Totally Wicked e-Liquid K1 DC RCS Review

Totally Wicked e-Liquid K1 DC RCS Review

Unfortunately we don’t often have the opportunity to review products by Totally Wicked eLiquid nearly as much as we’d like to, but when we do its usually something we like. This K1 DC RCS review is the first TW review we’ve done this year.

If it hadn’t been for my wife’s interest in using the “pink” colored Tornado eGo-C Twist we reviewed almost a year ago (http:///2012/08/totally-wickeds-tornado-ego-c-twist-compact-kit/) I doubt this review would ever have been written. It’s happens like that sometimes, kismet* or something. I don’t know, but I do know my wife is enjoying the pink Tornado battery with a K1 DC RCS sitting on top. Because of that, we present the official Spinfuel review for this splendid clearomizer tank.



We (Spinfuel) never write reviews unless we’ve actually lived with, and used, the product for a while. It’s simply not possible to spend an hour or a day with something, anything, and whip up a review immediately thereafter.  Let’s face it, if you or people that work with you are not using the products you talk about and/or write about all you’re really doing is regurgitating someone’s press release or imitating a product page on a web site, or worse, repaying a debt or attempting to win favor. When you disregard or disrespect your readers (or viewers) in this manner you lose all credibility with them, your peers, and, if you’re a good person deep inside, you lose credibility with yourself.  We love what we do, but as the great Meat Loaf* would say, “I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that.”




This review should have been written by my wife since she is the one that spent 95% of the time with both the battery and the tank combo over these past few weeks, but because she doesn’t enjoy the writing process I watched her, asked her questions daily, and got her to open up about the real reason she was using an eGo battery and a clearomizer tank when she could use anything she wanted, whether we already had it or if we needed to purchase it. I found her answers interesting, and I’ve weaved them into this review.


The K1 Dual Coil Replacement Coil System


The K1 clearomizer tank has a capacity of about 3.5ml. Filling the tank is a simple matter of unscrewing the top of the tank and using an eyedropper or syringe (no real reason to the syringe though) and filling it. Screw the top back on, let the wicks soak up some liquid and then vape.


There are two aspects of the K1 tank that are most striking. One is the built-in plinth* that gives a nicely tapered look of the tank and battery, and the other is the monster sized (to me anyway) atomizer coil. More on these in a moment. The plinth and the coils add some weight to the tank, as does the rugged top cap and the thick plastic tube, but it still feels nicely balanced. Both of these ‘features’ of the K1 tank make it one of the more unique tanks in the Totally Wicked eLiquid line up.


Dual Coil


When you purchase the K1 tank kit ($17.99) you get:


1x K1 DC RCS body


                  1x K1 DC RCS mouthpiece


                  3x spare 1.5 ohm atomizer coils


The dual coil atomizer is rated at 1.5ohm. This low resistance helps the tank output a wicked amount of vapor and provides a nice throat hit even with moderate levels of both PG and nicotine.  (Keep in mind that the lower the ‘resistance’ the more energy from the battery is allowed to heat up the coils and vaporize the eLiquid.) Dual low resistance coils can kick butt easier than standard resistance, but it also affects the battery life…a bit.


Because the kit comes with 3 DC coils we’ve not yet had to reorder replacements ($7.99 for 3 coils), but I did want to mention that the only resistance you can buy for the K1 is the 1.5ohm coils.


I mentioned the size of the atomizer above, and it’s worth mentioning again. Keep in mind that this is a dual coil atomizer, so both sets of coils have to be housed in a single replaceable unit. But the first time I saw it I immediately imagined a time when my buddies were building these massive engines for their cars and during the ‘drop in’ period it always appeared to me that there was just no way they were going to fit that monster-sized engine into the car. But they always did, and afterward the engine was hidden under the hood of the car but the power could be felt just sitting inside. Best of all, you knew that punching the gas pedal was going to leave everyone around you in the dust. A feeling of power washes over you as you give the car a little gas and the rumbling sound gets everyone’s attention… you feel powerful.


The same thoughts and feelings, albeit in a very tiny version, occur when you first see and later replace one of these dual coil atomizers under the ‘hood’ of the clearomizer tank.  Using a variable voltage battery to give this tank just the right amount of power is going to provide you with a vape that feels like you’re going to leave your fellow vapers in a cloud of …vapor. (My wife has owned a series of Dodge Stealth’s over the years and when we talked about the tank this was the analogy she thought of.)




No where on Totally Wicked website is there any information on the type of plastic being used as the tube, so I can’t say that it will handle any e-liquid you want to throw at it. All I can see on the TW site is limited information on the RCS-V3 product page where they state that the plastic tube is resistant to discoloration and cracking. I can’t imagine Totally Wicked using not using something similar or better for the K1 DC RCS, especially since the dual coils are going to burn hotter than normal.


Real World Usage


The real world experience using the K1 tank for a couple of week comes from my wife Lisa. Here’s what I was able to glean from our various discussions.


• The vape from using the Tornado eGo-C Twist was excellent. A nice clean taste was had from the e-Liquids she used, and a tremendous amount of vapor was produced at all the settings she tried. She was mightily impressed with the dual coil feature.


• Vaping about 5-6ml a day she was able to get almost 3 weeks of usage from the first atomizer coil. Lisa is a heavy Vaper and is rarely seen without an e-cigarette.


