Jet Cigs Comes Out Swinging For The Fence!

Jet Cigs Comes Out Swinging For The Fence!

Jet Cigs Prefilled Cartomizers Are Making A Difference!

“With seven (7) amazing flavors delivered in prefilled 510-threaded cartomizers, Jet Cigs seeks to offer a high-end vaping experience for the mini-eCig customer. Look out Blu Cigs!”

 When I first heard about Jet Cigs I didn’t know what to think. In fact the only thing I could think was “If their cartomizers are half as good as they look this could be a great idea.” I know, I know, but that was truthfully my first impression. I sent an email to the general mailbox of Jet Cigs telling them just that.

I’m not easily swayed by slick marketing campaigns or slick graphics, in fact I just wrote an opinion about this very topic yesterday, but damn if these guys didn’t know how to create wonderful graphics that just made me want to vape their flavors! And the flavor descriptions were just as appetizing.

…blended notes of Perique with those of the more familiar Turkish, Virginia, and Cavendish tobaccos to create a uniquely flavorful bouquet…

How could you NOT want to screw one of these cartomizers onto your favorite battery and vape away?

The Waiting Game

It was maybe a week after I sent that email before I heard anything back. It was the usual stuff, how they were looking to introduce a great product…blah blah blah…standard stuff. I made a note to contact them again in June to see what was happening. At the time I was a huge Blu Cigs fan and looked forward to trying out several new flavors of prefilled cartomizers that screamed a more sophisticated “Blu Cigs” line of cartos.

(I don’t mean to say so much about Blu Cigs, but to be honest, the company’s graphics, packaging, and level of quality remind me of Blu cigs, but like I said, a more “sophisticated” Blu Cigs)

With names like “Perique Tobacco, Mojito Mint, Sweet Passion, Swiss Chocolate, Apple Medley, Tiramisu (!) Torte, and Clove Ecstasy”, I sat in anticipation for many weeks. I quietly put these guys at the top of my “Need to Review” list and went about my business, checking out their website twice a week to get a glimpse of anything new.

I did learn that each flavor is 100% American Made, containing 100% American ingredients. Their High-End nicotine level comes in at 22MG, higher than most commercial brand prefilled cartomizers. They claim to pay more attention to detail and quality than any other commercial brand and after spending almost a full week with their product, and personally vaping more than a few of their cartos without a single problem I tend to agree. Not a single dud, every carto delivered more puffs than any Blu carto, and they all provided a substantial throat hit, something severely lacking in Blu’s cartos.
Then, one evening while tweeting some Spinfuel news I did a search for jetcigs and found that they did actually have a twitter account. After clicking the “Follow” button I felt as though I had made at least some progress in watching and preparing for this product launch.

Getting Closer

As it turned out, the CFO of Jet Cigs, Alex Paschalides, and I began exchanging tweets. Nothing huge, just eCig-based tweets back and forth. But, I was able to keep close track on the progress of the launch, and a peek behind the curtain of what it takes to go from an idea to an actual product in this wild west world of the eCig industry.

Then, about 10 days ago now I heard the news. Tens of thousands of packages of Jet Cigs 5-pck Cartos in every flavor has been completed and were getting ready to launch. With a launch day set for July 1st, (today), we received an invitation to become one, or maybe even the first, companies to try the product, several days before eCig users could even place an order. I jumped at the chance, agreed to their NDA, and the next morning a package arrived with plenty of cartomizers for the entire staff to vape away for a few days.

I made it clear to Alex that any review we would write would be the absolute truth and he said he wouldn’t have it any other way, and I also admitted that I was hopeful for them because competition is good, and I strongly believe that Blu Cigs needs a real competitor to force them to “up their game” in both cartomizer performance and battery life.

So, the team quietly went about their normal routines with just one difference, instead of the usual fare, the team vaped various flavors of Jet Cigs Cartomizers except for the Clove Ecstasy, which was not available.

Below are the team’s honest impressions on each flavor, the quality of the vapor produced, and the performance of the cartomizers in general. We used Blu Cigs batteries, Halo Element batteries, and of course, my amazing ProVape ProVari.

My impression of Jet Cigs flavors is that each flavor offers even the hardest to please something I believe they would really enjoy. I loved the Perique Tobacco and Mojito Mint the most, but to be fair, I only took a few drags off of the teams other flavors. I wanted them to get the full experience, and I think they have. I will definitely become a regular buyer of the Perique and Mojito, they are two of the best flavors I’ve had in a very long time. As for the others? I’ll get a pack or two to try, and if my opinion differs from the team’s I’ll let you know.

Is Jet Cigs about to shake up Blu Cig’s world, invade their comfort zone? Will Jet Cigs suddenly become the “go-to” prefilled cartomizer for any 510 fan? Let’s take a look…

Tom McBride:

Okay, I agree with our editor that the Jet Cigs graphics are nice, slick, and look every bit as professional as any other eCig company. Maybe even more so. But me, I have to be sold on flavor and vapor. I need thick vapor, flavorful, and I don’t want to vape candy. If I’m going to spend my money on Jet Cigs cartos they have to wow me.

