh, it’s okay”. It is, to us anyway, one of the best flavors one can experience with a cup of tea. Mountain Oak Vapors did a spectacular job of capturing a real Chai Latte Tea in vapor form.

Julia: 5 Stars – Oh how I can still hear John talk about how amazing Chai Tea Latte is. Never have I seen him so over the top when it came to an eLiquid before. I’ve seen him come close with many other eLiquids before, but this was different, he was more obsessive about it. Naturally, I expected to like it because I too enjoy Chai Tea, but I didn’t know if I would “love” it as much as he did. To my surprise, and delight, I did and still do love MOV’s Chai Tea Latte.