• Lisa said that maybe, just maybe the battery life was affected, but no more than 10-15% even when pushing the envelope. This is from a battery that was reviewed 10 months ago.


• The built-in plinth is her favorite “physical” feature of the clearomizer tank and she said it would be spectacular if all clearomizer tanks were made this way.


• Removing the cap and replacing the atomizer coil was simple and uneventful.


• Lisa thought the juice burned faster than she had anticipated, but she has limited experience with dual coils and variable voltage devices.


• Dialing in the ‘sweet spot’ with the eGo-C Twist was easy and fast, and she zeroed in on the setting that provided the best vapor, throat hit and flavor in less than 5 minutes. Her favorite setting on the Twist with the K1 was 3.7v.


• Lisa believes that a dual coil clearomizer tank would be wasted on a non-vv battery, and she would not recommend it for users of non-vv batteries.


Conclusion and Buying Advice


I did manage to spend a couple of hours with the Tornado eGo-C Twist and the K1 DC RCS a couple of days ago. I think she hit the nail on every point. The tank is capable of pushing out so much rich tasting vapor that I was really surprised.


The K1 DC RCS is a nice way to go for Vapers using a variable voltage eGo battery. We stuck to the Totally Wicked Tornado Twist because we felt this was best device to use. The variable voltage feature gives the K1 tank the most flexibility and finding the right setting is fast.  The Tornado eGo-C Twist is capable of a range between 3.2v and 4.8v, anything above 4v, no matter which eLiquid you use is too much power for these low resistance dual coils.


Our (Lisa and mine) buying advice is this; if you own a Tornado variable voltage battery and you want a tank setup that provides plenty of capacity for your e-liquid and takes full advantage of the range of settings of the battery then the K1 DC RCS is a great addition to your vape gear. The price, $17.99, isn’t bad considering the price of other clearomizer tanks. The built-in plinth was a nice bonus.


There are plenty of options out there for all kinds of Vapers and all kinds of hardware and e-Liquids. Choosing the right one for your needs is your top priority. We found the K1 DC RCS to be a quality product. Lisa experienced excellent vapes with no leaking, and she had no issues with replacing the coils. We would hesitate pushing through a very high cinnamon flavored e-liquid, or high citrus flavors, and we’re a little disappointed in Totally Wicked e-Liquid for not telling us all more about the type of plastic being used as the tube. I don’t believe for a minute that the plastic isn’t a high quality plastic and safe to use, but that’s because I’ve gotten to know and trust Totally Wicked. When it comes to new vapers, especially new vapers that research everything they buy, it would be nice to be able to tell you exactly what type of plastic is being used as well as proving you a list of e-liquids to avoid if you’re using a K1 DC RCS, if you need to avoid any.


At $17.99 this dual coil clearomizer tank holds plenty of juice, comes with a great built-in plinth to make the tank and battery come together nicely, and replaceable atomizer coils ($7.99 for 3) are easy to replace yourself and work quite well. If this is something you’re looking at with interest, then by all means pick one up. It’s a quality tank with quality components… you won’t be disappointed.


John Manzione with Lisa ManzioneJune 18th (Happy Birthday Sandy S. W. and Paul McCartney!)


FOOTNOTES: (Wikipedia)


KismetKismet is a word meaning fate or destiny, a predetermined course of events. Of Arabic origin, the word spread to Persian and Turkish where, as kısmet, it commonly means “luck”. Currently found in a number of languages, including Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Arabic, and Hindi. The first recorded use of the word in English was by Edward Backhouse Eastwick who used the word, spelled kismat, in his 1849 novel Dry Leaves from Young Egypt.


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  1. Ken

    Purchased this kit day one when it got to the store. Agreeably the vapor production is nice and it’s a heavy hitter for sure. However I do find some of the results that you state at a complete 180 from what I myself and others I know who own the system have found. First the coils haven’t lasted me more than a week. No matter how light, dark, thick or thin the fluid the results with the coils seem to be the same. I’ve also found that at even 3.7 volts on a twist and the Evic the coils burn very fast. 3.3 is what I myself would deem the “SAFE SPOT” for this coil. The other point I would like to touch on is the amount of juice that it uses. I’ll save the slur but it’s a juice sucker! Doesn’t take long to empty it out for sure. But the highlights of the unit as you did state, the vapor production, taste and ease of use is there for sure. Wouldn’t recommend it for everyday usage. Maybe on the days you’re wanting that extra push of vapor and throat hit but not for a daily vape device. Overall I must say I do love it but the coil issues and the juice consumption of this unit makes it a vape every couple of days kinda tank. Like myself I keep several tanks with different flavors like most of my friends do and I keep this one going with some of my more refined juices that I like to smoke every few days or so and conserve. Great job and great idea but it does need some tweaking. Hope my alternative view helps.

    Tampa, Florida

    1. Spinfuel Staff

      Definitely agree about it being a juice sucker. Most clearomizers are but the the K1, being a dual coil, will burn off juice even faster. Thanks for the comment Ken, we encourage people to share their experiences with the products we review so yes, your alternative view does help. Our goal is to share our experience, not talk someone into buying anything. When you add your voice you expand the overall experience, and that creates the best information feedback… to the company that makes the product and the potential customer who might be interested in buying it. We have no affiliates, none, our loyalty lies with the readers, not the brands. Feel free to comment on any product we review, good or bad. – Jason


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