Perique Tobacco: The photo on the box is that of a pipe, indicating that the flavor in the carto is going for a rich, pipe tobacco experience. For my taste, they exceeded my expectations by a million miles! I never thought that ANY eCig company could really hit the nail on the head when it came to a genuine “pipe tobacco” flavor. Maybe 5 years from now, but not today, not in 2012. Man was I wrong. Clearly one of the best tobacco blends I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape; this one flavor will become my personal all-day vape. Blew away big time. Jet Cigs did the impossible, they made ME a believer.

Mojito Mint: Again, another incredible flavor. It made me wonder how in the world these combination of mints were never tried before. Spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint, with a hint of lime and rum, I swear you taste them all. An incredible accomplishment. I wish I made more money because I’d like to place the biggest order for cartomizers than I have all year.

Sweet Passion: I found Sweet Passion a good vape, plenty of vapor, and the flavor was decently strong. I could absolutely taste the passion fruit (I drink this flavor often) and the peach and tangerine. This will become a favorite of many. I like it. But I didn’t love it. After vaping more than my share of the Perique Tobacco, Sweet Passion gets a solid 4-stars whereas Perique would get 5-stars and a kiss on the mouth.

Swiss Chocolate: Not a chocolate fan. Going all the way back to some of my first reviews in Spinfuel you’ll see that chocolate is too sweet for me. But I will say this; there is more chocolate in this carto than most I’ve had by lesser companies. If I were a chocolate Vaper I have no doubt that I would love this. See Chelsey’s remark, see call’s this “God’s Flavor”. Good, but not close to my favorite.

Apple Medley: Now we’re talking again. Jet Cigs offers the most unique choices of flavors than any other brand, and each of them are world’s better than the competition. This Apple Medley is truly a perfect blend of apple, honey, and tobacco. I could see myself vaping this a lot. Excellent.

Tiramisu Torte: My first words when seeing this flavor was “You’re kidding me, right?” Tiramisu is my favorite desert at every Italian eatery I go to. But in a vapor? Good God yes! This is Jet’s “coffee” competitor I assume because the flavor of a rich coffee, a very deep but delicate cream, and rum, cocoa, and mascarpone come through as well. This is like taking a slice of Tiramisu and smoking it. Dead on flavor. I will, without fail, vape one of these after every dinner at any Italian joint, even a pizzeria.

Final Word: These guys have come up with a collection of the best eCig cartos on the market. They play their cards right, they will get huge, fast. Congrats on a wonderful product!

Chelsey Laney: For the past few months I’ve been happy vaping one brand on my official “private vaping” times. I adopted them as my brand. I was happy with them, until these guys came along.

My brand is not a 510-thread. It is a mini-eCig, but bigger than Blu.  A female battery as well, so for the Jet Cigs I borrowed a couple of Blu batteries. My rundown follows;

Perique Tobacco: Strong, very strong. Big throat hit. Very much a pipe flavor coming through. I vape a lot of desert-type flavors, not tobacco ones, so this was not my favorite. I will say this though, as a tobacco blend Perique Tobacco is the most “tobacco” flavored cartomizer I’ve tasted.

Mojito Mint: Ask anyone is the office what I drink when we go out and they will tell you “Mojito’s!” And its true. So if anyone knows how this cartomizer should taste it would be me. Thanks to Jet Cigs I now have to find the best 510 battery on the market because I don’t think I would happy unless this cartomizer was a big part of my life. Never have I tasted anything as wonderful as this. “Take me home Jesus, I have lived”.

Sweet Passion: How does this startup company create such amazing flavors when so many companies that have been around for years get it so wrong? Sweet Passion is an amazing flavor and one of the best I’ve ever had. This is unbelievable.

Swiss Chocolate: The BEST chocolate cartomizer I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape. Deep chocolate flavors, silky smooth with NO aftertaste. How do they do it? Awesome in every way.

Apple Medley: For me, I taste more of an Apple Cobbler. But I love it. I get a big Apple flavor, with a hint of tobacco. My only issue with this flavor is that it is a bit harder to drag on then the others. I have no idea why. I vaped 5 of them, all 5 were slightly harder to get a good draw over the other flavors. But the vapor (the vapor in all of them) is spectacular.

Tiramisu Torte: Nope, not this one. I didn’t like it at all.

Final Word: I’m so happy right now!

Jon Locke: Jet Cigs has done the impossible; these are the best collection of flavors for a prefilled cartomizer that I’ve ever had. To be honest, I had moved on to a much larger PV of variable voltage, and I vape a lot of American Made e-juice from various companies, but Jet Cigs has provided me with an excellent cartomizer to use with my VV PV. Yes, I will be buying from them.

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About The Author

Team Spinfuel is a group of passionate vapers that bring you honest, in-depth reviews and commentary on products, services, and the legal and political ramifications on vaping and ecigarettes. Julia Hartely-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Tony Brittan, Nick Bessette and Keira Hartley-Barnes make up the editorial team (video and written) , along with John Manzione, our Publisher, and talented contributors like Mark Benson. Email any of the writers at admin AT, or just ask for their email address.

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  1. Franklin Bluth

    I really want to buy a blu cig starter kit, but for fairly predictable reasons, I cannot. If I buy one online with a prepaid credit card, will they check to see if i’m 18 when it arrives? Do you they check if you just buy the cartridges?
    Would like to hear from people who actually bought one before.

  2. Ramblin Spirit

    I read a little on this, and it says if you get the ecig with low to no nicotine that it is safe? What do you think would be the better option to a pregnant woman who is going to smoke irregardless. My friend is also pregnant along with me. She smokes and I was wondering if there would be a safer alternative, because I smoke the ultra light nicotine ecigs because I’m trying to quit while i’m in the first trimester but I’m also having a hard time. Anyone smoked ecigs while pregnant?

  3. Jack Bauer

    I recently got a Blu Cigs starter kit, and it has really good vapor production, but i’m disappointed in the flavor. I can barely taste anything, and after a while of vaping, it starts to smell and taste like something is burning. I’ve tried it with all the different flavor cartridges, and with both atomizers and batteries. I don’t know what it is. Any tips on how to get the flavor or how to get rid of the burning smell?

    p.s. i already remove the foil off the cartridges before using.

    1. Ramon

      Jack. Try their cartomizers are compatible with blu and their flavors are way superior. No burning taste.

  4. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    i’d love to lessen the harm of smoking, obviously hoping to quit finally. are electronic cigarettes are a good investment toward that goal?

  5. vanvark83

    I was just wondering how old you need to legal be able to smoke an electronic cigarette
    with 0mg nicotine, i want to start but don’t want to get addicted to the nicotine

  6. Johnky J

    Hey guys! Lately I’ve been looking at Electronic Cigarettee made my blu’s very interesting… they claim that u can even get the one that contain absolutely no nicotine, with water only and also come with different flavors… i’m not a smoker and don’t like traditional cigarettee…but it sounds like smoking can be just like chewing gum now, is it completely harmless, or there r some hidden facts? here is the site .. see for yourself and let me know wat you all think thx

  7. The Dark Knight

    Are the cartomizers re-usable and the re fills disposable?
    I’m trying to figure out if there’s a difference or if it’s the same thing.

  8. Travoiz

    I want to start vaping as they call it, but I don’t know what to get. I want something that will last and be under 40 dollars. Also, I’ve read that you have to keep replacing things like cartridges, atomizers, and cartomizers. First thing, how often do I have to replace these, and second, what is the difference between a cartomizer and a atomizer? I just want to get going and I REALLY want to know everything about it. Please just enlighten me with the answers to my questions and any other info I may need. ThankS!!!

  9. Sergio

    I heard the new ones with the cartomizers are good, do they still have that tin foil issue that the cig doesn’t produce enough vapor? I heard they have a lot of shipping issues, do they still have such issues? I’m looking for them to be delivered in about a week, they’ll get here in time, right? I live in New york. Would you recommend them? I plan on getting cherry and menthol flavors, I’m probably going to get some other flavor, I’m thinking 2 cherry 2 menthol and 2 something else, that’s a good 15 packs of cigarettes.

    1. Alex Paschalides

      Hi Sergio,

      We do not know what tin foil issue you are referring to as we are a new company and you are probably thinking of somebody else? We do produce plenty of vapor, if that’s what you’re asking about.

      We offer USPS shipping (including first class USPS shipping). To NYC, first class USPS will probably run you in the neighborhood of $2. (We also offer free FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $50. Most orders are processed the same business day, or the following business day, so you should get them within one week of ordering. Only complaint we’ve ever had regarding shipping was cost, which is why we added USPS as one of the shipping carriers; have had no complaints since then.

      Kind Regards,

  10. Quigley Mark Dugalson

    Tried these ecigs and they are amazing. An American success story at its finest! Watch out Blu (they’re commies) – Jet ecig is gonna Go America all over your face.

  11. William

    Only one comment you left out from Jet Cig. They only ship FedEx and at that cost I won’t buy them.

    1. Alex Paschalides

      We offer free FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $50.

      For orders under $50, we offer FedEx ground shipping (the cheapest FedEx option); which costs about $8-$9 in most cases. You could buy two packs for $24, plus $8 shipping, totals $32. That’s the same price two packs of blu will run you at Walgreens (quite reasonable, in our opinion). We can’t afford to offer free shipping on orders under $50 as that would eat away our profit margin. Lastly, USPS is not a reliable shipper in our opinion (you get what you pay for; and USPS is not a Jet-caliber partner).

      1. Alex Paschalides

        We have added USPS as a shipping option now. So if you want to have your order shipped with them, it is now an option. We offer both priority mail and first class mail; first class mail is very cheap. We will continue to ship orders over $50 for free with FedEx Ground.


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